Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We were getting ready to go. Just before we left the house Maggie filled her drawers. As I'm buckling Jack into his carseat Leesha is shouting at us through the closed van. She's shouting "MOM IS CHANGING MAGGIE!". I give her a look. Jack takes my look, turns to Leesha and shouts from inside the van to her, "LEESHA, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!"


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More on Jack

Sitting down to breakfast; "Mom, this so yummy." (Mom's heart melts)

Susanna and Abby were over. All four kids had colds. Jack wiped his nose on his sleeve. I told him not to do that and he asked why. So I told him; "Because you just wiped snot all over your sleeve." He then proceeded to go find Susanna and tell her; "Susanna, I just wiped snot all over my sleeve."

Jeffry went in to check on Jack a while after we'd put him to bed. I overhear;
"Dad, where's my flashlight?"
"I don't know. Is that why you're still awake?"

Jack now has what I term "poop time". He'll poop on the potty if left pants-free in his room for a while. If he poops, we'll usually give him a treat. I just put him in his room, told him if he made muckers he'd get a treat before bedtime. He asked; "We watch a show?" As I pondered this, he asked; "Plobly?" (Probably?)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Memorable moments

During our most recent van test-drive: "Mom, let's pray." Hmmmm.....

After his nap, Jeffry asked him if he dreamed, and what he dreamed about. "I dream about God."

Maggie is using her roll-ability to move towards toys.

Jack was intrigued by the others in the waiting room while the CRV got new tires. They were very tolerant. He also insisted that the tires were "broken" and that's why we got new ones. After driving with the new ones, I realize that the old ones just might have been "broken".

I went to investigate the running water in the bathroom recently. Jack was trying to rinse out a wet wipe he'd used on himself after pooping in the big potty. I'm glad he's got the right idea in cleaning up his own messes. Glad I figured out what he was doing so I could be of assistance.
He's been remarkably good on the potty training front. At certain times of the day, we'll stick the little potty in his room and allow him to run around bare-bummed with the doors closed. Not too long after being left alone, he'll announce; "I made muckers!"

Arriving at Mom and Dads as Dad removed the last traces of snow from their driveway, Jack asked; "Grandpa not lie the snow?"

Leesha has finished reading the Twilight books. I'm sure she is looking forward to some uninterrupted reading time over vacation. She had fun on Sunday when my extended family came over. The kids watched Stuart Little and played Tetris.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Camera phone

Jeffry let Jack talk to Grandpa Steve and wish him a happy birthday the other day. Jack was walking around the house turning the phone to different things and telling Grandpa what they were. I guess he assumed Grandpa Steve could see through the phone.

Jack misunderstood the word "grits" so referred to them as "Grimace" repeatedly. He says "salt" as "sot".

When asked; "Do you know what we're going to do today?", he'll enthusiastically reply; "Yes!" And we'll respond; "What?" and then he'll ask; "What!?"

At Grandma and Grandpa Sorley's yesterday, Jack was telling them that he "Watched a Gundam" (one of Jeffry's shows). They thought he was saying that he "Washed a condom."

Listening to They Might be Giants again, Jack and I were following the instructions to "clap your hands" then "stomp your feet" and finally "jump in the air". When Maggie saw us stomping, she started jumping in her Johnny Jump Up right along with us.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I finally brought the Christmas books up from the kids library in the basement. Jack has been enjoying looking at them - especially the Peef series we've got. While Jeffry was resting tonight, he was looking at them quietly as I was trying to figure out what Maggie needed. Paging through one, he noted that the boy was eating a sandwich and then decided he wanted a sandwich. So he came and asked me for one. I was trying to find out what kind of sandwich he wanted as I pulled out the bread. At that point, he decided he just wanted bread. Slice in hand, he decided he wanted "dip". Then I was trying to determine what type of "dip" he wanted - ranch, mayo, mustard. He didn't specify, so I gave him some of each. After a few minutes with that, he opened the fridge stating that he wanted the "orange one", which I determined was ketsup. When the bread was gone, he asked for one of the cookies I have cooling on the counter. Apparently, the "dip" did not make the cookie appetizing enough for him to finish.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jack's mash up

Tuesday was Winter Driving 101. I was on home duty that day, so I missed the experience. No problem for me.

Yesterday was Winter Driving 102. I participated so that I could go to work. As I was driving, I thought of some things I was thankful for;
  • we didn't get the van we thought was perfect because I'd have been more worried driving that around with the $13,000+ loan we'd have gotten for it.
  • even though the tires on the CRV are in desperate need of being replaced due to worn tread, I was really thankful for the All Wheel Drive that the vehicle has.
  • my driveway was already cleared
  • I wasn't THAT car stuck in the snowbank
  • a hearty laugh after reading a sign on the side of the road which stated; Watch for Turkey and Deer; and now that I think about it, I'm thankful that I didn't have need to avoid any turkey or deer

Back at home, the kids and I had an early dinner since Jeffry was working late. When he got home, I made his dinner and in the process, made the upstairs all smokey. So, I opened windows and set the fan in the door to air the house out. As one would expect, the house cooled considerably. Walking past the nursery, I asked Jack what he was doing. He replied; "Warming up my bottom" as he stood in front of the vent. Moments later, he turned around and, well, I probably don't need to say any more ....

Jack was also overheard singing; "Baa baa black sheep wonder what you are"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mister Jack

When trying to get Jack into is night time diapers I said to him "Come here Mister Jack."

He replies "I'm coming, Mister Dad."

Friday, December 4, 2009

-Leesha says

Leesha-wow what a week...Jack hyper and Maggie crying and parents busy as usual.ME GOING TO SCHOOL EVERY 6am.I still say wow what a week.(man this computer is slow) zzzzzzzzzzz tired sleepy(Yawn) I read twilight in 3 days and eclipse in 2,wow wonderful books i guess being tired isn't as bad when you are going to spend time with your family.(and an itchy leg)

Defending the fort

Jeffry asked Jack how he slept ... Jack said; "Like this!" and squinted his eyes shut.

Leesha has now read 2 of the Twilight series books. Longest books she's ever read. She sits down and devours them. What a great hobby - reading. I'm so thankful she enjoys it.

Since Jeffry was sick lThursday night, I took the kids out on Friday so he could "belax" (as Leesha used to say) for the day. While Jack and Maggie napped, Leesha, Mom and I made some cookies. We made spritz. Before we started them, Leesha was having fun with the cookie "gun". At one point, I noticed her holding the "gun" and peeking out the window on the front door as though she were looking for "the enemy" and ready to defend us. I don't think she knew I saw her until I said something. Back at home, I put up the garland, and Leesha hung the ornaments.

Maggie now rolls over 180 degrees. Of course, sometimes the compulsion annoys her. We lay her on her back, then she rolls to her tummy and fusses about tummy time. Ah, babies.

On Saturday, we traveled to Wisconsin to visit friends of ours. A good time was had by all. Might have been better if we'd gotten the van, but I can't wait to see what type of vehicle God has in store for us, since it doesn't seem we could do better than the one we tried to purchase.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amusing moment

We suspected Jack needed to "make muckers" before dinner, so I had him sit on the potty and coached him to no avail.
After dinner, he was playing around and I noticed "something" so asked him what he did. He takes off for the bathroom shouting; "I need to go potty." As he's running, the "something" works it's way down the leg of his pajamas, and he starts running like a cowboy. After we get to the bathroom, I have him sit on the potty, and coach him again. This time, he produced!

And, on the other end .... Maggie had rice cereal for the first time. I didn't grind it up very well though.

At dinner, Leesha says to Jack; "Jack, you're the slowest eater in the world." Feeling that that statement is more true of Leesha, Jeffry and I burst out laughing.


Jack has some Thomas the Tank Engine toys, but he prefers the ancient train created by his Great Grandpa, Bruce Smith.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big Brothers

Keane is over today waiting for the arrival of his baby sister or brother. He arrived before Jack was up, so he and I went downstairs. I did weights while he played. Maggie woke up before I was done, so I went to get her from the nursery. I noticed Jack was starting to wake up, so left the door open. Keane called me before I'd gotten downstairs, and Jack heard that. We'd told Jack that Keane would be here today, so Jack came around to the gate saying; "What's here?" I asked him who was here, and he said; "Keane!" When the boys saw each other they were very excited. I think Keane did a little dance. Jack decided against the dance due to the fact that he was making his way down the stairs.

Around 10 am, Keane seemed tired, so I put him down for a nap. When I came back out, Jack asked; "Mom, you put Keane away?"

The rest of the day was too busy to write. Korbin arrived safely, and Keane joins the bands of big brothers worldwide.

That was Tuesday ...

Keane is back today (being Wednesday) since children under 5 are not allowed in the hospital.

Sitting down to a snack, Jack demands; "Keane, let's pray." He then says something which I couldn't hear from the kitchen, ending with; "Amen".

This morning, before Maggie had a bath, she was laying on the rug in the nursery. She rolled over, and Jack was commenting on that and snuggling with her. Then he decided she needed her hair combed, so went to get a comb, and proceeded to comb her hair.
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