Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Jack has named some of his knight figurines. The names in order of creation are:

  • Judle
  • Cheeweed
  • Highcock

and the newest addition is
  • Macrovine

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The little ones were eating when Leesha got home from drama practice.  She noted (in a disappointed voice); "We're having burgers?"  I figured I ought to just get all the disappointment done at once, so said; "Yes.  Veggie burgers."  Her response was a pleasant surprise; "Yum!"

"Eddy-budy" = everybody or anybody
"goo-ga-wee eyes" = googly eyes
"Wes geddada heer" = Let's get out of here!
"moose-git" = music
"Igor" = Eeyore

I told Jack that we'd be seeing Simon and Smith.  "Simon!  I love him!"  Later, when the anticipation was keeping him from falling asleep; "I love Simon, that's why I'm going to be nice to him.  (Or was it; ".. won't be mean to him."?)

Jack is hiding his brand new Angry Bird.  He tells Maggie not to watch.  She goes into another room.  Maggie: "Eight, nine, eight.  He come!"

Maggie stated one day; "I pray to God.  Dear God, please ....."

Maggie: "I got oweee.  Doctor shoot it."

"Maggie, where's Grandpa David?"  "Gwapa David at Inee-a."  Or "Gwapa David in-Inee-a."

Jack created a new game ..... Maggie is the "bridge" between the couches and he sends his cards zooming under her legs.  She was having fun just being a pawn in his game.  After a few minutes, I suggested they switch places, and it continued to go well.  I love it when they cooperate.

"Wookit my arms.  Are bwoken."
"I wanna nap in your room.  Wif Daddy.  Wike Gwapa David."

Mommy Rantings

From April this year, just not posted.  I'm cleaning out the "drafts" folder.

Every few weeks, I go through a very selfish phase where I feel overwhelmed, overworked and under-appreciated.

I'm in that week now.

There are so many things I'd like to do -
  • figure out how we're going to spend our tax return
  • draw up plans for the basement bedroom(s)
  • figure out what furniture will go where, and what we'll need once we have a bedroom or bedrooms in the basement and the nursery can become an office/classroom
  • continue my "What's the Willis Household Eating Now" blog
  • do more schoolwork with Jack
  • play with the kids
  • read with the kids
  • talk to the kids
  • plan the menus
  • pay the bills (okay, so I don't really want to do that, but I need to do that)
  • rent a car for our trip
  • write out directions for Grandma and Grandpa Willis when they watch our kids during our trip
  • figure out who is going to clean the house before our trip
  • get the furniture cleaned
  • somehow tackle the remaining work in the bathroom
  • and then there's that never-ending pile of laundry and dishes
- just to mention a few.

So, as I was thinking about this the other day on my drive to work, and wishing I had more time, I realized some things.
I'm sure there's enough time, it's a lack of desire to tackle the "to do" list when things are settled enough to allow coherent thought.
And for whatever reason, my thoughts turned to the lovely old houses we have around here in St. Paul which have three season front and back porches. Many of these porches are full of boxes, and miscellaneous stuff. Due to all this "stuff" the owners really can't enjoy the porches for what I can only assume was their intended purpose - a place to relax and enjoy the weather without the bugs.

My analogy: I won't enjoy the time I do have because of all of the "stuff" I allow to sit around claiming it needs to be done. I keep a "to do" list that keeps me from enjoying life more, all in the name of "gittin 'er done".

You see, I'd say that save for some memorabilia, if we don't need it, let's get rid of it - except for when it comes to my "to do" list.

Maybe it boils down to this; I spend a lot of time doing things that are necessary (at least on some level), and manage to avoid those other "to do" items because they're not as urgent as say, getting groceries or putting dinner on the table.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some new, some old ...

Maggie to Jack: "I'm upset."

Upon discovering the small snowman on the "Place" tag on her pajamas, Maggie announces; "I got 'no' on my man!" ('I got snow on my man' or 'I have a snowman')

Jack: "I want Leesha to move to another house so we can get a different big sister."
"Some day I want you to sell Maggie."

Leesha was going to vacuum, starting in the basement. She plugged the vacuum cleaner in, assuming it was off. To her surprise, it turned on. She quickly turned it off, and shouted (somewhat angrily) "Who left the vacuum on?" With hardly any pause, from upstairs, Maggie responded; "Jack an' Maggie!" Jeffry and I laughed heartily.

The other morning at church, Maggie had to go into the "Frog" room instead of her usual "Fish" room. She still mispronounces "s" for "f". I was questioning her about this merely for the amusement of hearing her saying; "I not a swog, I am a swish."

Jack to Maggie: "You're lying! You're a liar. I'm a truther."

Maggie: "Owee owee owee tchuu ku head"

At dinner one night, Leesha asked Maggie where her food goes. "In the swidge!" (fridge, and she's right, because more often than not, she's done before her food is. However, Leesha was trying to get her to say 'tummy'.

I have no idea why Maggie dragged the plunger out of the bathroom telling me; "The Cat in the Hat, Mom."

And some that Jeffry left in drafts:

Jack: "That old guy found a coin in my ear."

Jack asked if I would make the fort featured in the instruction set. I told him I'd like for him to try. His reply was...

"My brain is too hard to make a house. And so my eyes are cranky"
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