Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm past catching up, this must be mustard

Between Maggie and Mom ....
"Mom! I have a ga-dee-ya (good idea)!"
"What's that?"
"When Roy and Carla (neighbors) come back with their vee-a-ku (vehicle), we can visit them!"

"Toe-let" (with a very subtle "t") = toilet to Maggie.

I kissed Maggie one night after they'd gone to bed.  She wasn't completely asleep yet, and jerked away saying; "Jack don't!"

Jack is playing with his paddleball off the side of his bed.
"Mom, I caught a bass!"  (Apparently, he's pretending to fish, so mom makes necessary comments, oohs and ahs.)
"We're playing catch!", says Maggie.
Hmmm, they're playing catch with fish.  Maybe I should check this out.

Someone named Ted Bearth is running for County Commissioner in our district.  Jack saw a sign in someone's yard.   He said; "Mom, I know there's a baby in this house."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, see - it says 'Ted Bearth' (birth)."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


...and then Maggie says "I need a tissue, my nose is rusty".

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I like Oreo cookies.  Double Stuff to be exact.

I like the chocolate cookies.  I like the cream filling.

Sometimes I eat them straight up.  Other times, I dunk them in milk.  I'll twist them apart and eat the cream first, then the chocolate.  I will also eat the chocolate first and finish up with the cream filling.

I have 3 children.  An older daughter, a young son and a little daughter.  They're like an Oreo to me.  I love my girls - the chocolate cookies - and my son, who I refer to as my cream filling.

This morning, I said; "Good morning" to Jack and told him he was my "cream filling".  He's heard me say several times that he's my cream filling, and this morning, he smiled and said; "I know."

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Jack informed Jeffry that we would need to go grocery shopping the next day for milk.  Jeffry suggested we get a cow.  Maggie then said; "The neighbors will say no."

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Holly brought Great Grandma Mary up on their Labor Day visit.  Jack and Maggie were thrilled to have all that Grandparent attention and thoroughly enjoyed the books that they brought with them.
A couple of highlights:
the Littles sitting with GG, asking her about her skin, and GG's patience and humor in explaining everything to them.
Maggie admonishing Grandma; "don't talk with food in your mouf!" while not eating at all; and mom's insistence that Maggie "put some food in your mouth and stop talking".

At dinner one night, we were reviewing opposites with Maggie.  Jack asked for some difficult ones.  Jeffry said; "What's the opposite of a Republican?"  Jack didn't know, so Jeffry whispered Democrat.  Jack heard "dummy rat".

Jeffry: "Jack, do you know what a Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred for? [pause] They hunt lions."
Jack: "I know."
Well .....

Overheard from Maggie's play one night:
"Superman to the rescue!"
"Spiderman save the day!"
And then a combination:
"Superman to the day!"

Overheard: "First, let's go get dressed.  You can get dressed pretty, and I'll get dressed handsome."


I like the second one where it looks like he's strangling her instead of hugging her.

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