Monday, June 29, 2009

Singing, shopping and water

I got Jack some animal crackers again to help with potty training. Yesterday, he was back to going on his own, so I made a big hoopla about it and gave him the crackers every time he went. He just walked into the kitchen and saw the box sitting on the range. It seems his thoughts went like this; "I want some animal crackers. I'm going to go potty." I say that because that's pretty much what he said. Guess I shouldn't complain.

It was so nice to be able to work today, even if the building was warm. It always amuses me when the kids ask if I'm pregnant, then seem surprised that I'm working. Apparently, in some cultures, pregnancy is seen as some type of infirmity preventing you from many, many activities. Today I was asked if I should be in the hospital. I've had students tell others that they shouldn't get me mad. Funny what misunderstandings are out there.

After work, I picked up the kids and we went to the mall. Mom had gotten Margaret some sleepers that I wasn't sure would fit, so I went and exchanged them. So long as we were there, we checked out some other things. Leesha found a onesie that says something like; "Who needs a superhero, I've got my dad." Margaret now has one in a 12mo size. Jack didn't mind being wheeled around in his stroller, and Leesha was also very pleasant by not asking for things, but commenting that this or that was cute. It's always nice to do some "bumming" like that.

Mom was so impressed with Jack this morning when he started singing "Jesus Loves Me" while she was making him breakfast.

Yesterday, on our way out the door to church, Jeffry asked if I had some water for him. Jack proceeded to go find his H2Oh! and take it to dad.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

More on Sunday

We've taught Jack that the Chickadee says "chick a dee dee dee". He's now combined that with his phrase from Grandma Darlene; "Oopadee" (translation: oops). Now, when something falls, etc., he'll say; "Oopadee dee dee."
I also just heard him say; "Uff da!" Good old Scandanavian boy!
Jack did surprisingly well on the potty today. I tried to make a big hoopla about him telling me he needed to go and then going. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Leesha is back home tonight rather than tomorrow morning. It's good to have her back.


We lost Great Grandpa Bruce this morning. Margaret will never have the pleasure of meeting him on earth. He was a very sweet man, I wish I'd been able to know him better myself.

I was able to make some notes on what Jack did to amuse us yesterday.
While we were eating breakfast, he said; "Cara, thank you for dinner." Jeffry always makes sure to thank me for the meals I make. He's set that example for the kids - well, at least Jack. Very sweet. I've suggested that once Jack and Margaret are old enough to help with dishes, that the last person to thank mom for the meal is the one who will get stuck with the washing up. Maybe by that time in our life, we'll have one of those lovely appliances that go by the name "dishwasher".

We went to our Godson Josiah's 1st birthday party yesterday. Jack was amusing to everyone, as always. He even was thoughtful enough to show Josiah how many of his new toys worked. Before we left, he told Jeffry that the grill was hot, then actually touched it. He was tired and I think it scared him more than anything.

Later in the afternoon, he put his milk on the table by the loveseat and it rolled off. He narrated his thoughts; "Oopadee! Wha' happen? It fell." Once he'd picked it up, he proceeded to ask his cup repeatedly; "You okay milk?"

Neither Jeffry nor I can resist going into his room once he's fallen asleep on the pretext of "checking on him". I did that last night, and realized once again that he's taken to bunching up his blanket to cuddle with. So, I switched the blanket out for a stuffed Eeyore. He briefly opened his eyes and had the slightest trace of a smile on his face. Then I used the blanket to cover him up. He smiled again.

Friday, June 26, 2009

10 days to catch up on

Where do I start?
We had a spectacular week with my sister and her family visiting. Leesha and Jack got to go to the great MN Zoo and get a personal tour from Cousin Melanie. I was too afraid to go in the event I went into labor and was an hour away from the hospital. So, the kids went and I ran errands before the gang joined us for brats.
We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday morning. Jeffry was willing to go to gaming a bit late, so he joined us. That gave us Father's Day to just our household. Leesha spent some time with her dad while Jeffry, Jack and I went to Uptown Bar for gyro omlets which left Jeffry very tired in the afternoon. Despite his being tired, he kept up with Jack all afternoon while I cleaned the Jeep. What a difference! Everything was wiped down, trash thrown out, vacuumed, and lastly, shampooed. It spent two days out in the backyard with doors wide open drying out. Jeffry really enjoyed the AC in the CRV for his work commute.
Summer school has been in session one week now. Jeffry only expected to work Monday - Thursday, but learned he had work today too. That was a blessing to us. I have been able to do about 8 hours of subbing in St. Paul's before/after school daycare program, and anticipate subbing in a classroom on Monday. It was great to be out of the house on Thursday, 4 days had gotten to be long.
Since I worked a split shift (6:30-9:30, 3-5:30), I met Jeffry and the kids at Mom and Dad's with some groceries to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary.
Today, the kids and I went on a walk before it got too hot, then perused some garage sales looking for some clothes for Jack and a monitor for Margaret. We went to the Dr. this afternoon, and I'm back to making some progress towards delivery.

As for the kids, Leesha seems to have moments where she's enjoying summer, and others where she's "bored". She is with her dad this weekend. She is enjoying reading comic books from the library. Good cheap fun - can't beat that. We're looking forward to more time with family in the next month.

Jack is loving his cars. He frequently asks where his cars are - meaning his matchbox ones. He likes to know thier names and all that. He loves being in the basement, especially to "watch a show" with Dad. Too bad it's been so "hot", because he also loves being outside and we're wimps when it comes to heat. This afternoon, he was driving Leesha up a wall by asking her; "Leesha, you reading a comic book?" (If that's not a verbatim quote, it's pretty close) Potty training isn't going so well. A little while ago, he wouldn't pee on himself if he was running around bare bummed. Now he'll do that. Oh well, dreams of only buying diapers for one are out the window.

Margaret seems to be doing well. Head down ready for departure. Every once in a while, she'll move and cause a shock of pain. I was able to capture my rolling belly a little while ago. The midwife thought she might be about 8lbs now. The ultrasound suggested 7lbs 2oz +/- 10%, so I guess that fits. We'll see when she gets here. She is WELL STOCKED on clothes thanks to me being a bit of a saver, and her Auntie Caryn. We'll see how many times she gets to wear the outfits she has.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ultrasound day

We rallied the troops this morning (Willis household, Grandma Darlene and Auntie Caryn) and went to our ultrasound at 7:40. The sonographer was the same one we had months ago. She said things look good. Margaret was moving as she needed to be moving, practicing her breathing, she has enough amniotic fluid, measures appropriately for her gestation, and is about 7lbs. Now, we hope to see her when she's ready.

Since we returned from the ultrasound, I've set up the pack and play and started prepping a bit more. Jack is insisting he wants to sleep in the pack and play so that the baby can have his crib. Judging by all the toys now in the pack and play, that might not be a bad idea.

Jacks toy of choice this morning is the Clorox wipes containers. He found the one in the bathroom and must have seen the ones under the sink at another time, so went to get those too. He's been opening and closing them and stacking them. Good, clean fun!

Yesterday, Caryn and her family finally got to come and see our house. We took the whole gang up to the Library. On the way home, most of us girls took a short shopping trip to the dollar store and got a couple of groceries. At the dollar store, Caelyn got to pick out a wide toothed comb since she didn't have one. Auntie Cara understands the complexities of curly hair and insisted on getting her the right comb for her beautiful curls.

After the ultrasound, Leesha left with Grandma and Auntie Caryn to go tour the Science Museum and Children's Museum. She's been having a lot of fun with her cousins, and was a big help yesterday when I took the kids on a walk. Towards the end, we stopped at the playground and Leesha was the one to help Jack up the equipment, etc.

A new word for today: "dessert". Good boy, Jack!

At lunch, he started singing Baby Belugah by himself and did pretty well.

I was able to work for a couple of hours this afternoon. I left just after Jack got up from his nap, and told him I was going to work. He said; "No. Jack go work." I don't know if he was offering to work, or wanted to go with me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Misc. ramblings

I've been so busy with this and that, that I haven't bothered blogging. My apologies.

Jack's "toy" choice of the morning is the microwave door. He even tried to close it while I was wiping the inside clean.

Yesterday, I tackled cleaning the bathroom. Amazing how nice it looks. Jack was such a big "helper" by splashing in the bucket of water and "scrub walls a toothbrush" (scrubbing the walls with the toothbrush). He kept asking me what I was doing during the project.

For our 4th anniversary today, our friend Jeanelle watched Jack so we could go see Star Trek and out for dinner. I just love the way Jack says "Ja-nay-o" and "Josi-AH".

It is now the next morning ....
I came upstairs from exercising and heard that Jack was awake, so I peeked in his room. He'd gotten himself half undressed and was eager to get out of bed. I asked him if he wanted to go potty then go jump in our bed and wake Daddy up. He was excited about that too. So, he runs into our room with his little bare behind and jumps in bed. Then he realizes he needs his blankets, so clambers down to go and get them. Once he has his "blankies", "lovie" and "wader", he goes back in our room to "nug-o" (snuggle) with Daddy.

That was Thursday and Friday ...

On Saturday, Caryn and family arrived from Thailand, so we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Jack was a tiny bit wary of his new family, which seems odd because he's usually okay with strangers. Even the day before, we had a friend come to look at our bathroom painting project and while he was here, I put Jack down for a nap. Once he woke up, he asked for "David". Between yesterday and today however, he's warmed up to his cousins, aunt and uncle.

This evening, I handed him his waffle for dinner. He said something about it being hot, then "Let's blow it." He'll often say; "Mi' be hot!" (Might be hot!)

We got Leesha's final report card in the mail on Wednesday. All good grades! And only one tardy for the year - the day her medicine spilled and I made sure we found every one before Jack did. She was actually tardy once in the last week as well, but they must not have counted it.

She spent Wednesday and Thursday nights with her dad, and returned home Friday evening. I took her to get a haircut which is cute.

Think I'll stop for now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am babysitting for friends of ours. Yesterday, on the way to school, Grace was singing the alphabet song, and Leesha asked Jack to sing it. He sang and then said something about Grace singing it.
Just a moment ago, Grace said something that sounded like "Haji" and Jack immediately related that to Jonny Quest, the show he watches with (and sometimes without) Jeffry.
I pulled out one of our exersaucers for Charlie to use while he's here. Jack (and Leesha) have had a lot of fun playing with it.
We've had some significant success with potty training. On Monday, since I didn't work, I was wearing myself out trying to get some housecleaning done while putting Jack on the potty every 20 minutes or so, or changing his undies. After lunch, when he usually poops, I had the potty in the kitchen where I could keep an eye on him as he sat on the potty. He kept getting up and down which isn't terribly unusual for his after lunch "activity". Well, I ended up not putting anything on him at all. He kept trotting back to the potty when he needed to use it. Apparently, he won't use the bathroom on himself. I've been doing the same thing when we're at home and he has had only one accident and he had told me he needed to go potty, I just didn't get him out of his booster at the table to allow him to do so. It's nice to be using less diapers.
Today is Leesha's last day of school. She'll be considered a 6th grader now. Wow.
On a personal note, I was entirely willing to pay someone else to clean my house before Toto arrives. Since I have not had as much work as I'd like, I decided to start tackling the job the other day. Mom came over and helped a lot yesterday, and I finished all but the bathroom last night. I'm waiting to do the bathroom once school gets out and I can work on painting the tiles AFTER I've cleaned. It feels good to have a clean house, and I look forward to the possibility of painting my bathroom next week.
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