Sunday, December 26, 2010

Copy Cats

Jeffry covered Jack up with his blanket at breakfast. Jack starts saying "Toesies!" Jeffry keeps misunderstanding him, not getting the "toe" part, so finally, Jack says; "Toesies, T."

I was sitting on the nursery floor where Maggie was playing. She'd run around me,and I'd stick my arm out and bring her to my lap for a hug and kiss. She got the hang of the "rough housing" pretty quickly and would squeal. Then she came up with her own game ... running, or walking backwards into the kitchen, then running to me for another hug and kiss.

At dinner the other night, Maggie got ahold of a napkin and wiped her face. Jeffry, Leesha and I all commented on it, so she tried again. We clapped and made a fuss over it, so she kept it up. I think she'd have rubbed her face raw if we'd have allowed it.

Maggie hugged my leg and said; "Ya you." (Love you?)

Grandma Darlene says "Oops-a-daisy". While Jack was putting toothpaste on his toothbrush; "Oops. Daisies."

The other day, I was going to shower with Maggie. I put my clothes in the laundry basket or drawer. When I removed her diaper, she toddled off to our room. My curiosity was piqued, so I followed her. She wasn't holding the diaper any longer, and it wasn't on the floor, so I checked the laundry basket - nope, my drawer - nope. Perplexed, I opened one of Jeffry's drawers, and voila!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


A while back, I had mistakenly pointed onomatopoeia to Jack, realizing later that what I was referring to was actually alliteration. Tonight, I read him a book and noting the use of "splish, splash" I told him that was onomatopoeia (I'm having a lesson in spelling as I write this!). Not much later, he came to me and informed me of an example of onomatopoeia. What a hilarious kid!

In his Preschool book, we sounded out "Pond" where the ducks live, "Vegetable Garden", "Chicken Coop". When asked where the pigs live, he responded; "Vegetable Coop!"

I gave Jack some coins to play with. Leesha and I were pointing out the differences between pennies, nickels and a dime. Leesha told him a little bit about Abraham Lincoln, and then Jack mentioned "Father Lincoln" vs. "Father Abraham".

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy Cow!

Me, opening the White Grape Juice: "Holy Cow! Who closed this?"
Jack: "Mom, why did Holy Cow close that?"

Maggie makes the "flying" sounds as she's got two of our bristle blocks. She's learned that from Jack making spaceships.
More words; "saa" (sock), "daipoo" (diaper), I believe I heard a semblance of "wa su dat" (want some of that), "bi" (bite), baby, "moo" (milk), "pee-ah" (please, yeah?)
She's having fun learning how to communicate and grins when we figure out what it is she wants. For instance, if she's thrown her blanket out of her pack-n-play; she'll indicate that she wants it back and when we get it, she dives for the bottom of the pack-n-play grinning and makes joyful noises when we lay the blanket on her.
This morning, she successfully communicated to Jeffry that she wanted some milk. I guess she indicated that he had to get something out of the cupboard first (the cup), then the fridge.

Jack to Mom: "Mom, don't shout when Dad's on the phone." This, after a solicitor would not take "no" for an answer, and so I was trying to give Jeffry an excuse to get off the phone.

The babies' current activity of choice is putting all of their critters in the pack-n-play and then getting in themselves.

"Mom, Great Grandma Mary told me; 'You can take this (squirrel figurine) home with you if you want', and I said, I said ... I didn't say anything.'

Monday, December 6, 2010

A picture ...

says a thousand words, or in this case, 2 that Jack spelled out himself. Okay, so he needed help with the "e" and extra "t", but the words themselves were his idea.

On Lincoln Logs

Jack asked if I would make the fort featured in the instruction set. I told him I'd like for him to try. His reply was...

"My brain is too hard to make a house. And so my eyes are cranky"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My mom has a stuffed moose that wears a sweater. Every time I pick up the critters at my parents house, the moose is not wearing it's sweater. I asked Jack about it:
"Why do you two always take off the moose's sweater? He's cold."
"No, he's not Mom. God pretecs (protects) him with fur so he doesn't get cold."

We think Maggie refers to herself as "Meemee". The newest word she has is: "sha-wee" (sorry). She likes to babble in the car which drives Jack nuts. Then they get in a shouting match; "No!" "No!" ....

Jack: " Innica(?) Stoy Tor" (Toy Store)
And after the trip to the toy store, he said; "I think our car will find Grandma's hood cap." (Mom lost her hub cap a couple of weeks ago.)

At bathtime, Jack informed me that the hook "contains" his towel.

There's a website that I allow Jack to play on sometimes. He doesn't like it when he is asked to leave the computer, so one time I told him that he would have to be done when the timer went off. The next time; "Mom, can I play a computer game without you setting the timer?"

We stopped at Target for some groceries on our way home. Jack stated; "I don't want to go to Target." I asked why. He said; "I don't like the 'T' sound." Then he sounded it out and said; "I don't like the two 'T' sounds." He did survive the excursion, even managing to amuse some of the other customers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally, some Maggie-isms

Jack sings: "I went down to the river to play ..."

Between Mom and Jack:
"Is this yarn?"
"Leesha has yarn?!"
"We should get a cat for Leesha's yarn."

Jack to Dad, who is holding his Doctor Who game book:
"D, O or zero, C, T, O or zero, R, W, H, O or zero"

Jack playing with some of his "guys":
"I'm gonna verse him" (it was one guy versus the other)

At lunch:
"Mom, can I have dress-up on my salad?"

Observing the lid on the kiddy potty:
"Look at those frogs. They're upside down."
"Because you're holding that upside down."
Jack turns it around, "Now they're up-side-up!"

After reciting a verse (complete with hand motions): "Firs' Besalonians 1:4"

At the table, site of frequent 'discussions' about eating and not playing/dawdling; "I'm eating and draring." (drawing)

In true Jack form, Maggie utters; "Go pa-ee" (go potty) and starts for the bathroom, then gets waylaid by the letters we've stuck to Jack's bed.

Maggie now knows; "no" (nose, as well as the obvious 'no'), eye, "ees" or "ee-o" (ears). She'll sign please and say "pee". "Dow" (down - indicating she wants to go downstairs).

And, moments ago, Maggie finally figured out how to climb up onto Jack's bed. :>0

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Jack needed a potty break as he was wrapping up his lunch. I watched him walking towards the bathroom and he was keeping an eye on me too. Just over halfway there, he says; "Mom, can I give you a hug?" and turned around to come give me a hug. During the hug, he says; "I didn't give you a good morning hug." He got further waylaid by Dad snatching a dance which included a twirl eliciting an "Again Dad!"

Maggie had a few minutes on Dad's lap. I gave him a tissue for her nose, and she allowed him to wipe her nose - TWICE! She's turned into a bit of a Daddy's girl. Cute, but I can admit that I feel a little bit jealous.

We went to Maplewood Mall where we got to ride a "train" around the mall. I thought I'd try to find Maggie some boots. That did not go well. She would cry and say; "No!" when I put them on her feet, then pull them off. This seems so strange because she loves wearing her "shoooes".

"Mom, I want a pet lamb." "Well, as soon as we get a farm." "Mom, I want to borrow a pet lamb." "From who?" "A farm."
The next day: "Actually Mom, I don't need a pet sheep. I need a pet goat. I need a pet goat until we go to the Farmer's Market." Then he started singing "Old MacDonald" shortly transitioning into "Mary Had a Little Lamb".

While it was still dark, Jack got up and came into our room to ask me a question. I believe he asked if he was 4. I answered him and he went back to his own bed. He did this all very quietly and didn't disturb Maggie at all who is a light sleeper.

I believe Maggie is saying "pee" (please) and "nummie" (Sorley/Willis for food). She often says "yeah" at the end of words. ie: "buppy yeah". I think it's because when she says a word, we'll respond with "yeah", so she's just figured that she ought to tag it on there too. She is trying to put two words together, even though they're often not as clear as Jack's words were.
Last night, she was rooting through the basket of "critters" an pulled out their Winie the Pooh. I asked if she'd found Pooh. "Pooh yeah! Poopoo." and off she toddled to the bathroom where she seemed very pleased when I opened the toilet lid and had Pooh sit on the potty.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Becky, this one's for you

A friend told me tonight that she was missing my blogs. It's a good thing that I have one in the works.

Apparently, it's "Dr. Suzy" not Dr. Seuss.

Maggie's first two word combination (that I remember); "Mommy, shoe."
New words: toy, ball, no (oh yippee), my (instead of mine)

I bought some 3,6,9 omegas for the kids. Jack and Maggie just have the oil out of the gelatin capsule. I gave Jack his first dose straight up. Leesha has helped explain that this will make him smart like her. The next day, when I get it ready, he informs me; "Mom, I'm already smart!"

While in the car, he notices a truck with a topper on it. I overhear; "Er, er, er, R. Puh, puh, puh, P. Tuh, tuh, tuh, T." With a little help, he spelled "topper". This morning, he and I sounded out the word 'jet', then I had to let him eat breakfast.

Leesha is pretending to lead a game show. She asked Jack where he lived. Jack ran to me and asked where we live. I told him; "Oakdale". He ran back and when questioned again, he stated; "Oakdale, Minnesota."

When driving past the liquor store, Jack was trying to sound out "liquor".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There's a whole lot of learning going on

Grandma found some magnetic letters at her house. She had 3 sets, so we took 2. I got them set up on the closet doors (finally, a reason I'm thankful to have metal closet doors). I put some up too high, so Jack (standing on a chair) was pulling them down. One hit him in the eye. Lots of tears. I used the opportunity to buzz his hair and give him a bath before putting him to bed where he could rest. He woke up screaming 2 hours later. Some Tylenol and sleeping with mom got us through the night. When he woke up; "I sure love God healing my eye. I sure love God healing my owies."

As he's getting dressed, with only his undies on; "Mom, Tarzan's like this. He doesn't have any shirts on or pants when it's hot."

Conversation with Everett (who has been working on our bathroom):
Jack: "How's your day?"
Everett: "It's a beautiful day."
"What'd you do?"
"I went to Wisconsin."
"What'd you do there?"
"I have 5 brothers there. They were taking care of their cows."
"We went to the apple orchard and there were animals there."

Later, Everett said: "I love you guys!"

Singing: "I may never march in th interest free, ride in the gallery ..."

We had crunchy noodles with dinner. Jack was the one who discovered some of them looked like the letters he's learning. A child friendly dinner game. I swear Maggie is starting to say random letters and sounds too.

After picking Leesha up from her Wednesday night at church, he was singing. This bothered Leesha. She repeatedly asked/told him to stop. Jack: "I need to keep singing because I have a lot of elasticity." and later: "I have no idea to stop."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Momma's uh-oh

In the car: "Mom, that van doesn't have Minnesota (I didn't catch the last word)." I looked around us, and there was a van with dealer plates vs. Minnesota plates. He was correct, it didn't have MN plates.

Playing with Leesha: "Let me won now" and "It's my turn to won now." Because she kept saying; "I won."

"Mom, Maggie did make muckers!" as she's standing and allowing him to look into the back of her diaper.

Maggie was sifting through our Little People toys saying; "Buppy!".
Jack very nicely says; "No Maggie, no puppies."
I say; "That's right Jack, we don't have any Little People puppies, do we?" Then realizing, I'd had a lot of "p's" in that sentence, I suggest it might be onomatopoeia. "Jack, look at me. That was onomatopoeia."
Jack: "Onomota-people-puppies."
(I had to look up how to spell onomatopoeia and realized I should have taught Jack "alliteration" instead. Oops!)

Out of bed,
"Mom, my back itches and I can't reach the itch/can't reach to scratch it."
Back scratching .... going back to bed
"I'm still gonna be itchy this afternoon."
Back to the kitchen ...
"You know what Mom, I love you. (walking back to his bedroom) I love myself too."

"Mom, is there big money at Menards?"

Oh, the joys of Jack

We went to the thrift store for a plaid shirt, then to the Dollar Tree for a small hatchet which just happened to come with a whistle, crowbar(?), and badge. Jeffry was explaining about the badge and that those who wear them can say; "You're under arrest!"
First, Jack misunderstood "badge" and referred to it as a "bad".
Second, after donning the badge, he in formed me: "You're gonna rest!"
I responded; "It's 'You're under arrest."
Jack: "You're undressed!"

"Captain logs, stardate 29 ..."
Guess what show Jeffry and Jack are currently into?

Jack is currently relating stories from "When I was in College ....".

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Questions and more questions

In the car: "Mom, that van doesn't have Minnesota (I didn't catch the last word)." I looked around us, and there was a van with dealer plates vs. Minnesota plates.

Playing with Leesha: "Let me won now." "It's my turn to won now." Because she kept saying; "I won."

"Mom, Maggie did make muckers!" as she's standing and allowing him to look into the back of her diaper.

At the dinner table, Jack tells Leesha that Ben dressed like her. She didn't understand, so I asked him what he was telling her. He relayed that Ben wore a green shirt and dressed like Leesha. I asked if he was talking about our friend Ben who is married to Emily. No, not that Ben. I asked if it was someone at church. Nope. So then I asked where he saw this Ben, and gathered from his answer that he was referring to our neighbor Ben. We went to Ben's house last night to Trick-or-Treat. Ben was wearing a Miami Dolpins jersey. It may have been a Dan Marino jersey. Leesha's last name is Moreno.
How does he put this stuff together?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Apple Dorchards

That's what Leesha called the Apple Orchard after we went on a field trip in Kindergarten.

A couple of new words from Maggie:
"No-no"(how Mom tries to say it) and "NO!" (like Jack says to Mom).
"My" (a.k.a. "mine") it was so cute to see/hear her saying that, but it will get old quickly.

At her 15 month check-up, I asked about the brown spots on her teeth. The Dr. suggested she go to the dentist. It turns out she's got cavities, so I had to go back an have her get them drilled out and re-enameled. Poor little kiddo.

After a trip to an Apple Orchard last weekend with Grandma, I decided to use one of the apples to make some apple muffin bread for dessert the other night. Jeffry helped Jack eat his by taking bites. This kindof upset Jack, so he asked me; "Mom, will you help me eat my bread, but not eat it?"

Since the Apple Orchard was so much fun, we decided to go again. Maggie kept exclaiming over the "Buppies" which were actually goats.

We've had someone here working on our bathroom. Jack is fascinated and has to have his tools out to try and help.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maggie toots

Sweetest words: I gave Maggie a cookie and all on her own, she said; "Day tchoo" (thank you). How precious!

Maggie and I were cuddling after her nap. She tooted. I said; "Oh, did you toot?" She stood up and looked underneath her wondering what she'd done.

Not too long after that, she tooted again. I again mentioned it and she tottled off to the bathroom. We got the potty set up and put her on it. She didn't do anything, but I think she's at least putting things together.

After our trip to the Dr. for Maggie's 15 mo. checkup, we stopped at home where I changed and got the kids in the stroller to take a walk. While I was changing, Jack climbed into the stroller and managed to tip it over right by the van where he hit his head on the van. A nice bruise sprang up right between his eyebrows. About 45 minutes later, we were at a playground where Jack was pushing Maggie in the swing. He decided he was done and started walking towards the swing. Maggie swung right into him, hitting him in the face a second time. Ouch!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"...can I have the other one?" Jack asked in a whiny tone.

"No", said I.


"Because your attitude went South."

A few minutes later he said, "My attitude's back!"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Score ... for Leesha!

Leesha served 10 points in a row at her volleyball game on Oct. 5th!

Some time ago, I started a blog and lost it. I found it in my other blog (What is the Willis Household Eating Now?) Here's the one thing I forgot when I re-wrote it;

While hopping around the house, Jack termed it: "frogging along".

Meanwhile, Maggie's newfound joy is climbing up on the table. So far, this venture has not resulted in any injuries, save for her feelings when taken down and put on the floor.

Jack has grown bored. He really ought to be in preschool, but my schedule is too erratic. So, I may have to step up to the plate and start doing some home-preschool-ing. Anyone have a "Hooked on Phonics" preschool edition they're looking to get rid of?

Jack's new word: "starving". It can also mean "freezing".

A new Jack-ism: "Look, I'm playing the heart!" as he runs his fingertips across the railings on the playground equipment. I'm guessing he meant "harp".

Fall funnies

Mom: "Jack, do you want to go on some errands with me in a little bit?"
Jack: "So Dad can stay home and rest?"
Mom: "Yeah."
Jack: "No. You can go with Maggie. She's a kid."

At dinner:
Jack: "You and Leesha have big chests. Maggie and me have li'l chests."
Mom: "What about Daddy? Does he have big chests or little chests?"
Jack: "Big chests."

Jack likes to get into my purse or bag and pull out things like my calculator or chap-stick. Upon noticing he'd pulled out my fingernail file, I asked him to please put it back. He informed me: "My fingernails are wrong." (I don't know if he meant "long" or that something was not right)

Maggie has figured out how to say: "Shooo" with her lips all pursed like she's going to give someone a kiss. Jack pronounced it "schew".
I believe I heard the equivalent of "kitty" too.

Maggie enjoys taking the Little People toys out of the smaller basket and placing them one by one into the attic window of the Little People house. I end up dumping the toys out of the house about once a day, if not more.

She has finally started cutting a molar. Woohoo! Molars mean I don't have to make too much more baby food. Without molars, she can't chew veggies easily, so I've still been pureeing them.

Lunch discoveries:
if you bite a Cheeri"o" in half, you get two "c's"
Cheerios are round, so are marbles. But we call marbles "spheres".

Leesha had to get a report of her grades in order to keep playing volleyball. She got all S's for satisfactory, and one "A". She noted that the "A" was right in the middle, and that with that, it spelled "ass". We laughed about it, then I pointed out that it actually spelled "ssass" which was a bit more appropriate.

She had her first All School Party the other night. We told Jack to ask her if she danced with any boys. He performed his duty well. Her response: "I danced with my friends, and some of them danced with boys."

No joke

Maggie came into the kitchen a few minutes ago saying; "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy."
I responded; "What, Maggie?"
"Oh sh?" and she looks at or indicates her backside.
"Do you want to go potty?"
She tottles off to the bathroom. I follow, take off her pants, unsnap her onesie and remove her diaper. She's been correct in knowing that she needed to go potty, so I sit her down. She feels that sitting on the potty is the end of the procedure and wants to get down immediately. I manage to get the chunk of poo into the potty, then point it out to her.
Good girl Maggie!

Yesterday, the babies were outside while I was putting the groceries away. Jack rode his bike into Maggie. When questioned about it, he said; "I was going so fast and I cou'n't believe my eyes...."

Mom: "Maggie, where's your cup?"
Jack: "P'r'aps it's lost."

Maggie's vocabulary:
"Day tchoo" = thank you
"Ditty" = kitty
and the ditty says "ow"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cold Peas Hot Peas

Dad watching the kids today:

My mistake of the day was eating Wasabi Peas in Jack's vicinity. He said he wanted one. I told him "No, you won't like these." He insisted and then started to throw a fit. "Ok. Fine. Have one."

Immediatley his face contorted and he spit it out into my hand. Nothing unexpected here... But then he fell into a panic cry as if his feelings had been hurt, hyper-ventilating and all that. For a moment I wondered if I was dealing with some sort of allergic reaction. We made it to the kitchen where I got something for him to drink and he kept repeating "I want to sleep, I want to go to bed." From that point on, the fit faded and he was regaining composure. Had some water and everything returned to normal.

A few minutes later Jack was sitting across the room and told me "...first this side of my nose was getting shot. Now this side is getting shot." as he pointed first to one nostril, then the other.

We decided that Jack likes cold peas and dad likes hot peas.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nothin' much

Jack is just plumb out of funny things to say/do, or I am not amused by them.

Maggie was introduced to corn on the cob for dinner. She likes it. There will be a video someday.
She has also discovered the laptop and will stand up on the stepstool to get her little fingers on the mouse pad or keyboard. Unfortunately, she also seems to have figured out how to get it open, so simply closing it does not afford the amount of protection I'd like.
The sign for milk is now a part of her "vocabulary".

Leesha won her first volleyball game!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday after work, on my way to get the kids, I noticed that my foot was itching. Throughout the afternoon and evening, I itched more and more. Trying to sleep posed a challenge when my palms would give me no relief of itching. So, I dug out the generic benadryl I have on hand for the kids (which expired in 4/08) and was able to fall asleep. Still itching this morning, I noticed bumps and welts pretty much everywhere as well as swelling in areas (ears, hands and feet) that don't have as much tissue to cover bone. Irritating!

I knew what Dr. Dad would say, but called to hear it anyway: limit your use of soap, no hot showers and take an antihistamine.

Hours later, I braved a lukewarm shower (hellish, I tell you). Now, I smell like a freshly washed baby thanks to soapless Johnson and Johnson baby wash.

We shall see how the saga continues ....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Owee owee

Jack, at dinner; "I burped. Actually, I didn't burp, I tooted with my mouth open."

Mom: "Jack, I'm glad I'm your mom."
Jack: (smiles) "I'm glad I have my computer up here."

Jack likes to disturb Jeffry in the bathroom (I suppose he just likes the door to the bathroom open, and Jeffry closes the door). Maggie likes to keep abreast of things that the boys are doing, so followed Jack to the bathroom. Jeffry asked Jack to close the door and Jack obeyed. Unfortunately, Maggie had her hand by the hinges and got her finger squished as Jack tried to close the door. Poor little girl! The Dr. said it was a bruise (as mom suspected) and bandaged it up. By the time we'd returned home, Maggie had gotten the bandage off. She's a sucker for pain as she won't tolerate pain meds and bandages.

Maggie was doing "downward facing dog" spontaneously. I tried to get a picture, but she kept getting up too fast to come see the picture that I'd missed. It happened repeatedly which amused me.
She's also learned to nod her head.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keepin' up with the kiddos

I'd started a new post and forgot to save it. Bummer!

Jack and Maggie now have "Diary of a Worm". Jack calls it "Diarrhea Worm".
"Reading" this book to Jeffry, Jack says; "big birds tryin' to play 'howtsch scop'. Yes or no? How do you say it?" He's still mastering "hopscotch".

Jack asked me; "Mom, do you have two eyes, one nose and two 'nostrits'?"

When told to go to yet another time out, Jack responded; "I can't go to time out. I'm dead."

One of Leesha's jobs is to clear the dinner table. She didn't, so as I caught up to the family on a post-dinner walk, I apologized for making them wait and let them know it was because the table had not been cleared. I then suggested we give that job to Jack and he start getting an allowance. Jeffry suggested then that he could buy all the cars he wants. Upon waking up the next morning; "Dad said I'd buy all the cars I want and then we didn't."
After the same walk, we took the training wheels off of Jack's bike. The first thing he said to me, right before he mentioned not being able to get the cars was; "I want the training wheels back on my bike."

Maggie was playing with one of Jack's larger inside trucks and trying to drive it into the front door of the Little People house. After several attempts, she gave up, closed the door and put the truck back in the basket.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Laughter is good medicine

Upon waking up one morning, Jack came out of his room and said; "I'm bored."

About his squash one morning; "I'm delighted."

Referring to the wizard figure Jeffry is allowing Jack to play with; "Old Wide Wizard" vs. "Old Wise Wizard".

"Darth Thader" vs. "Darth Vader".

We had split pea soup and rolls the other day. Jack likes bread, but even moreso, likes the butter on his bread. He'd cut his roll in half and was trying to figure out how to butter it. He asked me to cut his roll. Since he'd already cut it, I told him he was "doing a smashing job" whereupon he started smashing his roll. I don't often instigate much laughter from Jeffry, but this time I sure had a hand in it.

Jeffry likes to read before he goes to bed. His comics are always more visually exciting than my novels, etc. I often glance over and comment on something I see. Recently, it was a Star Wars comic and I asked about C3PO. Jeffry said; "Seriously?" Like a true non-Geek, I'd mistaken the characters since it was actually R2D2 I was referring to. More laughter.

Friday, August 20, 2010


According to Young Master Jack, this fellow...

is called


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August stuff

Poor Jack. We finally got him to make the "th" sound and now, all the "f's" are "th's". Oops.

"Mom, you have to get more bike gas 'cause my bike's goin' slow."

"Mom, did God made the sky?"

Jack now enjoys making up nonsense words, and his own songs. He was singing one as Leesha and I chuckled about it, and then announced; "That's it for today Leesha. No more songs."

is into "reading". She'll pull books out of the bin, or off the shelf, then proceed to open them up and babble away. She was even trying it with the egg cartons. I'm not sure what all is written inside, but she thought it was interesting.

"Puppy" is the word. I think at this point it means any- and every-thing.

We have a 1 gallon ice cream bucket in with their kitchen toys. She likes to put this on her head, and when I'm paying attention, I'll say; "Where's Maggie?" and she'll pull it off so I can say; "Peek-a-boo!" She did say "Beee" herself once too.

is on board with trying to potty train Maggie. She says she peed on the big potty today. I'm thankful for a big helper.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A moment for Cara

I know, I know. You're thinking I actually had some significant time to myself that did not involve work or sleep as those are the two longest activities I do without the kids. But, no, this is just a reflection on a moment where I was simply Cara, and not mommy.

The house has been closing in on me with statements like: "Put a window in me!" "Make me a row of desks for a future classroom." "Move the kids furniture in here, and move all of yours downstairs." "Insert flat screened tv here" and the like. So, with another "day without Daddy" looming in front of me, I ventured out to the mall with the babies in tow.

First stop: Macy's. Simply because there is shaded parking and it's been hot. I walked into the mens department and was presented with a deal: Levi's for $32.99. Jeffry told me he wanted new jeans and these are a good price. I even seemed to remember that I had a credit at Macy's which would make them even cheaper. Score. I locate the rack of the baggiest ones I can find, which is hard, seeing as how so many people are wearing the "skinny" jeans - bad fashion choice, if you ask me, and would not suit my husband whatsoever. I find his size, and close the deal.

At dinner, I present my purchase. He thanks me and lets me know he'll try them on when the weather is more agreeable. That moment came after lunch today. I was sitting at the table, and he decided to try them on in the living room. I did note as he was putting them on that they didn't go on with the ease that most of his other clothes do. I had gotten a smaller waist size because I think he's lost weight and that he looks better when his clothes hang on him, not on his belt. Jeans on, my husband looks "fine". I remind him that they'll stretch out a bit. He asks if they look good, I respond with the best "come hither" nod I can muster. He asks; "So this is what people go through every day? Just to look good?" I start laughing despite the cheese I'm trying to eat. He continues: "So I should start doing that 'thing' with my hair?" and attempts the 'dry swirly' look Justin Bieber does. I continue laughing. As he takes them off, he suggests something about a boxer thong. And now I'm laughing again.

So, my wonderful husband, always and forever, thanks for the love and the laughter.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maggity Mae

Maggie either doesn't like her diapers any more, or is just fascinated that she can take them off, even if they're on backwards. I'm going to have to start putting more clothes on her.
Of course, I am partially to blame because I am following through with my plan to let her go naked now that she's walking in an effort to see how early we might potty train her. She'll stand up and pee on the floor. I'll run over and try to get her on the potty (which she loves to sit on so long as I'm not making her). Last night, instead of a diaper, she was wearing undies. I was in the bathroom and she came in to observe. Then she proceeded to try taking off her undies to sit on the potty. She was wet. I have no idea if she's starting to "get it", or was simply "monkey see, monkey do"-ing. Either way, I think it's progress.

I do believe she's saying "hi" now. She'll also tell you what a Puppy-Dog says. If I'm playing with her and telling her that the horse says "neigh" as I shake my head, she'll sometimes shake hers too.

She's pretty good at standing up for herself and will cry out when Jack has dealt her an injustice. She'll hold on to whatever it is she has and still wants with great tenacity. (that was a vocab word from high school)

She threw a toy down the stairs recently, and Jack (who was downstairs) picked it up and threw it back in the kitchen. They continued this game for several minutes.

When I try to take pictures of her, she spots the camera and toddles over to "see" the image that I've usually failed to catch. To think that only a handful of years ago, we were still using film and they'd have to wait to see the pictures.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Princess Mommy"


"Urkel-ears" instead of "Hercules" the ant from his new "Toby" book. This led to me trying to explain to Leesha who Urkel was. Not as funny when you have to explain him.

"Leesha, don't run the air or the car will starve." That, after the van wouldn't start recently while we were on errands. I'd left the kids in the car with the air running.

Leesha: "Jack, how much do you love me?" Jack: "About 20."

We also got him to say "tthh-ree" instead of "free"! He sticks his tongue way out and curls it up for the "th" sound.

Before Christmas last year, I bought some marshmallow shooters at a craft fair. They're made from pvc pipes. Upon their rediscovery, Jack wanted to take them apart. They were the toy of the day and he loved making all sorts of guns, etc. He brought me some of his creations and told me one of them was a crown. He put it on my head and called me; "Princess Mommy".

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Realize?

After Cara changed Maggie's, I found the nicely wrapped up package of the dirty diapers and picked them up and threw them away as I often do. I then went to the kitchen and washed my hands.

Apparently Jack watched this whole thing and said, "Why did you wash your hands? Was it because you touched a yucky, smelly diaper?"

"Yes. That's exactly why I washed my hands", I replied.

To this he said, "Hmm. I didn't realize..... I didn't realize".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kid talk

From the basement where Leesha and Jack are playing (nicely for the time being, fingers crossed and holding breath) ... Jack in a sing-song-y voice; "Sir Topham Hat."

On the way home from church, Jeffry asked Jack what his remember verse was. Since I helped out in his room last week and knew it was the same from the time Leesha had helped out in his room, I started it out, and finally Jack did it on his own; "I can do all fings frough Christ who gives me strengf."

Moments later, he spotted something on a window and figured it was a bee. He told the bee to hang on tight. We didn't see a bee, so asked him where it was. "Where I'm pointing!" (I figure he's heard that from us.

Jack, narrating his own ball game; "1-zap, 2-zap."

For snack, he requested "Grant crackers" (graham crackers)

Maggie: "Wootsie baba." (no idea what that means, but figured I'd want to remember it someday.

She's also added "Hi." to her vocabulary and has a lot of fun pointing at stuff.

After talking about school and math, Mom to Leesha; "Leesha, I'm sorry life is a story problem."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Maggie Mae's Birthday Videos


"Momeee momeee momeee!"

The other night, we took a few minutes together as a family to watch some of the Speed Racer movie. Not long into our viewing, Jack says; "Dad, would you stop the movie for a minute so mom can go get me some more milk?" When Leesha offered to go get it, he then asked if Dad would wait for a few minutes while Leesha got him the milk. I should add that it felt like the first time I'd sat down all day and I'd just gotten comfortable, so was greatly relieved when Leesha offered to help.

Leesha has recently purchased new earrings. After observing them, Jack comes to me and asks; "When I get your age, can I have earrings?"

After some shopping, Jack was in the house while I brought in the rest of the stuff and Maggie. He'd gotten into the medicine cabinet and had a metal tool which I use to scratch my ear (my ear canal almost always itches - most annoying). He told me; "I gettin' some issues out." I think he meant earwax. And yes, I did take it away from him and once again reminded him that he's not to play with stuff in the medicine cabinet.

Maggie has added to her vocabulary. She now says Mama and Mommy; the latter with the traditional long "e" sound. After lunch the other day, I got a couple of cookies and sat down to dunk them in my milk. Maggie started in with; "Mommy mommy mommy...." I'm pretty sure she wanted a cookie because she quieted down when I gave her one of mine.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Boy

When Maggie is "up and at 'em" she's babbling. We've discerned "baby", "puppy", "daddy" (all with very long 'eee's at the end and "what's that" (which sounds like 'saaa).

Short conversation at lunch:
Jack mentions something about "Lord ..." (someone or another that I don't know).
Mom: "From Speed Racer?"
Jack: "Yeah. He's a bad guy. He's in the dessert."
Mom: "What's a desert?"
Jack: "Lots of sand."
Mom: "Do we have a desert?"
Jack: "No."
Mom: "Is a desert hot or cold?"
Jack: "Hot."
Mom: "Does it have a lot of water?"
Jack: "No."
(who teaches him this stuff???)

Jack runs out into the kitchen; "What time is my birthday coming over?"
We're going to Grandma and Grandpa's at noon.
That's great!

On Monday night, Jeffry and I assembled Jack's new bed (from IKEA). Leesha watched TOTORO with him while we worked. He was very excited to see it once we were done and is thoroughly enjoying climbing up and down and also playing up on it where Maggie can't reach (yet).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Babies

I've really fallen behind in blogging this month.

Maggie's new thing tonight: tipping her head to the side and grinning.

On her birthday, she decided to walk. Then she took a break for a few days before "stepping out" again.

She distinctly says; "Daddy" and "'s at?" (what's that)

Jack mentioned "Summer dacation" the other week. I think that was shortly after he said something about "clobsters".

Conversation in the van:
Mom: "Jack, your birthday is on Tuesday and you'll turn 3."
Jack nods.
"We're going to Grandma and Grandpa's for lunch. What would you like to eat?"
Jack gives me nothing short of a genuine "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" look.
Mom (laughing) "What do you want for lunch?"
Jack: "Anyfing."

All three kids survived my teaching summer school for 16 days. They had one day with dad, one with Jeanelle and her kids, one with Emily and her kids, 3 with Keesha and her boys here at our house, and the rest with Grandma and Grandpa. Whew! I realized why I'm a teacher and why I am not a regular classroom teacher. It was hard work yet I think I'll do it again next year if I can.

Jeffry cleaned buses up to last Friday, then was on to training again on Monday. Tuesday, his trainee had an accident, so he got to spend Wednesday at home. I was afraid that he was going to be working full time just as I got done working full time, so Wednesday was nice. I took the opportunity to let the babies get some Daddy time while I took Leesha shopping.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

there is no title for this one...

The thunder wakes Jack up from a good hard afternoon nap. He then says to mom... "I'm a jungleboy and I'm afraid of the dark..."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maggie and Jack

Just a few snippets....

While we were busy frosting the cupcakes for Maggie's party yesterday, Jack referred to them as "puffcakes".

Jack is very into the movie "My Neighbor Totoro". He calls it "Your Neivor Totoro".

After the party yesterday, he accidentially cracked one of his knuckles then stated; "I just cracked myself a little bit."

Maggie has decided to brave standing on her own and even taking some steps! She says something akin to:
Babee (baby)
o!sa! (Oh, what's that? or Oh, who's that?)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Clap Your Hands...

Jack: "If you're happy and you know it Deshirley Show..."

Presumably ... if you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honor Roll

Leesha .... (drum roll) Was on the "A" honor roll for third trimester! Way to go Leesha!

On the way home from the grocery store:
Mom: "Jack, when we get home, I need you to do a few things. 1 - Go potty. 2 - Get your hat. 3 - Go outside and play. Now, what did Mommy say?"
Jack: "1 - Go potty. 2 - Get your hat. 3 - Go outside and play."
I thought it was phenomenal that he remembered and even numbered the steps. Unfortunately, when we got home, he didn't seem to remember what he was supposed to do.

Jack was having me put bracelets on his (and Maggie's)favorite stuffed puppy. I asked; "Is this a girl puppy, or a boy puppy?"
Jack: "Um, a boy."
Mom: "What's his name?"
Jack: "Mabeee it's Dad."

Jack asked for a piece of cheese at lunch. Jeffry gave him one. "Fanks Dad. That was 'foughtful' of you."

Melting my heart

Jeffry has been watching Speed Racer cartoons with Jack. One of the "bad guys" is Duggery (sp?). Duggery drives a red car. Leesha brought Jack a red Lamborghini (wow, either I spelled that correctly on the first typing, or spell check didn't recognize it) back from her Dad's and gave it to Jack. He considers the new Matchbox sized car to be "Duggery". Tuesday, he informed me; "Duggery is a mean driver." I responded; "Are you a mean driver?" "No; 'cause I'm not a driver."

In the last month or so, Jack took apart a pen of mine and in the process, broke part of it. Since it came with my planner, I wanted to keep it and went to the trouble of gluing the broken part back together. He got at it again today and took it apart again. He came to show me, and I said; "You took my pen apart again?"
"No, not a lot. (short pause) I didn't make a mess."

In an effort to get Maggie to stop sucking her thumb, I made contraption that covers her thumb. So long as we're trying to break her of that habit, I figured we should go ahead and see what we can do about Jack's lovie. It's cute that he still likes it and wants to sleep with it, but it will have to go sometime. Last night, I told him that if he slept without it, he'd get some M&M's in the morning. Today, I kept bringing it up ... no lovie, M&M's; lovie, no M&M's. He decided to brave it tonight. However, while us "grown ups" were watching a movie, the sky was changing colors, so we were making noise upstairs and disturbed Jack trying to fall asleep. The third (or maybe fourth) time he got up, he came downstairs and said he wanted his lovie. I came up with him and talked to him a little bit reminding him about not getting M&M's, but that it was okay if he wanted his lovie, then tucked him back into bed. I was still upstairs a few minutes later when he comes out of his room saying; "Maybe I do wan' 'o give you my lovie mom 'cause I'm big." (Awww.....) He tried so hard. Those M&M's are a real lure. It melts my heart.

At breakfast:
Mom: "Guess what we get to do next? Go grocery shopping!"
Jack: "No."
Mom: "Why?"
Jack (with his mouth full of food): "We have plen' of food."
Mom: "We have plenty of food?"
Jack: "Yeah."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Overheard with Grace and Charlie

Jack to Grace shortly after I told him that I don't want him to shout "no" when I tell him something. "Grace, Mom doesn't like it when you say "no"."

Jack to both Grace and Charlie after he obeyed me right away and went potty; "Guys, mom is happy that I listened right away!"

Jack (jumping up and down and making noises like he's excited) to both Grace and Charlie; "LOOK! It's a Gnome!" (about the "Grow Your Own Gnome" I gave Jeffry for Father's Day.

Grace: "Can I play with the Hula Poop?"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brief update

Leesha taught Maggie to say "Baby" on Tuesday. Very cute. She doesn't associate it with anything it seems, but does say it a lot.

Now that she's got both top and bottom teeth, she's grinding them every so often. That's a nerve-grater.

We've gotten her to stand momentarily. However, she's just not interested in it. She just sinks down when she thinks we're going to let go of her. I call it "spaghetti legs".

Friday, we celebrated 5 years of marriage. We took the babies over to our friends for the evening while we enjoyed dinner at Osaka (Hibachi) before a walk around Langton Lake. On our way home, I asked Jack (who was eating goldfish like he'd been starving); "Did you eat at the Browns?" He responded; "No. There wasn't 'nuf room."

Earlier in the day, I'd allowed him to play outside. When it was time to come in, I wanted him to clean up. He pretended his bat was an umbrella since it was wet outside. Prior to that, Jeffry had told him it was starting to rain, and I think asked Jeffry for an umbrella so he wouldn't get wet. While outside, he'd found the spray nozzle attachment for the hose and screwed it on himself. Then he wanted help using it to fill the bucket. E nvisioning him trying to figure it out and spraying water all over himself, I got the camera out. No suck luck. He did everything just as he should have.

Saturday, I left to go grocery shopping and left the kids with Jeffry. Jack realized I was leaving, and came up to say goodbye. He gave me a hug before I went out the door. I asked him to close the door behind me which he did. Just after he'd shut it, he said; "I wan' 'o give you a kiss!" How can one resist that?
Around 3 am Saturday morning, Jack woke up crying; "I wan' some Go'fish." Fearing he'd wake Maggie, I had him wait in the living room while I got some. I gave him the snack, then told him to go back in his room when he was done with them. Jeffry came back in our room this morning to let me know that Jack was sleeping on the couch, with the Goldfish.

On our way out one morning; "Hi sun! I like you. You're my friend."

Several weeks ago, I decided to take the girls out to a dollar store. Jack realized we were leaving him (since he wasn't done with dinner). Just as I was starting to pull out of the driveway, Leesha says; "Look at Jack." There he was at the side door, his little face perfectly framed by the "bars" on the window, in an open-mouthed cry. I had pity on him and allowed him to go with us.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jesus and Lightsabers

We watched some Star Wars fan films, one in which two guys fight with lightsabers.  At the end one guy gets his hand cut off and I think that kind of disturbed Jack.  Much later I over heard Jack say "The guy got his hand cut off. I'm going to go tell Jesus."

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Jack putters around in the kitchen, then comes to me licking part of a stick of butter still in the wrapper; "That's my favorite food. Butter's my favorite food." - - photo op. - - "Jack, we have a problem. What if other people want butter?" "No."

Maggie has finally cut all 4 top teeth.

Trying to keep Jack awake on the way home one afternoon; "Mom, I got sleep in my eyes." "Can you get it out?" "No." (I think he was trying to say that his eyelids were heavy.)

After a busy weekend with Willis South in town, I'm now working the full 4 day week. We've survived 3 days alternating between friends, Grandma and Grandpa, and friends again. I think the babies have had fun, but are getting worn out. It makes me a little worried thinking about the 3 weeks this summer when I work all 5 days and I'm not just subbing. The good news with that Jeffry found out today that he should be working 4 day weeks, so that eliminates some daycare needs for us, and gives the kids some dad only time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


As they laid on the Nursery floor.....
"Dad, what're you doing?"
"Snuggling with you."
"Fanks dad."

Sitting on the couch with Grandpa Steve ....
"I made air."
"Where did you make air?"
"Under my bottom."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Li'l Stinker

After getting something on his Clifford t-shirt, Jack went to find another shirt. "I'm 'ciding to wear dat shirt now" he informed me.

Playing with the pen that came with my planner (and breaking it); "Mom, be quiet. Let me work your green pen."

Maggie very clearly said "Maggie" the other day. Of course, it was completely unintentional, but it was Maggie nonetheless.
Maggie cut tooth #5 on Sunday.
She likes to pull out the outlet covers we've got. I call her a "Stinker" when she does. When Jack found that she'd pulled them out, he said; "Maggie, you stinker."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trying to be busy

Jack's learning nursery rhymes.....
"Rub-a-dub-dub, Three men in a tub. The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker"
....Short conversation regarding what each man does......
Regarding the Candlestick Maker: "Fire on purpose?"

At least two Sundays, he's sung a song about a tiny turtle named Tim who ate soap, etc. Tonight, I asked; "Do you sing that song at church?" "No." "Where do you sing it?" "At home." (Well, I guess I could have figured that much out, huh?)

On our evening walk Jeffry pointed out a bird and asked Jack what it was doing. Apparently, it was "Going to St. Paul Louis."

After putting him to bed one night, Jeffry went to check on him. He found Jack laying down on the floor rather than his mattress. Apparently, he wanted to "sleep like Hazel" (the dog we sometimes dog-sit).

"Mom, can I have some me'cine 'cause my feelings hurting?" Now that we have "dawa" for his ear infection, he just loves "me'cine".
At the Dr. getting said prescription; "She's a nice (or was it good?) Dr."

Since I needed to get an Rx for Jack, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone (as well as take on more than I could chew with how unwell I was feeling) and get groceries at the same time. I bought a huge bag of shredded cheese. Jack asked for some when we got home and I told him that it wasn't opened yet. He suggested; "Mom, would you try your mouf to open it?"

To Maggie; "Mag, I'm trying to be busy."

At least two times, when Jack has gotten rather quiet, and I have gone to investigate, I've found him in self-imposed "poop time". The most recent time, I asked if he wanted me to get him a book or some toys. His response; "No, I need some food to make me get a lot of deep brefs." I don't know why he was associating food with deep breaths, but we've been trying to curb some of his dramatic tears by encouraging him to take deep breaths.

I forgot I'd unbuckled Maggie while she was in her "high chair" and she took a face-plant. Ouch!

Maggie has finally cut her top two teeth. The other two won't be long in cutting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"What did you do today, Jack?", I asked shortly after arriving home from work.
He started to mime swinging a stick or bat and replied, "I based some balls outside! I based a lot of 'em!"

Monday, May 10, 2010


Leesha and Jack have a "tradition" of watching Arthur at 4.30 in the afternoon. Often, we'll wake Jack up to watch. Today, when we woke him up, it took a minute to register, but then; "Arfur's on! Yeah! Arfur!"

I just repaired the beanbags. As I was shaking off the bits of styrofoam, Jack says; "Dat looks like a vegetable."

This morning, when I took Jack's diaper off, I told him to go use the potty and let him know he didn't have to pull his pants up until he was done. He responded; "I'll pull my pants up out here so Leesha doesn't see my naked butt."

I just finished making the 'Comic Cubby' under the stairs. As I sat down at the computer, Jack pokes his head out and asks; "Was that you steppin' on dis?"
"Was I the one walking down the stairs?"
"Yeah, and I hear-ed dat noise."

On Sunday; "Happy Mudders Day!"

On Friday, Mom and I went out to get pedicures, and Jack hung out with Grandpa. Dad called to tell mom that one of the batteries for his otoscope was missing. Jack just informed Jeffry; "Grandma took one of Grandpa's otoscope batteries." "Where is it?" "P'obly in one of my toys."

He calls his new "Fraggle Rock" comic "Frik-a-rock".

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our trio

Jack singing; "March in the calorie, march in the calorie, march in the calorie." I'm assuming somewhere he's heard the "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvary, shoot the artillary, but I'm in the Lord's army" song and just got a wee bit confused.

Moments before that, he was explaining that he couldn't give Maggie small toys so she won't choke, he has to give her big toys.

"All the people fell. They don't have any drive. Are dey crying?" Regarding all the Little People who fell off the fire truck we picked up at a garage sale.
Also from the garage sale, a small Little Tykes car that he can use in the driveway. I asked him; "What do you think?" He responded; "I 'on't know. It doesn't have a windshield."

Jack had been crying because Leesha stopped by to pick something up, and wasn't staying. He rubbed his face on the back of my pants. I asked if he'd just wiped his nose on my pants. He said; "No, I need to wipe my cry off." Awww....

To Maggie recently; "Maggie you can't miss me. I'm here at you."

And now for a few things on Maggie:
When she's crawling around, she'll sometimes find a box of wipes and figure out how to open it. Once she's done that, then she seems to have the attitude; "I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"
She has a "tub ring" seat that I use when bathing her. As I'm washing her off, and soaping up under her arms, she thinks I'm going to pick her up and will try to keep my hands under her arms as though she's thinking; "Here, let me help you with that."
She had a fever the other day (according to mom's cheek) because she's working on all 4 top teeth. Poor little girl.
At a garage sale, I got her a toy that she can use to walk with. Both she and Jack were fascinated by it at first and would fight. (She's learned to scream in order to make her wished known.) Then, they both seemed to decide that the "Rescue Rider" Jack had originally was the better push toy, so fought over that one. Then they came to a compromise..... Jack will ride it and Maggie will hold on (for dear life sometimes) to the back and walk behind it. I was so proud of them.
It might be that she's mumbling "mamamamama" a little more intentionally now.

And now on to Leesha. She started feeling unwell on Sunday and when she stopped by the house this afternoon, it seems she might just be getting over it. She was home for 3 days from school. That had it's ups and downs.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potty talk

Last Wednesday, Jeffry bought a "Speed Racer" comic for Jack. They looked through it together and Jack determined that Speed is a boy and has the necessary anatomy to make him a boy. He also learned that Trixie is a girl.
On Friday, Eric was watching the kids while I worked. Jack was looking through his new comic. He then states; "Speed Racer does have a penis. Sexy does not have a penis." Needless to say, Eric was a bit surprised.

Upon our return from Bible Study on Tuesday; "I have a hurt."

Yesterday, he asked if he could play with the gnome while he was in our room. It took me a minute to realize that I have a gnome sitting on a vase of dried rosebuds. I allowed him to play with the gnome. Not too long after that, he said; "Be quiet to the Gnome 'til he's done reading." (Upon inspection, I was reminded that the gnome is reading a book.) Then he wanted to play with the pink dragon from my dresser.

Apparently the other day over at Mom and Dads, Jack got his pants a little bit wet when he went potty. He told dad; "I live with it."

Maggie is pushing any- and every-thing around. It's fun to see how she maneuvers herself out of situations. At times, I also wonder how all of the chairs at the table have gone askew and then she pokes her head out somewhere. Then I realize she's moved them all. The dining room table is one of her favorite places - she crawls over and under the rungs and table legs.
This morning, she was delighted to play with the plunger and toilet brush. (ick)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


The weather report the other day suggested we'd have thunderstorms at night. I told Jack that we might have "funder and lighting" tonight. He said he didn't like funder and Leesha doesn't eater (either).

While at Mom and Dads, Mom was reading him "Baby Farm Animals". She asked what a baby goat was called. "A goatlet!"

Materialism hits .... On the way to Target the other day; "Can I have another airplane that won't break?"

While at Target, he chose a new shovel. When we got home, he went out to the back yard and was playing while I unpacked. I found the shovel, and tossed it out in the yard. He turned, saw it and just grinned.

This morning, "Where'd my sunglasses go? (as he looks around for them) "They're up on my head! I left them up there!"

Regarding traffic; "Dere's a full lotta cars. We need to not let 'em bonk us."

Let's see what else we can get blogged before the students come in ......

Maggie is cruising. She will find whatever she can to push around so she's walking around. One favorite is the bin of plastic food and dishes that's in the kitchen. It almost looks like she's grocery shopping.
Maggie has also learned to clap. She's realized this gets attention from the rest of us. Very cute.
Yesterday, she ate peas and carrots that weren't mushed up. Funny how things she hasn't liked in the past are all of a sudden "good eatin'" when she gets to put it in her mouth herself.

Leesha cleaned her room last night when I told her I wouldn't sign the permission slip for the All School Party happening on Friday unless she cleaned her room. This was deemed (and I quote) "Unfair".

Yesterday, I slept in a bit, then took my time getting ready for a walk. The babies and I left the house at about 10:20. When we got back home, I worked in the yard. We now have day-lillies transplanted into the front yard along the street, and also along the south side of the garage (between the house and the garage). I uprooted a hosta and planted pieces around the garden in the back yard.

On Saturday, since Leesha was with Jeremy, and Jeffry was gaming, the babies and I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market with friends from Small Group. I bought some seedlings for the garden - salad, strawberry, broccoli, and I think I also got some zucchini and okra. I don't remember what the last one is. Guess we'll see when it grows something.

On Sunday, Jack had a fresh cold, so we opted out of church and instead went to Mills Fleet Farm where we bought stuff to hopefully keep the rabbits out of the garden, and possibly start composting. We'll see how all of that goes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday with Grace and Charlie

Jack: (singing) "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you. (now talking) That means ice cream and chocolate!"

Jack (to Grace) "Ouch. Kiss it."

Jack: 'Those are so sweet." "Jack in a box. That's me." "Aahhh! Dere was a jellyfish!"
Jack, on the "M" page of his book ... "Moon" (closes eyes and rests his head on the back of the chair.) "Milk." (pretends to take a drink.) "Motorcycle, vroom!"
Continuing through the book ... "Pie. (to Grace) Do you like pie?"
Grace: "Yeah."
Jack: "Does Charlie?"
Grace: "No."
(a few more pages)
J: "Shark. Sharks bite. Do you like sharks?"
G: "No."
J: "Do you like dolphins?"
G: "Yeah."
J: "Do you like fish?"
no response
J: "Starfish. (fake guffaw)

The other day, Leesha and Brittany were doing "secret handshakes" and showing Jack. They ended with "gross! Woop woop!" and a jump. Jack just tried to do that with Grace.

Grace: "Don't run."

The other day, when Jeffry emptied Jack's potty; "Fanks dad!"

Jack: "That airplane had a ask-i-dent."

Jack: "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. And everywhere the lamby went, the lamb was sure to go." (How true!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring discoveries

As of last Wednesday, the plastic dishes and food have been in the kitchen rather than in the basement.
"Hey Mom, Maggie's cookin' up a stor'." (When Maggie is playing with the food and dishes, I'll say she's cooking up a storm.)

About her breakfast this morning, I'm guessing Maggie was thinking; "Hmmm, pears and bananas taste much better with green beans." (Or maybe it was the other way around. : >))

On the way home from Mom and Dad's....
Mom: Jack, what did you do today at Grandma and Grandpa's? (no response) Did you go to the pond two times?
Jack: Yeah
M: What did you see?
J: Ducks and geese. A mommy goose sitting on eggs waiting them to hatch.
M: What will there be when the eggs hatch?
J: (with a little enthusiasm) Baby geese!
M: Do you know what a baby goose is called?
J: Yeah.
M: What?
J: A duck.
M: A baby goose is called a gosling.

Later, in his daily check-in with our neighbor Perry, I asked him what he saw and what would happen when the eggs hatched and this time he said; goslings.

Later ...
Mom: Jack, what did you eat at Grandma and Grandpa's?
Jack: Rice.
M: You had some rice?
J: Yeah. And I fink she gave me some coconut or somefing.

Just moments after that, he took a tumble on his bike, so I asked if he was okay. He said that he was, then came over to me saying; "No, I'm not okay. I need a kiss. On my han'. (kiss) An' my other han'."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another day with Grace and Charlie

Trying to catch some snippets of interactions between the kids when Grace and Charlie come over.

J: Do you want this umbrella?
G: Yes.
J: Is it raining outside?
G: No, it's .... it's ... dark 'side.
J: No it's not. It's lighter.

J: I got a booger.
G: Can I have it?
J: No!

Jack was listing the things on the B page of one his alphabet books. "... Banjo..." Somehow, he then thinks Grace is calling it a guitar. "No, 'snot a guitar. It's a banjo. (pause) Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me."

Later, with his "Goodnight Forest Moon"......
"Once upon a time, there was a big guy an' a little guy an' a kangaroo and two monkeys. Once upon a time ...."

J: "Ah! What's this?" as they're playing with the plastic food and toy dishes.
G/C: "F**k." (and although it was a fork, "o and r" were not the letters I heard in the middle. Oops!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Conversation about a phone

Conversation with Leesha:

L: So Mom, are you and Dad going to buy my phone? Konsola wants me to get it this weekend.
M: No, both Dad and I understood that if you were good for a week, that you'd have the privalege of having a phone, but you would have to buy it.
L: But Mom, it's only on sale this week. And it's only $100.
M: If it's only $100, then you buy it.
L: But I don't have the money.
M: Neither do we.
L: If I had a job, I could earn $100 just like that.
M: Okay, so if you made $4 an hour, how long would it take you to make $100?
L: (gets the calculator out and calculates) 25 days.
(then relays the conversation to her friend on the phone and re-calculates ....
It would take me 25 hours a day for 4 days to earn $100.

(Mom exits kitchen hiding a very broad smile and chuckling under her breath.)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Jack Horner

Jack: What's that?
Mom: A plum.
Jack: Can I put my fum in it?

Friday, April 16, 2010


With the nice weather, Jack is thoroughly enjoying time in our backyard. He loves talking to the neighbors, and I think they like it - at least for a little while. Unfortunately, Jack calls her "Antsy" instead of "Nancy".

Just moments ago when he was watching me hang stuff on the line, he mentioned the girl (the neighbors granddaughter) who he'd been talking to recently. I think he said; "She was so proud of me."

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not much huge news to share ....

Maggie was so upset last night, she accepted milk from a sippy cup! Jack loved his sippy cup and had no issues with it when I got it for him at about 4 mos. Maggie had this attitude of; "Gee, this is great to chew on." So, it was a milestone that she actually drank from it.
She is officially 'cruising' now.

Jack has said "Nufing" a lot - especially when asked what he did to Maggie.
While bouncing around on the living room furniture, he bonked his nose, then asked for a kiss. Since I was in the middle of feeding Maggie, I tried telling him to kiss it. He said; "I can't. I don't have up lips." Then something about me having nice lips, I think.
Not long before, we were talking and I mentioned something being dangerous. Then he went on a tangent about staying away from black leaves because they're dangerous.

Today, I managed to get the floors clean and laundry done (wanted to get both those done last night, but go to talking to Leesha instead) and we went over to a local mall where there is a kids play area to meet a friend and her kids. Nice to have some time with another grown up, even if Jack had two accidents and ended up leaving the mall with only a diaper on (given to us by Jeanelle). Back at home, the babies and I took a nap. When I woke up (almost 2 hours later), Leesha was setting the table and had washed the pile of dishes which included some from last night that I (unbelievably) left unwashed. Now, my energy is gone. But that nap felt great!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feelings and the backyard

One morning, Jack didn't want to leave his lovey on his bed where I usually ask him to leave it. In explaining that I didn't want to have him wandering around with all day, I said; "We don't run around with our lovies all day." His response; "I not running roun'. I keep my body calm." Well, in that case ....
We had thunder and lightning this morning. As I put Jack in his carseat, he asked; "Is it funder and lighting?"

On Sunday, we went to the early service, then came home to hang out and eat lunch before going over to Half Price Books. Of course, Jack wanted to play outside while we were home. Leesha decided to play outside too. They made a fort of sorts under one of our evergreens. At one point, I went outside to check on them, and here was Jack with one end of a closet door we've had outside waiting to burn, while Leesha had the other end. How cute!

Now that he's able to spend so much time outside, he likes to pee in the yard too. At least a couple of times, I've looked out to find him pulling up his pants. Hope the neighbors don't mind.

A newer phrase; "Aw man!"

The other day; "My feeling hurts."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just some snippets from our trip to St. Louis and back home again

In an effort to get Jack to stop playing with his trucks and go to bed, I told him the toys needed to rest, because they were tired. His rebuttal; "But they don't have so many eyes." (In other words, how are they going to sleep without eyes?')

On Tuesday of our visit, we went to Faust park where Jack played and played on the playground equipment. Maggie soaked in everything and enjoyed some time in the swing with lots of giggles. Leesha enjoyed herself by playing with the little ones.
Jack found a big boy playing with a handheld video game under a slide and hung out watching him for a few minutes, mimicking the older boy by pushing his finger or sticks through the holes in the playground floor. Later, a girl named Cecelia decided to play with him. In talking to her dad, we discovered that she and Jack share a birthday, but she was 2 years older.
Back at Grandma and Grandpa's, we had one very tired little guy on our hands. I told him I'd read "The Little Engine That Could" to him before rest time. His response; "I don' wan' to read "Little Engine That Could". I wanna stay 'wake."

During "Poop Time", Grandpa Steve was reading him his new books. After Grandpa explained that caring was sharing time with someone, Jack said something like; "But we have pumkins." (huh?)
Once he was done with "poop time", Grandpa asked if he could wipe him, Grandpa will have to help with the details, but I believe Jack said; "Yes, but only if you use this toilet paper." And then, "Don't make fun of my butt."

On our way home, I overheard a new version of an old classic;
"Father Abraham an' so are you. So let's just praise the Lord. Right arm, left arm..."
Jack also said; "Mom's a naughty woman and you're a naughty boy 'cause you ate all the donuts."
And later; "Dad, can we listen to "We will, we will, we will, we will rock you"?"

Jack didn't want to nap. I told him he needed to give me his lovey if he didn't want to nap. He went and found it and brought it to me. He'd been crying about having to nap and decided he needed just a bit more love from his lovey, so he wiped his face with it. After that, he announced; "I made myself glad!"

At dinner since we've been home, he mentioned that his thumb was stinging. Where did he learn what "stings" means?

I put Jack's sipy cup of milk on the top stair and pointed out that it was there. He said; "I'm coming." as he went and picked it up. When he had it and was heading back downstairs, he said; "Now I'm going."

Another new quotable; "Huh?"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just for Willis South

Leesha just told Maggie that we're going "bye bye" on Saturday, then when Jack asked about it, she said we were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa.
His response; "Grandpa Steve an' Gramma Holly and Gramma Mary? That be great! I have fun at that!"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First in a while

It is a fine Spring day up here in "t' nort'" (the later said with a Scandanavian accent)

Now, a little back story ....

A while ago, one of Jeffry's co-workers gave him some trucks for Jack. The trucks were rolling around in the back of the CRV until last night when Jeffry put them in the strip of yard between the garage and house. Leaving for our family walk after dinner, Jack saw them and was successfully steered towards the walk. When we got back home, it was almost bedtime and too dark to play, so Jack "parked" all the trucks very nicely on the sidewalk between the house and garage. He said something cute about this, but Jeffry will have to record that because I wasn't there.

Now for this morning ...

I waited (and waited, it seemed) for Jack to wake up this morning before exercising to and from the grocery store for a few things.

Upon our return, Jack noted the trucks and wanted to play with them. I told him he needed to finish his lima beans before he could play outside. So, he worked on the limas and even ate some cereal then jumped up asking; "Now can I go outside and play?!" with all the joy and enthusiasm you can imagine.

So, after months indoors, our little guy finally gets to play outside again today!

He came inside the house periodically. At one point, he came in and said; "Let's pray about the boxelders." then places his hands together.

Oh the tears when I had him come in!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Moon Makes Everyone Feel Better

We took a walk after dinner tonight. Jack fell down for some reason and hurt his lip. There was blood and crying, but it wasn't bad at all. To distract him Cara said, "Jack! Look at the moon!", which worked.  He was up on my shoulders and forgot about the injury a few minutes later. Then he says...

"The moon feels me better".

Friday, March 19, 2010

the kiddos

On Tuesday, I took the kids to Small Group. Jack pulled out the pair of 3D glasses that he's had in the car. He called them "Nerf glasses" instead of "Nerd glasses."

On Saturday, after we left "Uncle Eric's" birthday party, we stopped at Mom and Dad's to get a blender and a cake. Jack was talking about the birthday party and said; "Hafty Burfday'. Now, we'll see if we actually sing "Hafty Burfday" when it's people's half birthdays.

Maggie scared Mom and Dad by almost choking. Once she settled down and went to sleep, Jack took a tumble on their stairs. Then later, back at home, Jack was spinning and fell, giving himself another fat lip. Can't wait to see what he looks like this morning.

On the way to Mom and Dad's yesterday, Jack was singing in the van; "Pajamas. Pajamas. Pajamas."

He's also really taken with the word "Why?" We'll tell him something, and his pretty immediate response is; "Why?" even if "why" doesn't apply to what was said. For example; "Jack, here's a spoon of peanut butter." "Why." (It confounds me almost daily.) And since I mentioned peanut butter, he had a spoon of it yesterday, but mistakenly called it a "'Poon of speanut butter."

Out of the blue, Jack states; "Grandma has a bum knee." Since I didn't respond immediately, he tried again; "Mom, Grandma has a bum knee." This apparently after he wanted Grandma to sit on the bathroom floor and read to him. She told him she didn't want to get down on the floor because of her "bum knee".

Maggie likes to pull her hair when she's tired. Her bald spot on the back of her head is no longer bald, but I'm wondering if I should worry about the sides of her head now .....
She's gotten very good at pulling herself into a standing position. Funny how that's such a compulsion for babies. The other day, she pulled herself up on the Little People Farm, then went head-first over it. She'll get up on all fours, but I've yet to see her actually crawl on all fours.
Since she's a thumb sucker, we're trying to cover her hands at night to discourage the thumb sucking (even though it's so cute). A few nights, I was too tired to deal with her fussing, and let her have her thumb. I wish she were attached to the lovie with the thumb sucking since Leesha stopped sucking her thumb when she "lost" her blanket.

Maggie has a very uncanny ability to know exactly when we're dropping off to sleep and starts to fuss at night. She also loves to play with jack's potty and is hell-bent on getting the toilet brush.

Wednesday night, she thought it was "wakers" time at 11:30 pm. I sat up with her for 40 minutes or so, then tried putting her back to bed. No go. So (very frustated by this point) I tuned on the bright light, and sat her on the kitchen floor for a bowl of cereal. She blinked at the light and grinned at me which sent a shot of guilt right through me.

Leesha has signed up for Track. Strange since she hates running, but I guess when peers become so important, you'll do strange things. Glad that it's something appropriate and active at this point.

Today, she brought home a "B Honor Roll" certificate. I told her to put it on the fridge but noted it had not replaced the "A Honor Roll" certificate from 1st trimester.

On Friday, she came home crying because she'd had her first fight with a friend in a long time. Glad I only vaguely remember those days.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The humor of our lives

Jack came up to me; "Mom, there's something in my nose."
"What's in your nose?" as I try to take a look.
"No, I need to sneak it out." and off he runs.

Earlier, I'd given him a banana. He likes to peel them himself, so I just cut the ends off and gave him the banana. He peeled it and started to eat it. Next thing I know, he's slipped. I didn't see it myself, part of the banana peel was still on the floor. Did he slip on it?

At the mall, I told him to eat his orange. His response; "No, I just singing a little bit right now." (or something very similar to that).

Instructed; "Don't move." during time out, Jack soon states; "Dad, I just move my feet so Leesha can get out."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd post for the day - amazing!

Frustrated at not losing weight very fast, and deciding to challenge myself, I declared that our house would go meatless for March. I'm also trying to do less baked/mostly flour desserts. I served Jell-o for tonight. Jack called it "bill-a-bo" instead.

Walking around Menards; "What a wonderful place!"

Leesha has a friend whose name sounds like "Mew-tee-ah" Jack insists her name is tortilla.

I had Jack clean up in the basement, and when he was done, he and Jeffry brought up some of his night time diapers. There is a number 6 on the back (indicating his size). Jeffry has sowed him in the past that if they are upside down, it makes a 9. So, as Jack was helping me stack them to put in the drawer, he states; "If it dos (do with an 's' on the end) like this, it turns number 4!"

After brushing his teeth; "You know why I like him?" "Why." "That's why 'cause he's great!" I can only assume he was referring to "Li'l Fella" whom Jeffry has posted about previously.

Maggie cut her second tooth on Tuesday, when she turned 8 months. On Monday and Tuesday, she was crawling around saying; "Mamamamama."

2009 Newsletter,,

Check out our online photos at:
and blog at:

This isn't fancy, but it's done, and before the first day of Spring too.

Leesha and Jeffry took the "illness" baton from Jack and started the New Year under the weather.
After announcing our Final Addition/Edition, we learned friends were expecting about a month ahead, and another, a month after us.
Both our furnace and water heater decided to take a short break, but got up and running again.
Leesha and Cara went and saw "The Tale Of Desperaux".
Cara finally pulled out her maternity clothes with a sigh of relief, and later got a haircut.
Leesha was allowed to use the microphone at the Dr.'s office to hear "Toto's" heartbeat before celebrating her birthday at Culver's, attended the Young Author's Conference held at Bethel University, and helped with a "Culture Fair" at school.

Throwing a bit of a tantrum while taking care of her trash chore, Leesha broke the window in our door. Cara burst out laughing. Friends installed the new door the next day. (Thanks Ben, Eric and Jon)
"Raising Sand" CD entered our home on Valentine's Day.
Jack grew a snaggle tooth, and learned how to climb out of his crib.
Ultrasound suggested "Toto" might well be a girl; Grandmothers were thrilled.
Cara got the first ear infection she remembers having.

Jack pooped on the potty!
Our nephew Smith was born!
Cara and Leesha participated in a Global Banquet at NHCA. (If you haven't done one of these, it's a great experience.)
Dog-sat Hazel.

Got a dining room table and chairs off of Craigslist.
Had a visit from Greg and Mandy during which the hole in our wall started to be repaired.
Jeffry and Cara had a date!
Got together with some moms from church at our neighborhood park.
Cara got a pedicure, and later got the basement organized to her liking.
Friends of Leesha's from our old neighborhood came to our house for an overnight.
Project day at the house where we had help with some of our "fixit" projects.

Leesha was recognized for playing volleyball at the NHCA Sports Awards ceremony, and had various roles in "Esther-ordinary Faith".
Jeffry had an accident at work, and thus some unplanned time off; he used some of that time to clean out our gutters.
Lost finale with friends.
Helped other friends with refurbishing their "new" old house.
Celebrated Memorial Day with family and friends.
Jack tumbled down the stairs.

Lots of cleaning and nesting.
Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. For our anniversary, we actually had a sitter and were able to go to dinner and a movie. (Thanks Jeanelle)
Visit from the Macky's and ensuing outings which Cara opted out of for fear of labor.
Cara attempted painting our plastic bathroom tiles. The paint didn't take.
Ultrasound confirms a girl with Grandma and Auntie Caryn there for the showing.
Friends welcome a baby girl.
Cara mourned for friends who lost their 8 month old daughter.
We all mourned the loss of Great Grandpa Smith.

Jack gave up on chatting under the door, and learned how to put himself to bed.
Got an apartment ready for Craig and family during their furlough.
The 9th, one week after the due date, we were at the hospital by 8am, measuring 6cm without much discomfort at all. We got the kids sent off with grandparents, took a walk, and then Cara's water was broken at 10:05am. 1 hour, 42 minutes and 2 pushes later, Margaret Mae Willis arrived squalling unlike our placid Jack. She was 8lbs. 2oz. and 20.1 inches.
Cara survived the two nights in the hospital despite really missing the rest of the family.
Tracy, Nathaniel and Aaron arrived from Kenya on the 9th as well, Craig followed later.
Trip with Nathaniel and Aaron to Como Zoo.
Sorley family reunion at Grandpa Sorley's old cabin during which Jack fell in the lake and Cara celebrated her birthday with everyone for the first time in a long while.
Anderson family reunion here in the cities - only 2 cousins were missing from the gathering.
Friends baby arrived on Jack's 2nd birthday.

Maggie got water up her nose during a bath.
Cara survived a trip to the dentist with all three kids.
Dogsat Hazel.
Jeffry and Cara repaired the garage door.
We made the difficult decision to move Leesha to the local schools and eliminate the 2 hours of daily commuting to NHCA. We went bowling with her friends from NHCA so she could say goodbye.
Leesha got to go to the State Fair and was also at a Wells Fargo branch with her dad during a robbery.

Celebrated Jeffry's birthday at Dino's.
Visit from Great Grandma Smith and Grandma and Grandpa Willis.
Leesha started school at Skyview, and went to an NHCA volleyball game.
Cara made the unintelligent decision to take both babies to the Dr. for shots on the same day.
After what seemed an eternity, Cara went back to work.
Visit from Marji, Ron and Nancy Sorley.
Dogsat Hazel.

Leesha had a sick day, her first school party and got great comments from her teachers during conferences.
Maggie started going to the church nursery.
High Tea for Grandpa David before he took off for India again.
Went to "Where the Wild Things Are".
Trick-or-Treating with Craig and Family. This years costume: a hand-me-down from Leesha - Jack o'lantern.

Cara undertook the overwhelming task of cleaning Leesha's room.
We babysat for most members of our Small Group so they could go out on dates.
Had neighbors over for dessert.
Maggie learned to roll over.
Leesha went to "New Moon" with friends from Church.
Celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Maggie started "solids".
Jack got sick.
Leesha visited NHCA.
We went and visited friends in Altoona, WI, and then Jeffry and Jack took a day trip down to Farmington to hang out with friends.
Purchased new tires for our CRV.
We got a van! Finally settling on a meticulously maintained Honda Odyssey with 160K in miles.
Hosted the Anderson family Christmas dessert.
Due to sick babies and adverse weather, a very low key Christmas day at home.

There it is; our year in a nutshell.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The kids

Did I mention Maggie cut a tooth on Feb. 20th? I think we could easily call her "Elasti-gums" for it seemed an eternity before it cut, and the second hasn't cut yet - well, not as of yesterday anyhow. Fortunately, she isn't too upset by the teething process.
She is also eating cereal - real, adult cereal. It's so cute to watch her chase them around her tray then finally get one into her mouth where she "chews" it up.
She is also pulling herself up on things.

Jack has developed a bit of a mean streak with her, and not all intentional. If she's on the floor where he wants to drive his little truck, she gets run over. If she is sitting, and he thinks she wants to crawl, he'll push her over. He tries to pick her up. And, the usual; "It's MY toy!" attitude about any and all toys in the house.
He still has some loving moments too, which melt our hearts.

The other day, he came to me saying; "Mom, here's a corduroy. A money. A penny for my piggy bank. Can I have my ark?" Grandma Holly's work gave him an engraved Ark bank which has some money in it. I think he must have thought he found a quarter and decided it was called a corduroy.

This morning, I was informed that; "Jesus rose from the dad." And later; " I don' wan' (or was it like) you to go." referring to my heading to work. Awwww...... I finally get a comment like that because usually in the morning he'll ask me where Daddy is. When I tell him that Dad's at work, he vehemently denies it. He does accept that Leesha is at school though.

Apparently, he's learned the association of yawning and being tired, because he informed Jeffry the other night, "Dad, I'm almost tired. I just yawned."

One morning when Jeffry was making coffee, he asked Jack if he liked coffee. Jack's response: "No. I like milk and orange juice."
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