Thursday, May 19, 2011


Jack, the man of creative names: OceanLittleBob and later AndWaveBehindTheFlags (he was watching me type that and made sure I added the 's' to flags)

Jack: "I have something to show you, Mom." (I go over.) "See, 'grown' is one word, and 'up' is one word." (this after a short explanation on compound words)
Mom: "Oh, yeah."
Maggie: "Mommy, see." (mimicking Jack)
Mom: "Oh."

"I nee' 'poon Mommy." (I need a spoon, Mommy.)

"Why is there mows on the road?" Jack, referring to grass clippings.

Six syllables from Maggie: "I needa socca baa." (I need a soccer ball!) upon spotting the Culver's soccer ball in the display cabinet.

While cutting Jack's hair in the yard; "You're mowing my hair!"

When I cry, the kids get concerned. It's probably normal that they're concerned. It's probably normal for mothers to try to hide or shorten their much needed cries in order to not distress their children. Jack and Maggie saw me crying the other day. Their responses ...
Jack: "Why is your face watery?"
Maggie pulled the dish towel off the stove handle and handed it to me saying; "Put a eye."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh the Says They Can Say

Leesha, looking at the calendar on May 2nd:
"Where is today? Mmm, Mmm, Mussolini? Oh, Oh, O(something) Hussein? Oh, Ohamed Ali? Who died today?"
At lunch, Leesha referred to her Uncle Cameron as a "Mathmagician". Yeah, that's quotable.

Jack: "Why are we going this way?"
Mom: "I need to return some ink."
Jack: "Can we go to that store." (as we drive past Toys R Us)
Mom: "Not right now, I want to return the ink and get home to Leesha."
Jack: "After we return the ink, then can we go to the store with the wrong 'R'?"

Maggie: "Cisher" = Clifford
Maggie peed on the potty! ON the potty, not IN the potty. But hey, it's a step in the right direction (depending on where you step, that is).
"Hep put bankie on."
"Go 'way Jack."
"I hu't shoot (I hurt [my] foot)."
"No Daddy, I p'ay toys."
"I need guys."

From Facebook:
Emily: (a friend who babysat Jack and Maggie)
OK, so Susanna and friend, Jack, were naming worms. The usual names came up - "Wormie", "Squirly", and "Wirly". And then there was "Tumorbert". I'm thinking he was adopted into the family.
Cara: which one of them came up with that name?
Emily: You can claim all the credit for that one, Cara, as it was Jack's name. :)
Jeffry: he has a knack for naming. His toy knights are named- Judle, Cheeweed and Highcock.

Watching a friend's kids and so I have two little almost-two year old girls who seem to be systematically working through all the shoes in the house. Every time I turn around they both have something else on their feet! lol
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