Monday, June 27, 2011

Enough already!

In all honesty, Jack has been a pain in his recuperation. I do realize that I have hardly any sympathy or empathy with those who have a low pain threshold. He refuses to take his medicine, which should be fine if he's the only one suffering. However, he's making everyone around him suffer with his crabbiness and misbehavior. I am ready for him to be well. Hopefully 12 hours of sleep will bring him to rights again.

Jack fell asleep that night at 6:15pm (and was back to normal after 12 ours of sleep). Leesha wanted to take a bath, so Jeffry and I got took Maggie on a walk to Walgreens. At one point, I told Jeffry; "Your parents are going to be here this weekend." Jeffry responded, and then Maggie piped up with; "Yea!"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some measures of success

Questions from Jack:
"How does God get to heaven?"
"Does God have a heart?"

I've pointed out the geese and goslings several times recently. Jack thinks he'd like some as pets. He asked if I could stop and get a mom, a dad and 2 goslings. I said probably not since they are fast. His response; "I can catch them. I have running power in my legs. I'll catch them by the wings and head so it can't bite or spit or peck me." Despite his 'running power' and fore-thought in capturing wild Canadian Geese, we're still not getting any.

Quotes from Maggie
"I busy."
"I toot. Sunny." ("sunny" = funny or possibly it's funny)
"Wight back." (I'll be right back.)
"Go padee a padee a padee." (this stems from us saying; "Go potty on the potty."
Observing her inspecting her toes, I asked what she was doing. "Queen up a toes." (Cleaning my toes.)

Potty news:
Maggie collected her newest critter from her pack-n-play, then takes it to the potty chair. She tells the critter; "Go padee a padee." and holds the critter over the pot. Then she exclaims; "Gu-gur!" (good girl!) and "Yumee yum." (M&M).
Maggie brought the potty out, took off her diaper, and sat down. Moments later, she comes out to us saying; "I's mine" holding "something" in her hand. Ewwww.
Later, we get her to sit back down and encourage her to push. She does, then stands up triumphantly, stating; "I did it!"

They keep impressing us

From Maggie:
"I wa' some 'otion!" (I want some lotion.)
"I naked!" (very popular saying)
"Mom, i nee' hewp." When mom didn't respond, "Jack, I nee' hewp."
and, on Friday, June 17th, she peed IN the potty!

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, I donned my wedding dress.
Jack commented on my "fancy shoes"

The next morning, he told me;
"You looked pretty last night when we were going somewhere." (melted mom's heart)

Jeffry gave Jack some new GI Joe comics. Jeffry had told him he may recognize one of them, he'd seen in another comic he's had longer. Jack took the
comics to look at on our drive to church. During the drive, he asked; "Is this the one I should recognize?"

Jack found a bug of some sort in our house and immediately adopted it as a pet. He named it 'Kicker'. I took a picture.

Quotable: "I think I'm done with 4, so I'm 5." - Jack

On one of their most recent visits, Grandma and Grandpa Willis gave Jack a transformer type toy. He just found it the other day when he dug out a bag to pack some toys for Maggie. Maggie got ahold of it later stating; "my tas-oder!"

We went to the library the other day. Maggie calls it the "wyyy bway".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

...what's this?

When getting her diaper changed, Maggie was quite a labeling or naming mode. She pointed to the futon and said "couch". I said "good, what's this" and pointed to her foot. She said "toes". I pointed to her butt, what's this? She said "bobbin."

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jack: "I had hair and then Mom mowed it."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jack's tick

...just picked a tick off of Jack's head and properly flushed it down the toilet.
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