Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My mom has a stuffed moose that wears a sweater. Every time I pick up the critters at my parents house, the moose is not wearing it's sweater. I asked Jack about it:
"Why do you two always take off the moose's sweater? He's cold."
"No, he's not Mom. God pretecs (protects) him with fur so he doesn't get cold."

We think Maggie refers to herself as "Meemee". The newest word she has is: "sha-wee" (sorry). She likes to babble in the car which drives Jack nuts. Then they get in a shouting match; "No!" "No!" ....

Jack: " Innica(?) Stoy Tor" (Toy Store)
And after the trip to the toy store, he said; "I think our car will find Grandma's hood cap." (Mom lost her hub cap a couple of weeks ago.)

At bathtime, Jack informed me that the hook "contains" his towel.

There's a website that I allow Jack to play on sometimes. He doesn't like it when he is asked to leave the computer, so one time I told him that he would have to be done when the timer went off. The next time; "Mom, can I play a computer game without you setting the timer?"

We stopped at Target for some groceries on our way home. Jack stated; "I don't want to go to Target." I asked why. He said; "I don't like the 'T' sound." Then he sounded it out and said; "I don't like the two 'T' sounds." He did survive the excursion, even managing to amuse some of the other customers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally, some Maggie-isms

Jack sings: "I went down to the river to play ..."

Between Mom and Jack:
"Is this yarn?"
"Leesha has yarn?!"
"We should get a cat for Leesha's yarn."

Jack to Dad, who is holding his Doctor Who game book:
"D, O or zero, C, T, O or zero, R, W, H, O or zero"

Jack playing with some of his "guys":
"I'm gonna verse him" (it was one guy versus the other)

At lunch:
"Mom, can I have dress-up on my salad?"

Observing the lid on the kiddy potty:
"Look at those frogs. They're upside down."
"Because you're holding that upside down."
Jack turns it around, "Now they're up-side-up!"

After reciting a verse (complete with hand motions): "Firs' Besalonians 1:4"

At the table, site of frequent 'discussions' about eating and not playing/dawdling; "I'm eating and draring." (drawing)

In true Jack form, Maggie utters; "Go pa-ee" (go potty) and starts for the bathroom, then gets waylaid by the letters we've stuck to Jack's bed.

Maggie now knows; "no" (nose, as well as the obvious 'no'), eye, "ees" or "ee-o" (ears). She'll sign please and say "pee". "Dow" (down - indicating she wants to go downstairs).

And, moments ago, Maggie finally figured out how to climb up onto Jack's bed. :>0

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Jack needed a potty break as he was wrapping up his lunch. I watched him walking towards the bathroom and he was keeping an eye on me too. Just over halfway there, he says; "Mom, can I give you a hug?" and turned around to come give me a hug. During the hug, he says; "I didn't give you a good morning hug." He got further waylaid by Dad snatching a dance which included a twirl eliciting an "Again Dad!"

Maggie had a few minutes on Dad's lap. I gave him a tissue for her nose, and she allowed him to wipe her nose - TWICE! She's turned into a bit of a Daddy's girl. Cute, but I can admit that I feel a little bit jealous.

We went to Maplewood Mall where we got to ride a "train" around the mall. I thought I'd try to find Maggie some boots. That did not go well. She would cry and say; "No!" when I put them on her feet, then pull them off. This seems so strange because she loves wearing her "shoooes".

"Mom, I want a pet lamb." "Well, as soon as we get a farm." "Mom, I want to borrow a pet lamb." "From who?" "A farm."
The next day: "Actually Mom, I don't need a pet sheep. I need a pet goat. I need a pet goat until we go to the Farmer's Market." Then he started singing "Old MacDonald" shortly transitioning into "Mary Had a Little Lamb".

While it was still dark, Jack got up and came into our room to ask me a question. I believe he asked if he was 4. I answered him and he went back to his own bed. He did this all very quietly and didn't disturb Maggie at all who is a light sleeper.

I believe Maggie is saying "pee" (please) and "nummie" (Sorley/Willis for food). She often says "yeah" at the end of words. ie: "buppy yeah". I think it's because when she says a word, we'll respond with "yeah", so she's just figured that she ought to tag it on there too. She is trying to put two words together, even though they're often not as clear as Jack's words were.
Last night, she was rooting through the basket of "critters" an pulled out their Winie the Pooh. I asked if she'd found Pooh. "Pooh yeah! Poopoo." and off she toddled to the bathroom where she seemed very pleased when I opened the toilet lid and had Pooh sit on the potty.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Becky, this one's for you

A friend told me tonight that she was missing my blogs. It's a good thing that I have one in the works.

Apparently, it's "Dr. Suzy" not Dr. Seuss.

Maggie's first two word combination (that I remember); "Mommy, shoe."
New words: toy, ball, no (oh yippee), my (instead of mine)

I bought some 3,6,9 omegas for the kids. Jack and Maggie just have the oil out of the gelatin capsule. I gave Jack his first dose straight up. Leesha has helped explain that this will make him smart like her. The next day, when I get it ready, he informs me; "Mom, I'm already smart!"

While in the car, he notices a truck with a topper on it. I overhear; "Er, er, er, R. Puh, puh, puh, P. Tuh, tuh, tuh, T." With a little help, he spelled "topper". This morning, he and I sounded out the word 'jet', then I had to let him eat breakfast.

Leesha is pretending to lead a game show. She asked Jack where he lived. Jack ran to me and asked where we live. I told him; "Oakdale". He ran back and when questioned again, he stated; "Oakdale, Minnesota."

When driving past the liquor store, Jack was trying to sound out "liquor".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There's a whole lot of learning going on

Grandma found some magnetic letters at her house. She had 3 sets, so we took 2. I got them set up on the closet doors (finally, a reason I'm thankful to have metal closet doors). I put some up too high, so Jack (standing on a chair) was pulling them down. One hit him in the eye. Lots of tears. I used the opportunity to buzz his hair and give him a bath before putting him to bed where he could rest. He woke up screaming 2 hours later. Some Tylenol and sleeping with mom got us through the night. When he woke up; "I sure love God healing my eye. I sure love God healing my owies."

As he's getting dressed, with only his undies on; "Mom, Tarzan's like this. He doesn't have any shirts on or pants when it's hot."

Conversation with Everett (who has been working on our bathroom):
Jack: "How's your day?"
Everett: "It's a beautiful day."
"What'd you do?"
"I went to Wisconsin."
"What'd you do there?"
"I have 5 brothers there. They were taking care of their cows."
"We went to the apple orchard and there were animals there."

Later, Everett said: "I love you guys!"

Singing: "I may never march in th interest free, ride in the gallery ..."

We had crunchy noodles with dinner. Jack was the one who discovered some of them looked like the letters he's learning. A child friendly dinner game. I swear Maggie is starting to say random letters and sounds too.

After picking Leesha up from her Wednesday night at church, he was singing. This bothered Leesha. She repeatedly asked/told him to stop. Jack: "I need to keep singing because I have a lot of elasticity." and later: "I have no idea to stop."
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