Sunday, December 26, 2010

Copy Cats

Jeffry covered Jack up with his blanket at breakfast. Jack starts saying "Toesies!" Jeffry keeps misunderstanding him, not getting the "toe" part, so finally, Jack says; "Toesies, T."

I was sitting on the nursery floor where Maggie was playing. She'd run around me,and I'd stick my arm out and bring her to my lap for a hug and kiss. She got the hang of the "rough housing" pretty quickly and would squeal. Then she came up with her own game ... running, or walking backwards into the kitchen, then running to me for another hug and kiss.

At dinner the other night, Maggie got ahold of a napkin and wiped her face. Jeffry, Leesha and I all commented on it, so she tried again. We clapped and made a fuss over it, so she kept it up. I think she'd have rubbed her face raw if we'd have allowed it.

Maggie hugged my leg and said; "Ya you." (Love you?)

Grandma Darlene says "Oops-a-daisy". While Jack was putting toothpaste on his toothbrush; "Oops. Daisies."

The other day, I was going to shower with Maggie. I put my clothes in the laundry basket or drawer. When I removed her diaper, she toddled off to our room. My curiosity was piqued, so I followed her. She wasn't holding the diaper any longer, and it wasn't on the floor, so I checked the laundry basket - nope, my drawer - nope. Perplexed, I opened one of Jeffry's drawers, and voila!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


A while back, I had mistakenly pointed onomatopoeia to Jack, realizing later that what I was referring to was actually alliteration. Tonight, I read him a book and noting the use of "splish, splash" I told him that was onomatopoeia (I'm having a lesson in spelling as I write this!). Not much later, he came to me and informed me of an example of onomatopoeia. What a hilarious kid!

In his Preschool book, we sounded out "Pond" where the ducks live, "Vegetable Garden", "Chicken Coop". When asked where the pigs live, he responded; "Vegetable Coop!"

I gave Jack some coins to play with. Leesha and I were pointing out the differences between pennies, nickels and a dime. Leesha told him a little bit about Abraham Lincoln, and then Jack mentioned "Father Lincoln" vs. "Father Abraham".

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy Cow!

Me, opening the White Grape Juice: "Holy Cow! Who closed this?"
Jack: "Mom, why did Holy Cow close that?"

Maggie makes the "flying" sounds as she's got two of our bristle blocks. She's learned that from Jack making spaceships.
More words; "saa" (sock), "daipoo" (diaper), I believe I heard a semblance of "wa su dat" (want some of that), "bi" (bite), baby, "moo" (milk), "pee-ah" (please, yeah?)
She's having fun learning how to communicate and grins when we figure out what it is she wants. For instance, if she's thrown her blanket out of her pack-n-play; she'll indicate that she wants it back and when we get it, she dives for the bottom of the pack-n-play grinning and makes joyful noises when we lay the blanket on her.
This morning, she successfully communicated to Jeffry that she wanted some milk. I guess she indicated that he had to get something out of the cupboard first (the cup), then the fridge.

Jack to Mom: "Mom, don't shout when Dad's on the phone." This, after a solicitor would not take "no" for an answer, and so I was trying to give Jeffry an excuse to get off the phone.

The babies' current activity of choice is putting all of their critters in the pack-n-play and then getting in themselves.

"Mom, Great Grandma Mary told me; 'You can take this (squirrel figurine) home with you if you want', and I said, I said ... I didn't say anything.'

Monday, December 6, 2010

A picture ...

says a thousand words, or in this case, 2 that Jack spelled out himself. Okay, so he needed help with the "e" and extra "t", but the words themselves were his idea.

On Lincoln Logs

Jack asked if I would make the fort featured in the instruction set. I told him I'd like for him to try. His reply was...

"My brain is too hard to make a house. And so my eyes are cranky"
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