Thursday, January 19, 2012

Latest Message from Jack

There's the sun. There's a smile face. The other object, Jack reported that Maggie identified it as an octopus. And there's an 'H'.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chess and that smell

We have a nice chess board, but no pieces to go with it- at least none that are kid friendly. I asked Cara to pick up a chess set at the $1 store which she did. Jack and I unpacked it and set up the game. Turns out there were two white pawns missing. Upon discovering this I said, "well that stinks!".

Jack's only reply was *sniff sniff*

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new first

Maggie rarely finishes her dinner, so I try to make a big deal about it when she does and make sure she gets a dessert.  Tonight, she got to choose a Christmas cookie.  She selected a Spritz cookie - a green Christmas tree.  I asked her what it looked like.  "Some peas!"  So, I righted it.  "A tri-ngle!" (a triangle).  She wasn't off on either account.

Apparently "mustergok" = ketsup.
I think Corn Chex started out as "chore chex"

A first .... Jack soaped himself up last night.  We're on the road to bathing oneself .....


"Gillom" is how Maggie says the character's name- Gollum. And then she says in a whisper...


This was from watching the first half of The Hobbit cartoon recently.
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