Friday, December 28, 2012

While playing with Thomas toys...

Maggie kept repeating this phrase - "Spress commin froo!"

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I started a kids worship CD to help the kids get going one morning.  Maggie usually wakes up very well - happy and cooperative.  In her sleep-drunk waking stupor, she blurted out; "It's God's birthday." and carried on with that for a bit.  As I was leaving their room to allow them some wake-up time, she informed me; "We can't see God 'cause he's invisible right now."

It seems that at least every month or so, I go through a time where I'm just completely overwhelmed by my "to do" list and wish for nothing less than a day without children where I can concentrate on getting stuff done  without the distraction of motherhood.  At these times, I do recognize that a day is coming where I will miss the busy-ness of motherhood while simultaneously recognizing that today is not that day.
So, I was complaining again to my mom about this and wishing we could afford a day of daycare so I could have a day to myself.  Jack piped up; "I want to go back to Deb's house." (Deb has a nearby daycare I've used on occasion) I explained to Jack that he would likely be bored as most of the kids his age would be in school, and he'd end up spending a day with a bunch of little kids.  His response; "No I wouldn't.  Maggie would be there and she's my best sister."  Sometimes, they say the sweetest things .....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just this side of Christmas

After explaining to Jack that he would have to eat breakfast by himself if he didn't get started on his morning duties, he appropriately asked; "Mom, what's stalling?"

Playing with the Dr. kit, Maggie insists to Jeffry that the blood pressure cuff is a bandage.  He insists it is not. So she comes to ask me.  I inform her that it is a blood pressure cuff.  Not bothering with minor pronunciation details, she goes to Jeffry and informs him it is a "blood catcher".

Maggie was on the potty one evening.  Jack really had to go, so he went ahead.  He peed on her.  (Ick!)  We gave him a time out.  Not too long after that, she declared; "Jack din"t pee on me!" then she jogged to the bathroom where she told Jack; "Jack, you din"t pee on me.  Good job! (clapping)

The Little People Nativity scene is out.  I was arranging it while the Littles were having lunch.  I put the animals in the pen and set up the people.  Maggie got out of her seat, took the donkey out of the pen and informed me; "Da donkey hav'ta stay out 'cause Mary rode this one."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

flashback song

Yoda's Theme by John Williams on Grooveshark
This is the song dad would hum to Jack when he would wake up crying when he was a little guy. Hummed it to Maggie a couple of times, too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweetness from my Little Sweetie

One night, Margaret informed me; "My ashlights are very pretty."  (ashlights = eyelashes)

On the way home from church, she told us she was clapping with 2 fingers.  I looked behind me and she was clapping with 2 fingers.  I can handle that clapping.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Late Night Conversations With Jack

This could be a whole new "thread" ...

Jack has been having a bit of a hard time recently.  I'm currently reading "How To Really Love Your Children" by Dr. Ross Campbell.  In it, he suggests that we need to keep our children's love tanks filled up.  We do this by using eye contact, physical contact and time with them.  I've been trying to implement this, but it's hard, especially when mom's love tank often feels below empty, not to mention that kids are often asking you if you love them by being little "stinkers" whom you do not want to be with.  Yet, I am at least trying.  Dr. Ross also goes on to suggest that when their love tanks are full, their behavior should not need much modification.  It's a great idea.  One that I think has a lot of merit, but it's h a r d.

Tonight at bedtime, I was on the phone while the kids had their 10 minutes to read before lights out.  I saw Jack spit towards Maggie.  (ARGH!)  Jeffry heard my exclamation and took Jack to another room in order to talk with him.  Jack admitted he was angry, but he said he didn't know why.  Later, I went in to talk to Jack.  I brought up that we had a problem.  His choices were making the rest of the family unhappy and probably not making him happy either.  I asked if he had any reasons for his choices, or if he had any solutions.  When he suggested that he be kept away from Maggie, I asked if I should try to find him another house tomorrow.  That probably struck a bigger cord in him than I intended, and he mentioned later that he'd be sad if he had to live somewhere else.  I said we'd be sad too.  Our conversation continued through the need to obey and be kind, and what that does or does not look like.  I stressed that we love him, but are disappointed in his choices to be unkind.  Finally, I took some time to pray with him.  When I'd finished praying that God would help him be kind and obey, etc., I asked if he wanted to pray.  He paused a moment, swallowed and started out with; "Lord," (yeah, he said Lord) "I know my parents love me," and went on to ask for help being kind and loving his sister." (Gulp from mom).

This little man.  I sometimes don't know what I've in store for me with him, and I mean that in a good way.  I fear that teachers (myself included) cannot keep up with him; his understanding of everything (from the recently discussed concept of the horizon to humor, etc.) just astounds me.  Oh boy ...

And then there are my girls - my smart, beautiful young woman Leesha Faith searching for the remarkable place she's going to take in the world and my sweet, adorable, [sometimes feisty] Maggie Mae.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Jack must do a lot of thinking as he's waiting to fall asleep.  One night, almost an hour after "lights out", he was still awake.  I popped in to give him a kiss and tell him he needed to go to sleep.  He turned to me and said; "Mom, I wish I could marry you again, but I can't."
I asked; "Why do you want to marry me?"
"Because I love you so much."
Of course, I was touched, and instead of going down the 'dad loves me' and 'I'm your mom, you can't marry me' routes, I simply replied; "You'll be just fine being my son, and you're going to marry a great girl because we'll pray for that."
He fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friends and Family

Someone is playing a trumpet nearby.  The kids are outside playing and can hear it.  Maggie even started imitating the sound, remarkably well.

On October 6th, Jeffry took the Littles to the Fall Comic Book Convention at the MN State Fair Grounds.  Maggie calls it "Comic-vention".  Someone was there dressed as the Joker.  The kids really liked him, especially Maggie.

While watching our friends Brown Eyed Girl, I couldn't begin to recount the humorous stories the three Littles relayed.  Yet, this was priceless - Maggie stating; "This is driving me nust."

Jack's waking words one morning; "Mom, it's really foggy out and I need to go poop."  He then went on to rather incoherently suggest that we shouldn't go out today due to the fog, or at least that's what I think he was trying to say.

On the way to church one Sunday, I said something about Maggie being Uncle Greg's only blood niece.  She responded by asking; "Why I have blood knees?"


"Pink is so colory" - Maggie Mae

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm past catching up, this must be mustard

Between Maggie and Mom ....
"Mom! I have a ga-dee-ya (good idea)!"
"What's that?"
"When Roy and Carla (neighbors) come back with their vee-a-ku (vehicle), we can visit them!"

"Toe-let" (with a very subtle "t") = toilet to Maggie.

I kissed Maggie one night after they'd gone to bed.  She wasn't completely asleep yet, and jerked away saying; "Jack don't!"

Jack is playing with his paddleball off the side of his bed.
"Mom, I caught a bass!"  (Apparently, he's pretending to fish, so mom makes necessary comments, oohs and ahs.)
"We're playing catch!", says Maggie.
Hmmm, they're playing catch with fish.  Maybe I should check this out.

Someone named Ted Bearth is running for County Commissioner in our district.  Jack saw a sign in someone's yard.   He said; "Mom, I know there's a baby in this house."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, see - it says 'Ted Bearth' (birth)."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


...and then Maggie says "I need a tissue, my nose is rusty".

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I like Oreo cookies.  Double Stuff to be exact.

I like the chocolate cookies.  I like the cream filling.

Sometimes I eat them straight up.  Other times, I dunk them in milk.  I'll twist them apart and eat the cream first, then the chocolate.  I will also eat the chocolate first and finish up with the cream filling.

I have 3 children.  An older daughter, a young son and a little daughter.  They're like an Oreo to me.  I love my girls - the chocolate cookies - and my son, who I refer to as my cream filling.

This morning, I said; "Good morning" to Jack and told him he was my "cream filling".  He's heard me say several times that he's my cream filling, and this morning, he smiled and said; "I know."

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Jack informed Jeffry that we would need to go grocery shopping the next day for milk.  Jeffry suggested we get a cow.  Maggie then said; "The neighbors will say no."

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Holly brought Great Grandma Mary up on their Labor Day visit.  Jack and Maggie were thrilled to have all that Grandparent attention and thoroughly enjoyed the books that they brought with them.
A couple of highlights:
the Littles sitting with GG, asking her about her skin, and GG's patience and humor in explaining everything to them.
Maggie admonishing Grandma; "don't talk with food in your mouf!" while not eating at all; and mom's insistence that Maggie "put some food in your mouth and stop talking".

At dinner one night, we were reviewing opposites with Maggie.  Jack asked for some difficult ones.  Jeffry said; "What's the opposite of a Republican?"  Jack didn't know, so Jeffry whispered Democrat.  Jack heard "dummy rat".

Jeffry: "Jack, do you know what a Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred for? [pause] They hunt lions."
Jack: "I know."
Well .....

Overheard from Maggie's play one night:
"Superman to the rescue!"
"Spiderman save the day!"
And then a combination:
"Superman to the day!"

Overheard: "First, let's go get dressed.  You can get dressed pretty, and I'll get dressed handsome."


I like the second one where it looks like he's strangling her instead of hugging her.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deep Thoughts by Jack Elliot

"Skydiving without a swimsuit is dangerous" - Jack Elliot

Monday, August 6, 2012

Family, Batteries and Pajamas

One Sunday, we met Cara's family (including second cousins Stateside from their work in Japan) at a park for a picnic lunch.  Driving into the park, Maggie exclaims; "Where's the camphor tree?", referring to the trees in the  Miyazaki  film Totoro.

Maggie's comment when told to put on her pajamas; "I ran out of batteries of my pajamas."  (Wheels turning in mom's head ......) Her pajamas weren't on the top of the dresser where they usually are and therefore she'd "run out" but she's somehow mixing up "don't have pajamas up there" with "running out" of them and then further complicating it with running out of batteries like toys .....?

Upon arrival at Cara's parents house, we see the well decorated Toyota Prius Cara's brother is driving while in the States.  Maggie states; "They're here!  My cousins! They're here!"  Sadly, the cousins had been picked up by their uncle the previous night, but Uncle Craig and Aunt Tracy were there.  The kids had fun with Uncle Craig playing "Getcha".

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trying to keep up with 3 that I love

Maggie is working on learning her letters.  She can recognize "Alligator A", O, "I 'if a dot" and a few others.  Upon pulling into the Target parking lot, she exclaimed; "O if a dot!" (the target symbol)

The kids went in for checkups.  As Jack got the "going to Kindergarten" version, Maggie was allowed to do the various things too - vision and hearing screenings with the assistant.  When the Dr. came in the room, they both were very excited and wanted to tell her everything.  They told of a visit from "Stan".  [Around dinner one night, a dog visited us for a bit.  Realizing he was unattended, we kept him in the yard hoping to locate the humans "responsible" for him.  The kids were tickled pink to have a pet for a few minutes.]  Upon telling the Dr. about Stan, Maggie leaned in toward the Dr. and made this very clear; "Stan.  H, I, J, K, L, M, O"  (I'm not entirely sure those were the exact letters.  Needless to say, it did not spell Stan despite her attempt.)

We went to see one of the recent Chipmunk movies.  Maggie thinks they're "Chickmunks".

Jeffry pulled out the "Precious Promises" his family had when he was a youngster.  There are small cards with Bible verses on them.  Jack read a few at dinner.  He read "righteousness" as "righty-ous-ness".

Maggie comes up the stairs saying; "Mom, you wan' play a fairy game?"  as she lugs up a bunch of her dress-up stuff.  She then commands; "Mom put these on."  In the pile?  Leesha's old dance outfit (I think she was about 5 or 6 when she wore it) a pair of wings, a feather boa, Tinkerbell slippers and wands.  Initially, she seemed disappointed when I told her they wouldn't fit, but soon got over it.

We bought Jack the movie Ponyo for his birthday.  It arrived on Saturday, but we'd had a long day, so we didn't watch it until Sunday evening.  Monday morning at breakfast, Jeffry was pointing out things he liked about the movie.  In the movie, Ponyo's father hides some potions in a safe.  Ponyo has powers of her own and while running away releases the potions into the ocean.  The very same potions her father had previously hidden.  She later washes up on shore stuck in a jar and is rescued by a young boy.  The boy uses a rock to smash the jar and free her.  In the process, he cuts his finger and Ponyo licks the wound, healing it.  One of Jeffry's comments about the movie was; "He needs to hide those better - the elixirs."  Jack responded; "No dad, she licked him."

Leesha moved out two months ago.  We've seen her a few times since then.  She visited the other day and more than once during the visit, Jack said something along these lines; "That's what I always wanted; Leesha to come home and be nice to me." (bittersweet)

Friday, July 27, 2012


Happy Birthday, Jack

Happy Jack by The Who on Grooveshark

Thursday, July 26, 2012

a good idea

"I have a gedea!" - Maggie

Monday, July 9, 2012


Happy Birthday, Maggie Mae


this is what happens when the sugar hits!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Head Cups

It took a couple of minutes to decipher what Maggie meant by saying 'Head Cups'... until her little body shook with the next hiccup.

Bless Yous

"Bless Yous coming out of my nose" - Maggie said after sneezing not long ago.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I lied to my son today

Yesterday, Jack caught a tiny toad (which he still considers a frog). He kept it over night in a makeshift container and it survived. Early today I was trying to convince him to let it go free or it might die. He asked why. I said it's probably very hungry and needs to eat. So he figured he'd go catch a fly for it. He removed the toad from the container and wandered all over the yard while grasping the poor little thing (and with a little sister in tow). Soon he comes to me with a different tone- barely holding it together. "I think I accidentally killed him." He opens his hand and there is the toad on it's back with one leg off to the side, very still. I immediately say "nope, he's in deep shock. we need to set him down in the grass and the rain will revive him!"

And that's exactly what Jack did.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing up so fast

We picked up Jack's friend Keane one day, so he could come over and play.  I'm driving, the two boys and Maggie are sitting in the back of the van.  Jack says; "Keane, I want to be a worker when I grow up."  Keane says; "I want to be an invention maker."  Maggie pipes in; "I want to be a mermaid and swim in the water."

Maggie and her lifelong friend Abby were playing school with Jack.  Overheard from Jack; "Okay, I'm done shaving my legs."  Hmmmm.  School really has changed.

After relaying a story to Jack about "When I was in Africa ...", he asked me; "What did you look like when you were in Africa?"  After a short pause, I replied; "Younger.  I looked younger."

Jack explaining why he can't marry Maggie: "I won't live very well.  She won't cook very good stew."

Maggie, referring to a "cawapiwer" (caterpillar) by its' "worming aroun', like dis.

She's finally saying her "L's"; (slightly sad sigh ....)

"I can do it, I'm a biggur(l)" ("l" on the end hardly audible.)

‎"Thank you for Caelyn come." - Maggie's bedtime prayer.

From Facebook:
Maggie fell on the way into the grocery store. Before we got into the store, Jack also fell. As I finished packing the groceries, Maggie fell again. Otherwise, I think it was one of the best grocery shopping trips with 2 Littles.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Going to Town

At dinner one night, Leesha put in the "Pocahontas" soundtrack.  Maggie exclaimed; "Hippopotamus!" then "Poop-a-hontas!"

Maggie states her name: "Maggie Mae Wiwwis."  "How'w Queen" = Lightning McQueen.  "Pissy-wiwwow" = pussywillow.

Jack calls them "grand crackers".  I think he's right.

Jack to Maggie; "Maggie, you're a female."
Maggie: "Okay."

"I wike your eye-bwows mom."
"Thanks Maggie."

Mom: "Jack, you can put your sheet of stickers away, and then Maggie can go to town with hers."
Jack: "What does 'go to town' mean?"
"It means she can use them all up."
"Maggie, you go to town with your stickers."
Maggie: "We get this to town."
Jack: "Hey Leesha! Maggie is going to town with her stickers.  Go to town means use them all up."
Jack: "Mom, Maggie didn't go to town."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Jack's Gaming Experience

I DMed my son in his first RPG experience last night just before bedtime. It ended up being one encounter- the party vs four ghosts in the Haunted Woods. The party encounters a friendly pack of wolves who lead them to the edge of the woods where four ghosts attack. Mom's archer, Tessa, and Dad's NPC wizard, Skytheen, helped Jack's swordsman/knight, Oko, defeat the ghosts. The archer was slimed, but in the end the party won. The chilly creepiness of the woods lifted and the trees whispered their thanks and then pointed in the direction the party needed to go to find the evil Frog Wizard they set out to defeat.

We played the very simple rpgKids game which was perfect for Jack's level of understanding and experience. It's a very nice little package with four great adventures, maps, character counters and everything needed.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obey Be Kind

Jack got a letter from Mom that contains a list of expectations and that sort of stuff. He wouldn't stop going on about it. It was a big deal to him. Then he felt it was important for Maggie to have one of her own. Mom encouraged him to write one for her.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Just prior to heading out for a walk, I gave Jack half a glass of root beer.  He came up to me and said he wanted to tell me something, indicating he wanted to whisper it in my ear.  I bent down to hear him ask; "Does Root Beer have alcohol in it?"

This isn't verbatim, but close enough.  At dinner, Maggie asked for another pancake.  I gave her one, and she demanded; "Put stuff on it!"
In an effort to help her learn to convey the message more politely, I started out; "Mom, would you please put ...."
(We laughed at her)
"Please don't say that guys."

Maggie, holding the two halves of a plastic Easter egg over her ears; "I have ear pops."

Jack, playing with the coins and his piggy bank: "I'm rich."
Maggie, playing with him; "I wuv you rich."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Breakfast, your highness

"What's the matter, Maggie?"
"I'm a Princess."
"Oh, well princesses eat breakfast, so eat your breakfast your highness."
"It's not honeys. It's cereal."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


image from:

Jack asked me about something floating.  I explained that in order to float, something needed to be lighter than air such as helium.  Jeffry bought Jack and Maggie both helium filled mylar balloons which are successfully distracting the little ones from their dinner tonight.  Jack mentioned helium and Leesha asked;
"Jack, do you know what helium is?"
"A gas that's lighter than air."
I started to laugh, then said to Leesha; "You weren't expecting that, were you?
She responded; "Just stop teaching him for a little while.  Watch, I'll be in college and he'll be doing my work. (to Jack) Einstein.  All we need to do now is grow your hair out and dye it white."
I proceeded to tell her that he knew nothing of the other elements, it was just that helium came up recently.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


According to Maggie Mae his name is Ardaadeedo.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fare Away

The current song of the Willis East Household is...

Fare Away by The New Main Street Singers on Grooveshark

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Maggie was insisting that Grandpa Steve come up stairs safely. She said "Grab the hangle and you no fall" which was to say- 'use the railing'.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


"Why does Green Lantern have a ring? Is he married?"
--Jack Elliot

Saturday, March 10, 2012


This post has been "under construction" for quite some time.  My apologies to those that hope for more frequent posts.  In late August, I started what might be termed a "real job".  I'm no longer subbing, but rather have a regular teaching job which involves planning and shopping.  Work, home and family duties absorb most of my hours (at least the ones not spent in gmail, Facebook and getting some sleep).  Leesha has had some challenges and transitions of her own that affect the family too.  Enough of that .... here are some excerpts from the lives of our little ones.

Moments you realize your babies aren't babies any more:

When your child starts walking up stairs one foot after the other, rather than always stepping up with either the right or left foot.

When your 2 1/2 year old informs you; "Mom, I got a wedgie."

When you tell your 4 1/2 year old that you don't want to learn how to play chess with him.

When they say "food" instead of "sood" and "fingers" instead of "singers", etc.  (3-10-12)

"I wanna be if God mom.  I miss God." - Maggie  ("if" = with)

"E N" = Maggie's version of "The End"

Recently, she's been talking about " N I gro up ...." (when I grow up ...)

Maggie: "When I grow up I can be Prince Eric!  I can sing Little Mermaid; Ah aha Ah aha."
Jack (running in from another room): "You can pray to God if you want to be a Mermaid for real."

We have a few regular CD's:
The Little Mermaid soundtrack
The Lion King soundtrack
A Mighty Wind soundtrack
and sadly (to the kids) the retired Veggie Tales "Grandpa Bob's Old Time Radio Show"

With the frequent playing and re-playing (some of you may know what I'm talking about) of the CD's, they're getting smudged and scratched.  My remedy: breathe heavily on it, then "polish" it on my shirt.  Maggie copies me.  It's hilarious to see her perched up on Jack's loft bed, grab the disk from the player, breathe on it several times - almost to the point where she seems a tiny bit woozy - and then rub it on her bare belly.  Of course, this doesn't help one bit, save for a smile on mom's face.

Grandma and Grandpa Sorley's neighbors own chickens.  Jack went with Papa Gordy the other day to collect eggs.  He got to bring some home and was almost convinced that they would be hatching.  (I should maybe mention that they have hens, but no rooster).  He was carting them around with us repeatedly warning him to be careful and stay away from the carpet, etc.  One broke.  When asked about it, he said he pushed his thumb in it too hard.
We enjoyed a few days up on Lake Mille Lacs with Grandpa and Grandma Willis.  A wonderful break from the routine.  About a week after our excursion to Isle, MN, Jack wanted to go back to the bakery where we got the peanut butter cookie because he wanted a donut now.  Sometimes it's funny what they remember.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Star Child

"Os-ca-puss" = octopus

Jack to me: "You make the yummiest things in the whole wide world."  (I'll take it.)

Maggie heard a bird outside and was talking to it.  In her conversation, she said something about us taking the birds home - the tree.  (We had a tree cut down last summer)

Maggie asked what a noise was.  I told her I thought it was her brother in the basement.  She said ; "I 'on't wike him.  I'm ma' at him.  See my eyebrows?  I'm mad."

Before Christmas, I took Jack and Maggie to work with me while I helped with the party we had for our students.  I took "The Little Mermaid" on video so they could watch it while I worked.  It was a big hit.  They're very into the music, so we've almost worn out our soundtrack on CD.  Maggie's favorite song is: Poor Unfortunate Souls - a duet by Ariel and Ursula.  She's shortened "Poor unfortunate souls" to "porch-u-nut souls".

This is not going to come out right, but let's see if I can capture the essence.
Jack: "I know! I can make my own super hero."
Mom: "Okay."
Jack: "Can I have something with holes."
Mom: "Maybe after dinner." (obviously not in the mood to discuss what "something with holes" means exactly)
Jack runs downstairs and gets his cape, as well as Maggie's.
Jack: "I will be Jack Kirby."
Mom: "Okay."
Maggie: "What's me .... what's my name Jack?"
Jack: "Star Child."
Maggie: "You Jack Kirby!  I Star Child!"
I think she asked again what her name was.  It was just cute.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Maggie grabbed as many blankets as her tiny hands would hold (which was 4) and then said... "I'm an ot-co-pus"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mimic Maggie

Jack tried gum for the first time.  I think he "got" that he wasn't supposed to swallow it, but didn't "get" that he was supposed to keep it in his mouth as it kept falling out.

He informed Jeffry that I was "unwrapping" eggs as I was peeling eggs to make egg salad.

The two little ones have been getting along pretty well.  Jack has his moments where he does not want Maggie anywhere near him.  There are other times when he asks her to go to the basement with him since he's afraid to go down there himself, or involves her in his play quite a lot.  I sense that Maggie feels she's part of Jack.  I don't know how else to describe it.  If Jack does something, she does it too.  If she does something new, she has to tell him.  Very little in her life seems to happen without him being involved in some way.  It's cute, but sad as well when we think of those days up ahead where he'll be off doing his own thing, and she may be lost without him.  In this regard, I think homeschooling is a good choice.

"Slug Bug Officer!" - Jack, upon seeing a Geek Squad Beetle.

Jack informed Leesha that we got her "Winkies" for her birthday. (Twinkies)

"Su-ses-ti-gating" = Maggie's form of "investigating".
I think she said something about being "sustrated" (frustrated) one day.

Both little ones have started to understand the concept of jokes.  Jack tries to come up with some of his own.  We do not find the jokes funny, but the fact that he's trying to tell them, and how heartily he laughs (and of course, Maggie mimics this) is amusing.  Similarly, Maggie has been heard saying; "Knock, Knock. Who's 'ere? accompanied by other fairly random words and laughter.  Cute, very cute.

Maggie has mastered the word "wedgie" upon her first experience wearing a skirt without tights or leggings.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Latest Message from Jack

There's the sun. There's a smile face. The other object, Jack reported that Maggie identified it as an octopus. And there's an 'H'.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chess and that smell

We have a nice chess board, but no pieces to go with it- at least none that are kid friendly. I asked Cara to pick up a chess set at the $1 store which she did. Jack and I unpacked it and set up the game. Turns out there were two white pawns missing. Upon discovering this I said, "well that stinks!".

Jack's only reply was *sniff sniff*

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new first

Maggie rarely finishes her dinner, so I try to make a big deal about it when she does and make sure she gets a dessert.  Tonight, she got to choose a Christmas cookie.  She selected a Spritz cookie - a green Christmas tree.  I asked her what it looked like.  "Some peas!"  So, I righted it.  "A tri-ngle!" (a triangle).  She wasn't off on either account.

Apparently "mustergok" = ketsup.
I think Corn Chex started out as "chore chex"

A first .... Jack soaped himself up last night.  We're on the road to bathing oneself .....


"Gillom" is how Maggie says the character's name- Gollum. And then she says in a whisper...


This was from watching the first half of The Hobbit cartoon recently.
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