Friday, October 29, 2010

Momma's uh-oh

In the car: "Mom, that van doesn't have Minnesota (I didn't catch the last word)." I looked around us, and there was a van with dealer plates vs. Minnesota plates. He was correct, it didn't have MN plates.

Playing with Leesha: "Let me won now" and "It's my turn to won now." Because she kept saying; "I won."

"Mom, Maggie did make muckers!" as she's standing and allowing him to look into the back of her diaper.

Maggie was sifting through our Little People toys saying; "Buppy!".
Jack very nicely says; "No Maggie, no puppies."
I say; "That's right Jack, we don't have any Little People puppies, do we?" Then realizing, I'd had a lot of "p's" in that sentence, I suggest it might be onomatopoeia. "Jack, look at me. That was onomatopoeia."
Jack: "Onomota-people-puppies."
(I had to look up how to spell onomatopoeia and realized I should have taught Jack "alliteration" instead. Oops!)

Out of bed,
"Mom, my back itches and I can't reach the itch/can't reach to scratch it."
Back scratching .... going back to bed
"I'm still gonna be itchy this afternoon."
Back to the kitchen ...
"You know what Mom, I love you. (walking back to his bedroom) I love myself too."

"Mom, is there big money at Menards?"

Oh, the joys of Jack

We went to the thrift store for a plaid shirt, then to the Dollar Tree for a small hatchet which just happened to come with a whistle, crowbar(?), and badge. Jeffry was explaining about the badge and that those who wear them can say; "You're under arrest!"
First, Jack misunderstood "badge" and referred to it as a "bad".
Second, after donning the badge, he in formed me: "You're gonna rest!"
I responded; "It's 'You're under arrest."
Jack: "You're undressed!"

"Captain logs, stardate 29 ..."
Guess what show Jeffry and Jack are currently into?

Jack is currently relating stories from "When I was in College ....".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Questions and more questions

In the car: "Mom, that van doesn't have Minnesota (I didn't catch the last word)." I looked around us, and there was a van with dealer plates vs. Minnesota plates.

Playing with Leesha: "Let me won now." "It's my turn to won now." Because she kept saying; "I won."

"Mom, Maggie did make muckers!" as she's standing and allowing him to look into the back of her diaper.

At the dinner table, Jack tells Leesha that Ben dressed like her. She didn't understand, so I asked him what he was telling her. He relayed that Ben wore a green shirt and dressed like Leesha. I asked if he was talking about our friend Ben who is married to Emily. No, not that Ben. I asked if it was someone at church. Nope. So then I asked where he saw this Ben, and gathered from his answer that he was referring to our neighbor Ben. We went to Ben's house last night to Trick-or-Treat. Ben was wearing a Miami Dolpins jersey. It may have been a Dan Marino jersey. Leesha's last name is Moreno.
How does he put this stuff together?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Dorchards

That's what Leesha called the Apple Orchard after we went on a field trip in Kindergarten.

A couple of new words from Maggie:
"No-no"(how Mom tries to say it) and "NO!" (like Jack says to Mom).
"My" (a.k.a. "mine") it was so cute to see/hear her saying that, but it will get old quickly.

At her 15 month check-up, I asked about the brown spots on her teeth. The Dr. suggested she go to the dentist. It turns out she's got cavities, so I had to go back an have her get them drilled out and re-enameled. Poor little kiddo.

After a trip to an Apple Orchard last weekend with Grandma, I decided to use one of the apples to make some apple muffin bread for dessert the other night. Jeffry helped Jack eat his by taking bites. This kindof upset Jack, so he asked me; "Mom, will you help me eat my bread, but not eat it?"

Since the Apple Orchard was so much fun, we decided to go again. Maggie kept exclaiming over the "Buppies" which were actually goats.

We've had someone here working on our bathroom. Jack is fascinated and has to have his tools out to try and help.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maggie toots

Sweetest words: I gave Maggie a cookie and all on her own, she said; "Day tchoo" (thank you). How precious!

Maggie and I were cuddling after her nap. She tooted. I said; "Oh, did you toot?" She stood up and looked underneath her wondering what she'd done.

Not too long after that, she tooted again. I again mentioned it and she tottled off to the bathroom. We got the potty set up and put her on it. She didn't do anything, but I think she's at least putting things together.

After our trip to the Dr. for Maggie's 15 mo. checkup, we stopped at home where I changed and got the kids in the stroller to take a walk. While I was changing, Jack climbed into the stroller and managed to tip it over right by the van where he hit his head on the van. A nice bruise sprang up right between his eyebrows. About 45 minutes later, we were at a playground where Jack was pushing Maggie in the swing. He decided he was done and started walking towards the swing. Maggie swung right into him, hitting him in the face a second time. Ouch!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"...can I have the other one?" Jack asked in a whiny tone.

"No", said I.


"Because your attitude went South."

A few minutes later he said, "My attitude's back!"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Score ... for Leesha!

Leesha served 10 points in a row at her volleyball game on Oct. 5th!

Some time ago, I started a blog and lost it. I found it in my other blog (What is the Willis Household Eating Now?) Here's the one thing I forgot when I re-wrote it;

While hopping around the house, Jack termed it: "frogging along".

Meanwhile, Maggie's newfound joy is climbing up on the table. So far, this venture has not resulted in any injuries, save for her feelings when taken down and put on the floor.

Jack has grown bored. He really ought to be in preschool, but my schedule is too erratic. So, I may have to step up to the plate and start doing some home-preschool-ing. Anyone have a "Hooked on Phonics" preschool edition they're looking to get rid of?

Jack's new word: "starving". It can also mean "freezing".

A new Jack-ism: "Look, I'm playing the heart!" as he runs his fingertips across the railings on the playground equipment. I'm guessing he meant "harp".

Fall funnies

Mom: "Jack, do you want to go on some errands with me in a little bit?"
Jack: "So Dad can stay home and rest?"
Mom: "Yeah."
Jack: "No. You can go with Maggie. She's a kid."

At dinner:
Jack: "You and Leesha have big chests. Maggie and me have li'l chests."
Mom: "What about Daddy? Does he have big chests or little chests?"
Jack: "Big chests."

Jack likes to get into my purse or bag and pull out things like my calculator or chap-stick. Upon noticing he'd pulled out my fingernail file, I asked him to please put it back. He informed me: "My fingernails are wrong." (I don't know if he meant "long" or that something was not right)

Maggie has figured out how to say: "Shooo" with her lips all pursed like she's going to give someone a kiss. Jack pronounced it "schew".
I believe I heard the equivalent of "kitty" too.

Maggie enjoys taking the Little People toys out of the smaller basket and placing them one by one into the attic window of the Little People house. I end up dumping the toys out of the house about once a day, if not more.

She has finally started cutting a molar. Woohoo! Molars mean I don't have to make too much more baby food. Without molars, she can't chew veggies easily, so I've still been pureeing them.

Lunch discoveries:
if you bite a Cheeri"o" in half, you get two "c's"
Cheerios are round, so are marbles. But we call marbles "spheres".

Leesha had to get a report of her grades in order to keep playing volleyball. She got all S's for satisfactory, and one "A". She noted that the "A" was right in the middle, and that with that, it spelled "ass". We laughed about it, then I pointed out that it actually spelled "ssass" which was a bit more appropriate.

She had her first All School Party the other night. We told Jack to ask her if she danced with any boys. He performed his duty well. Her response: "I danced with my friends, and some of them danced with boys."

No joke

Maggie came into the kitchen a few minutes ago saying; "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy."
I responded; "What, Maggie?"
"Oh sh?" and she looks at or indicates her backside.
"Do you want to go potty?"
She tottles off to the bathroom. I follow, take off her pants, unsnap her onesie and remove her diaper. She's been correct in knowing that she needed to go potty, so I sit her down. She feels that sitting on the potty is the end of the procedure and wants to get down immediately. I manage to get the chunk of poo into the potty, then point it out to her.
Good girl Maggie!

Yesterday, the babies were outside while I was putting the groceries away. Jack rode his bike into Maggie. When questioned about it, he said; "I was going so fast and I cou'n't believe my eyes...."

Mom: "Maggie, where's your cup?"
Jack: "P'r'aps it's lost."

Maggie's vocabulary:
"Day tchoo" = thank you
"Ditty" = kitty
and the ditty says "ow"
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