Thursday, April 30, 2009


Jack pooped on the potty today! He's not telling me that he needs to go on his own yet, but he's willing enough to try when I stick him on it. He doesn't even care about the treat half the time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On our way home today, Jack said to Keane; "High five." and they reached out and touched hands.

When we were back in the house, he said; "C'mon, let's go play."

The other day, I moved some recently assembled shelves in our basement. Jack was having a lot of fun climbing around on the bottom of them when he managed to get his leg between the shelf and the wardrobe, then swing his leg around so it was under the wardrobe. He simply said something along the lines of; "Mommy, 'tuck. He'p p'ease." No screaming, crying or anything. I don't think he was hurting at all and it wasn't difficult to get him out, but he was just so cool about it.

Not long before, Jeffry and I had been assembling the shelves and in a moment of frustration, Jeffry said a word he shouldn't have said around our little parrot. Jack picked up on it and repeated it several times. I laughed but not out loud. Jeffry on the other hand laughed out loud. Fortunately, Jack has not repeated it since - that I know of.

We're on the countdown to the musical at school. Longer, later, further rehearsals - ick!

Leesha said her speach; "The Doctor" on Monday and received an excellent and two superior ratings.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Excuse Me

This just in...

We're getting reports that Jack just burped. He then said, "Excuse me".

We're continuing to cover the situation and we'll bring you the latest news on this event. Please stay tuned...

Monday, April 20, 2009


This afternoon, Leesha presented the idea of going to the neighborhood public school by her dad's house - to make it easier for him because she could walk or bus to school. Then I could go pick her up at his house (and probably drop her off there in the morning as well).
So, his commute to/from school is obliterated for the 1 round trip every other week and mine is doubled for the 9 remaining days in that time period. Logic - gotta love it.

Also, she packed herself Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and a frosted Pop Tart for lunch today. Great nutrition for a growing girl and standardized testing week.

Nothing much

It was a busy weekend, and my computer only likes to stay online for so long now, so there haven't been any posts for a while.
A few highlights:
Last week, we had Keane over on Wednesday. The boys had a lot of fun with our "play yard" (6 plastic gates hinged together to create a "safe space") inside the house. I'd put it up to protect the "mudding" where we're repairing a wall. I was intending it to keep them from stealing one anothers toys, but it then became the toy to scream over.
On Thursday, Jack and I spent time with friends from Small Group down at the park by our house. Jeanelle brought Josiah and the 4 of us walked to the park. Jack was actually very considerate of Josiah (our Godson, who turns 1 in June). It was nice to see him not being a bully for once. Emily, Tim and Susanna met us at the park where the kids explored and played. Jack ventured up to the parking lot and I had to run get him. After that little jog, I am even more amazed about the woman who apparently ran a marathon shortly before giving birth. Of course, I could see a marathon perhaps inducing labor. Let's hope I don't have to try that trick!
On Friday, Jack was with Grandpa David and Grandma "Darling". They walked outside, then returned home where Jack fell asleep on the carpet. He had a fever that day but was a trooper while I ran errands to Target for diapers, etc. and then to Menards for supplies for our project day on the 25th. "Trooper-ness" ended when we got home and he had a meltdown over dinner, but did eat all his "beggies" (veggies).
He had his moments over the weekend where he was his usual happy self, and then crabby boy. We're not sure if it's teething and allergies, a cold, or what.
Today, (Monday) he's playing with Keane and "Uncle"Eric. I'm sure he'll have a lot of fun, then be exhausted tonight. Hopefully he'll nap well and then go to bed early since we have a busy week.

Leesha is thrilled about the warmer weather and wanted to get some new clothes. We went to a couple of stores on Thursday, but didn't find anything. I had her try on some shorts in the Juniors department - they were too small! Am I ready for this? I was able to get her some larger sizes on Friday and drop them off with her since she spent the weekend with her dad. She has such great coloring, that it was a lot of fun to pick out those bright colors (lime, orange, turquoise, yellow) for her. When we saw her at church yesterday, she was even wearing one of the shirts I picked out! I was flattered, because she sometimes hasn't wanted to wear things I've picked out for her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love you

Keane came over to play yesterday. When we were on our way to drop him off, Jack said; "I love you." I replied; "I love you too, Jack." Then he said; "Keane, I love you, Keane."

Monday, April 13, 2009

A moment ago, Jack was mumbling something and like I usually do when I'm not entirely sure of what he's saying, I said things like; "Oh! Do you think so?" and "Really?" Well, I figured out what he was saying ... "Bi' ai'p'ane, li'l ai'p'ane." He has the regular sized Little People airplane and the miniature one from McDonalds. He was telling me he had a big airplane and a little airplane. Guess I never really thought he understood the big and little concept.

After that, I had to show him that he had a big yellow school bus and a little yellow school bus as well as a big car and little car.

He's having a lot of fun pushing his cars around now. A newer fascination. This was evident on Saturday when I got a bee in my bonnet to clean the garage (it looks great!) and Leesha pulled out his Tonka truck (remember the one from his baby pictures where he was sitting in it?). He had so much fun playing out in the yard with his truck, all our balls and his recently filled sand turtle. He was sorely disappointed when I had him park his truck in the garage before lunch.

I've been thankful for some time to work on a quilt should we have a girl baby M. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out before I work on the boy quilt and lovies. Okay, so there's a tad of shopping I get to do before I work on the boy stuff too. I'm also looking forward to that.

Jeffry was scheduled to do lights at church this weekend, but got out of it, so we were able to enjoy a real date - dinner out, a drive and short walk. Well, for Jeffry it was a walk. For me it can only be considered a waddle now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Animal crackers and fish

One of Jack's new things is "wa'king". He likes to walk to the car or door all on his own. When he did this yesterday, he took a bit of a detour. When I caught him, he said; "'tinker" (stinker)

He also likes to ask for "he'p p'ease" and for us to "fis it" (fix it).

This morning, Jeffry was home, so he watched Jack while I went to see the midwife. As I was leaving, I said; "I love you Jack." He replied; "I love you too Mommy." Awwww.

With his potty training, he's been getting m&m's when he uses the potty. Unfortunately, in his great 19month old wisdom, he savors them, therefore leaving chocolate and candy-coating smudges on clothes, hands, etc. When I stopped at Trader Joe's to get Jeffry's rice milk, I bought some animal crackers to use as treats instead. He calls them; "Am-i-li-mal (animal) c'ackers".

The boys played outside while I was gone. Jeffry was burning our "sensitive materials" (receipts with our card numbers on them, etc.) Jack was picking up pinecones and running around in his (formerly) white socks. I'm sure it was great boy fun. Too bad that at some point during all the outside fun Jack relieved himself of part of the plethora of grapes he ate while we were at the grocery store yesterday and got himself a good diaper rash. Poor little guy - I could tell he really hurt when I gave him the second bath of the day figuring that would be less painful than the wipes.

Leesha spent the night with Grandma Darlene and Grandpa David. They went to lunch with an old family friend. Now they're on their way to bring her home and supposedly bringing a new member of Leesha's fish family. Hopefully this will revive the interest in the fish tank enough to make sure mom's not asking when she last changed their water. Although, the fish have surprisingly survived almost a year.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a few things I've managed to take notes on ...

"Ova de-a" (over there)

We went to church on Saturday night as did someone with an assistance dog. Jeffry took Jack over to see it. It must have been on Monday that Jack was talking about church and I asked if he saw a black puppy at church on Saturday. He responded with at least; "black puppy chu'ch Sa-da-dayday."

The other night at dinner, Toto kicked me and I exclaimed; "Ouch!" Jack replied; "Wha' happen?"

This morning, on the way home from taking Leesha to school, he was praying all on his own. It took me a while to catch on, but I think I heard something about trucks, etc.

Approaching home on our walk this morning, we saw the little Daschhound (spell check says that's not spelled correctly, but is not offering any assistance on fixing it) who I think is named Lucy. Jack said; "Have a good day Lucy."

Friday, April 3, 2009


Okay, I should really be attending to the vile smelling diaper, but I wanted to get some of these things down before I forget ...
"Missed it" I assume this is from me saying, "I missed it" when he talks about various vehicles on the roads.
"Chloe share toy"
"nigh nigh seepers" (how we say "night, night sleepers" for time to go to sleep)
"da'bage twuchk, twash" (Garbage truck, trash)
"Lola blue Jeep, not green Jeep"
"Daddy g'een Jeep"
"banana mouse"
"banana stuck"
G'night Zoo-bee-keeper"
"My lap" (I want to sit in your lap)
"Oh sat" (no, we don't say Oh S... around the house)
"were?" (where)
"Good boy. Listener."
"Oh no. Big mess. Naughty boy."
"Mama Hana (Honda). Jack Hana."

Jack has also started parroting much of what we say, which is mildly amusing and will likely someday be irritating.

I think he's tired of being at home since he hasn't been at Grandma and Grandpa's for the day for almost 2 weeks. He's started getting into things a lot more and isn't really listening to us saying; "No." Unfortunately, today that meant several tumbles and tears that otherwise could have been avoided.

Jeffry will take him out to check the mail. When they get to the bottom of the driveway, Jeffry will say something like; "Look left. Look right. No cars. We can cross." Jack will repeat parts of that throughout the day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Jack finally has names for half of the women in Small Group. "Lala" We have a Laura Beth, Laura and Lara. So, Lala suits all three just fine.
This morning, he saw me using my calculator and wanted it. Since I'd finally found some in the $ section at Target, I had gotten him one a while back. It was still un-chewed and slobbered upon, so I gave it to him today. He called Lala.
Last night as Lara was leaving, Jack went outside with Jeffry and realized that Lara drives a Jeep too. Very exciting to him.
When climbing up on any furniture, Jack's phrase is; "Ca'foo faa" (Careful, don't fall).
I'm checking out for the night.
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