Thursday, January 27, 2011


I subbed at the High School down the street a couple of weeks ago and learned that the FACS department was hosting a preschool. I was able to get Jack signed up for it. $35 for 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Not a bad deal.
Picking him up the first morning, I noticed he was the only boy. The next time he went, I think there was another boy. Today, I asked him about it on our way in. He told me that the boy was Grant. He went on to explain; "There's two Grants. One Bible Study Grant and the High School Grant."
Leesha was asking him about Preschool at dinner. He said; "There are a lot of girls and a Grant and a me. Grant who lives at the high school."

Jack sometimes gets to play games on the computer. When anyone is on the computer, others want to watch. Jack was playing a game. Maggie came over to "us grown ups" at the table trying to communicate something. Leesha asked her; "Maggie, do you want to see what Jack is doing?" Maggie grinned, nodded vigorously and said; "Seee!"
After dinner, she got a couple of M&M's. Not too much later, she was playing with Jack's little cars, which he wasn't happy about. I suggested to her that we go find some other cars and started walking through the kitchen with her. She stopped at the cupboard with the M&M's and pointed to it. I asked; "Do you want another M&M?" Grin, nod, and then, a little jig when I started getting them out. I keep asking myself what I'm going to do when I don't have such a little one around.

Regarding stealing a chunk of kielbasa waiting for the grill before dinner; "I couldn't get your permission because you were outside."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broken heart

"Jack, I'd like you to eat another piece of chicken. Would you do that?"
"Why not?"
"The chicken makes my teeth chubbery."
simultaneously, Leesha and I ask; "What does 'chubbery' mean?"
"It means, it makes my teeth hurt."

Maggie: "A-bu-nyum" (I want butter on 'em.)

Jack spent several hours playing with play dough. I molded them into some animals. He took the green dog and shoved it back in the container, then asked where it was. He asked me to get it out. I pulled the whole glob out and gave it to him. He then wanted me to make another dog. I worked on it and handed him the new dog. A few minutes later, he noted that the head was falling apart. We told him that's what happens. Dough dries out and then crumbles. Jack's response: he crumpled down in his chair and started sobbing. Jeffry and I found this amusing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Apparently, Jack's caterpillar pull toy is his "darling".

He "really" had to take his sucker out of his mouth because he "really" had to talk.

Maggie was saying; "Tuh" (truck). She says "sawwy" and gives kisses.

Jack came to me one morning and asked; "Mom, can I say hi to Jo?" I figured our neighbor was outside and he'd seen her through the window, so I opened the door and let him say "hi" to her. How sweet.

While I was dealing with a cold, I read Jack a story in a gruff, frog-in-my-throat voice. Jack stopped me and said; "Mom, go like this. (he cleared his throat). Ha!

Assembling dirty dishes after dinner, I asked; "Jack, do you have any other dishes anywhere?"
"Yes Mom."
"In the cupboard."
"No, I mean used dishes."
Jack gets the stepstool, opens the cupboard and says; "There they are!"

Maggie says "he" (help) and "huh?"

Jack recites letters, their sounds and words associated with them. "N, nnn, needle." Maggie: "Neeno."

Jack: "Mom, let me show you how to fall and not get hurt as he's putting his head and shoulders into his pillowcase. He then falls ... on his face ... with his pillow over him. Fail.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Growing Vocabulary

Leesha had a fiend over. They played hide-and-go-seek with Jack in the basement. He was upstairs to count. They called him down. He said; "First I have to get some yellow cheese! It's so delicious!"

"Mom, why are there alligators on these shoes?"
"They're crocodiles."
"Because those are bona fide Croc's shoes."
"Because they were made at the Croc's factory."
"Oh, that's my favorite part! I was watching a show about crocodiles ...."

Jack wanted to watch something on TV. I looked at the PBS schedule and asked which show he'd like to watch. After he'd chosen it, and the TV was turned on, Maggie came to the top of the stairs saying; "Showww." She wanted to watch the show too. She doesn't watch too much TV, so I'm surprised that she knows that word. It was cute nonetheless.

"What Jack?"
"I've got a song stuck in my head but I didn't sing it yet."

"I'm dancing in an angry way."

Just a few quips from today ...
Jack was telling me that he had a handkerchief that he put in a hole in the van and pulled it so that he didn't have to worry about me leaving without him.

I believe his cottage cheese was "too short" this morning.

Maggie is definitely saying "'Sha" for Leesha. Tonight, I brought bananas to the table and she said "App-o". She then noted that dinner was "ha" (hot). She asked Grandma or Grandpa the other day; "Read to you?" and tonight as we dropped Leesha off at church, she said; "'Sha bye."

Monday, January 3, 2011


Shortly after having the doors closed at bedtime ...
"Somebody's talking in here. (pause) Maggie's talking in here."

We think Maggie is calling Leesha "'Sha". I suspect Jack is "Daa".

I gave her a bath today and was trying to dry her off. She kept saying; "Da-ee". I think she wanted Dad to dry her off. While he was taking a nap, she kept saying; "A-sho-Da-ee" (I want to show Daddy.) She didn't have anything to show him, but must have missed him on this, his first day back at work for 10 days or so.

"Judle" is Jack's imaginary friend. Judle isn't always nice to Jack. Jack was telling me about their last encounter at bedtime. Apparently, they play at Judle's house. I asked how Jack got there since we didn't go anywhere that day. I guess he drives our van over there. (Maybe I should mention that to our insurance agent. Then again, maybe not...)
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