Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's Christmas Morning, let's see what tidbits I can get in on this most wonderful of days.

We slept past 8:30.  A great start to the day.

Maggie came and snuggled with Jeffry and I after Jack shouted at her.  Snuggle may be too strong a word.  Maggie is not really a snuggler.  She's a chipper morning chatterer.  In reality then, Maggie came into our bed and talked to us.  It was fun though, because she is in a good mood in the morning.
Jack, on the other hand ......

After getting the kids cleaned up and dressed, and tending to the beds, Auntie Caryn called!  I got to talk a long time while the others in the house were able to wish her a Merry Christmas.  To keep the kids from interrupting my conversation, Jeffry showed them "The Little Drummer Boy".  After getting off the phone and putting the turkey in the oven, I started working on waffles and dishes.  (Yes, simultaneously, are you surprised?)

Maggie came up once the show was over and informed me; "The lamb died." (with a dramatically sad face).  Moments later, I believe she said; "The lamb's okay!" (cue dramatically happy face)

At breakfast, Jeffry and I were discussing Santa.  Maggie states; (cue sad face) "Santa died.  He got stuck in the chim-min-nee."  Backtracking ...... On Thursday, there was a party at my work for the students.  I don't normally work on Thursdays, but I was responsible for the food so I went in.  My boss understands that I don't usually have childcare on Thursdays and since I wasn't actually instructing ... Jack and Maggie got to come to the party too.  One of my co-workers gets really festive at the parties, so he had a hat on that looked like a chimney with boot-shod feet sticking out of the top.  If he presses a button, the legs wiggle and "Santa" says something about being stuck.  Maggie and Jack were of course terribly amused by the hat, and Maggie just put two and two together when Jeffry and I were discussing Santa over our waffles.

Moments later, Jeffry took some of Maggie's applesauce (cue genuine sad face accompanied by tears).  We laughed, which in retrospect wasn't very kind.  Poor little girl.

11:48 am, I suppose I ought to get to the dishes and dinner preparation ... back for more in a bit.

I put tights on Maggie, then decided that since she was close enough, I'd try to clean her ears.  One down, and as I attempted to get at the other one, she tells me; "You break me!"  (Huh?)
Then I put slippers on her feet and she informs me; "I go in space!"  (I'm wondering if Dad has said something about the slippers looking like moon boots?)

Later, Maggie mentions space for the second time.  When questioned, she suggests it's in the living room.  Upon further investigation, she says; "a Jesus house."  Yes, Maggie, space is in Jesus' house.

Leesha came home from being with her dad in order to join us for our meal and gift opening.  It was nice to have her home.  She was quite pleasant.

Our gift opening was nice.  All three kids got home-made placemats.  Jack and Maggie got capes that I made, as well as a Cars car from Leesha.  Jack's other gifts were a new GI Joe guy with vehicle, a Smurf figure and the green pig from Angry Birds (from Great Grandma Smith).  Maggie got a Tinkerbell doll and 3 Smurf figures (from Great Grandma Smith).  Leesha's gifts were money (thanks Great Grandma), a rag quilt and digital camera.
Leesha gave Jeffry and I certificates for time with her.  We'll have to cash in on those.

It's bedtime now, so I'm going to wrap it up.

More humor for the day:  I've suggested that Jeffry try some non-anti-perspirant deodorant that I got at Trader Joe's.  He used my "powder scented" deodorant instead.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 for Christmas

25 days until it is Christmas.

I've finally getten to the point where I want to make crafts with the little ones, and build some memories.

I know it's ambitious to think we can handle a project a day until Christmas arrives, but here's what I have in mind so far (in no particular order) ...

1. Pom Pom Peef 
My kids absolutely love Peef the Christmas Bear (and subsequent books) by Tom Hegg.  They're with our stack of Christmas books, and are a re-re-read annually.  It's difficult for me to believe that nobody has thought of this yet, but a couple of Google searches didn't bring up anything like what I've in mind (although you might be surprised at what it does bring up.)  I'm thinking multi-colored pompoms glued together in the shape of a bear.  How simple is that?

2. Hand Reindeer Ornament
I'm stealing this one from my friend Sarah, and her blog: http://keepacookie.blogspot.com/.  Here's her link for the craft: http://kidsstuffworld.com/2010/12/handprint-reindeer-ornaments/  And, to give credit where it is due, this whole idea is a knock-off of hers.  Thanks Sarah.

3. Picture Frame
I love the Dollar Tree, and they're sure to have a wooden frame we can paint and decorate for a framed memory.

4. Felt Snowman
Why not create a snowman out of felt, with accessories out of felt that they can decorate and re-decorate? For that matter, why not a reindeer, gingerbread person, etc.

5. Paper Plate Wreath
My house will be decorated after all.

6. Felt Christmas Tree
Again from my friend Sarah.  Here's the link: http://emptybobbinsewing.com/2010/12/12/o-christmas-tree-o-felt-christmas-tree/  Our house is not big enough to accommodate an actual tree (that's just one of our excuses for not having one), yet the kids would really like to do one.  They can help with most aspects of this one.

7. Paper Snowflakes
Remember these?

8. Bell Wreath 
I've no doubt will become a bracelet, anklet, or tambourine, and eventually, annoying.

9. Sculpey something or another
Love Sculpey

10. Popsicle Stick Reindeer
And more reindeer: http://www.christmasdecorationcrafts.com/Reindeer_Ornaments.html

11. Candy Cane and Felt Mouse

12. TriBead Ornaments

13. Salt Dough Ornaments
Why am I coming up with all these ornament ideas when we have no tree?

14. Pipe Cleaner Tree
That'll fix par of the problem mentioned above.  Here's an idea of what I think my kids can handle making, but there are some really pretty trees out there that they could hang ornaments on. http://kidoozy.com/blog/?p=2983

15. Stocking
I'm sure these are available at the Dollar Tree too.  I'd even go so far as to make one out of felt or foam that doesn't even open since we don't do stockings around here.  For that matter, we could do a big open-able one the first day, and each subsequent day could have the craft supplies for the days project inside.

16. Glue and Shaving Cream Snowmen (why stop there? Tree, Wreath, Reindeer, the list goes on!) http://www.oopseydaisyblog.com/2010/12/book-advent-day-9-snowmen-at-christmas.html

16. Donut Hole Snowman
If you haven't already, see above link, and scroll down.

17. Christmas Hat
Can you say glue and glitter?

18.  Reindeer Antlers 
I'm sure there are some $1 headbands out there.  Pipe cleaners should cover the rest.  Bells are up to you.

19.  Cookies
There are too many to list.

20. Treats
How about these: http://www.mommysavers.com/2011/11/kids-in-the-kitchen-chocolate-acorn-treats/ or these: http://amysfinerthings.com/rice-krispies-treats-ornaments

21. Gingerbread Men (pain free, unless you burn yourself)
I bought pre-cut gingerbread men at Target, as well as the tiny tubes of decorators frosting.  Bake, cook, decorate, enjoy.

22. Felt Gingerbread House
I'm thinking of starting here http://www.flickr.com/photos/27999808@N07/3988438949/, and finding decorations the kids can use to make it their own, again and again.

23.  Mixes in a Jar
Do you have any idea how many things you can put in a jar?  What an excellent gift idea, and kids can really be involved in this.  Just search for "mixes in a jar" and go for what you like.  For those in Minnesota, Fleet Farm has good prices on the Mason Jars.  I think Cub might be pretty similar.

Paper Chains

Pointless, I know, but remember how fun they were?  (Not to mention how time consuming it can be, to provide a few "mommy minutes")

25. Coloring Sheets
Let's make it easy for these last few days, shall we?

In my research, I also came across:
I think I might even be able to get my teenager interested in some of those.
In the last couple of years, she's made personalized keyrings and bookmarks, as well as reversible baskets.

Funny how I just typed "Happy Holidays!" 
then deleted it knowing full well I need to wish you and yours 
A Very Merry Christmas!  

Because, if it weren't for the birth of Christ, we wouldn't have reason to celebrate at all.  It's not the tree,  wreaths, stars, candles, crafts, gifts or consumerism at all.  It's not even the time together with friends and family, although that is a tremendous blessing.

It's Jesus, plain and simple.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Jack has named some of his knight figurines. The names in order of creation are:

  • Judle
  • Cheeweed
  • Highcock

and the newest addition is
  • Macrovine

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The little ones were eating when Leesha got home from drama practice.  She noted (in a disappointed voice); "We're having burgers?"  I figured I ought to just get all the disappointment done at once, so said; "Yes.  Veggie burgers."  Her response was a pleasant surprise; "Yum!"

"Eddy-budy" = everybody or anybody
"goo-ga-wee eyes" = googly eyes
"Wes geddada heer" = Let's get out of here!
"moose-git" = music
"Igor" = Eeyore

I told Jack that we'd be seeing Simon and Smith.  "Simon!  I love him!"  Later, when the anticipation was keeping him from falling asleep; "I love Simon, that's why I'm going to be nice to him.  (Or was it; ".. won't be mean to him."?)

Jack is hiding his brand new Angry Bird.  He tells Maggie not to watch.  She goes into another room.  Maggie: "Eight, nine, eight.  He come!"

Maggie stated one day; "I pray to God.  Dear God, please ....."

Maggie: "I got oweee.  Doctor shoot it."

"Maggie, where's Grandpa David?"  "Gwapa David at Inee-a."  Or "Gwapa David in-Inee-a."

Jack created a new game ..... Maggie is the "bridge" between the couches and he sends his cards zooming under her legs.  She was having fun just being a pawn in his game.  After a few minutes, I suggested they switch places, and it continued to go well.  I love it when they cooperate.

"Wookit my arms.  Are bwoken."
"I wanna nap in your room.  Wif Daddy.  Wike Gwapa David."

Mommy Rantings

From April this year, just not posted.  I'm cleaning out the "drafts" folder.

Every few weeks, I go through a very selfish phase where I feel overwhelmed, overworked and under-appreciated.

I'm in that week now.

There are so many things I'd like to do -
  • figure out how we're going to spend our tax return
  • draw up plans for the basement bedroom(s)
  • figure out what furniture will go where, and what we'll need once we have a bedroom or bedrooms in the basement and the nursery can become an office/classroom
  • continue my "What's the Willis Household Eating Now" blog
  • do more schoolwork with Jack
  • play with the kids
  • read with the kids
  • talk to the kids
  • plan the menus
  • pay the bills (okay, so I don't really want to do that, but I need to do that)
  • rent a car for our trip
  • write out directions for Grandma and Grandpa Willis when they watch our kids during our trip
  • figure out who is going to clean the house before our trip
  • get the furniture cleaned
  • somehow tackle the remaining work in the bathroom
  • and then there's that never-ending pile of laundry and dishes
- just to mention a few.

So, as I was thinking about this the other day on my drive to work, and wishing I had more time, I realized some things.
I'm sure there's enough time, it's a lack of desire to tackle the "to do" list when things are settled enough to allow coherent thought.
And for whatever reason, my thoughts turned to the lovely old houses we have around here in St. Paul which have three season front and back porches. Many of these porches are full of boxes, and miscellaneous stuff. Due to all this "stuff" the owners really can't enjoy the porches for what I can only assume was their intended purpose - a place to relax and enjoy the weather without the bugs.

My analogy: I won't enjoy the time I do have because of all of the "stuff" I allow to sit around claiming it needs to be done. I keep a "to do" list that keeps me from enjoying life more, all in the name of "gittin 'er done".

You see, I'd say that save for some memorabilia, if we don't need it, let's get rid of it - except for when it comes to my "to do" list.

Maybe it boils down to this; I spend a lot of time doing things that are necessary (at least on some level), and manage to avoid those other "to do" items because they're not as urgent as say, getting groceries or putting dinner on the table.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some new, some old ...

Maggie to Jack: "I'm upset."

Upon discovering the small snowman on the "Place" tag on her pajamas, Maggie announces; "I got 'no' on my man!" ('I got snow on my man' or 'I have a snowman')

Jack: "I want Leesha to move to another house so we can get a different big sister."
"Some day I want you to sell Maggie."

Leesha was going to vacuum, starting in the basement. She plugged the vacuum cleaner in, assuming it was off. To her surprise, it turned on. She quickly turned it off, and shouted (somewhat angrily) "Who left the vacuum on?" With hardly any pause, from upstairs, Maggie responded; "Jack an' Maggie!" Jeffry and I laughed heartily.

The other morning at church, Maggie had to go into the "Frog" room instead of her usual "Fish" room. She still mispronounces "s" for "f". I was questioning her about this merely for the amusement of hearing her saying; "I not a swog, I am a swish."

Jack to Maggie: "You're lying! You're a liar. I'm a truther."

Maggie: "Owee owee owee tchuu ku head"

At dinner one night, Leesha asked Maggie where her food goes. "In the swidge!" (fridge, and she's right, because more often than not, she's done before her food is. However, Leesha was trying to get her to say 'tummy'.

I have no idea why Maggie dragged the plunger out of the bathroom telling me; "The Cat in the Hat, Mom."

And some that Jeffry left in drafts:

Jack: "That old guy found a coin in my ear."

Jack asked if I would make the fort featured in the instruction set. I told him I'd like for him to try. His reply was...

"My brain is too hard to make a house. And so my eyes are cranky"

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sersick = perfect
Sleestak from Land of the Lost
Sleestak = sleep-sack (a homemade fleece sleeping-bag with sleeves)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Says That They Say

Maggie has dubbed her stuffed penguin "Popper Penguin".
She also calls Jack's G.I. Joe "Gye Joe".
When they're pretending to go to sleep, she'll say; "Sweep wey-o" (Sleep well).
I believe that she refers to her toes as "tiggy toes".
Looking out at the leaves on the ground, she informed Daddy that the trees were broken.
"Wa' some dice mom!" (remove the "d" from dice= ice)
"Swipadee" = slippery.

Maggie was up several times one night. I was getting frustrated at being woken up. I started to express this to her and firmly said she needed to stay asleep and stop shouting for me. She said; "Sawwy mom." Awww.
The next day we were on a walk and Jack chased a squirrel with his bike. I told Maggie that the squirrel was 'caret (scared). Her response: "Sawwy 'quirro." (sorry squirrel)

On the radio one morning; Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. Jack wanted to listen to it again, so I had to try to explain that I can't re-play songs on the radio. Later he asked about the 'Ah ah ah ah" song.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Keeping us in stitches

Jack has a toy that he has dubbed "Mr. Stinky Pants".
One morning, while I was in the shower, Maggie poked her head in. I caught a "whiff". I asked if she'd pooped, and she said "uh-huh". I asked if she had stinky pants. She informed me; "I no Stinky Pants. I Maggie."

The tail end of Jack conversation on his newest broken cellular phone; "3pm. Okay Dad, I'm ready for the concert."

Upon waking up, Jack informs me; "I feel pee-ish" (translation: I need to go to the bathroom). As I enter their room, Maggie informs me; "I sweeping." (I'm sleeping.)

Jack: "Hey mom, splish is onomatopoeia!"

At bedtime, the kids are trying their best to stay awake. I hear Maggie saying; "Jack, go Af'ica!" Jack comes and tells me; "Mom, Maggie is telling me to go to Africa, but I don't know the way."

Our van has been out of commission for 4 weeks, and at the transmission shop for a week. I went to pick it up this afternoon, only to find that on the way home, it was worse than it had been previously. Realizing I probably wouldn't make it home, we stopped at a Burger King. I grabbed some burgers for us so we wouldn't be dealing with the situation on empty stomachs. While we're eating and mulling over options, Jack suggests I do the steering and they'll push the van. If only ....

Jack: "Ooo ooo ooo, ooo eee" Maggie, it's loading."

In the car, observing a tiny spider on his carseat: "Maybe it's a Daddy Small-legs."

Maggie told me the other day that she wanted a "waddi-pop". She wanted to go to the Dr. and get a shot for a "waddi-pop".

Monday, September 19, 2011

Queen for a day

Jack: "Dad, the vampire sits like this," (as he crouches like a catcher in baseball).

Maggie on the way home the other day; "See-ur-vee." It took me a minute, but I realized she was trying to say CRV. So I asked if she saw a CRV like Daddy's, then looked and lo and behold, there was a silver CRV just like what Jeffry drives.

Mom: "Why did Clifford grow so big?"
Jack: "Because Emily Elizabeth gave him some of her love."

Jack to Bible Study guests: "Have a good afternoon."
Mimic Maggie: "Have a goon!"

Let's see if I can remember this ....
Jack: "I was saying "Holy Kratz" when I was still in bed."
Mom: "Do you mean "Wild Kratz", like Zaboo?"
Jack: "No. Holy Kratz."
Mom: "What's that?"
Jack: "It's what you say when you don't want to do something. Holy kratz! Why do I have to do this?"
Mom: "Hmmmm."

We thought we'd have to call a plumber to come unclog our toilet. I think Jack was excited at the prospect. He came to me saying; "I've never seen a real plumber before. Do plumbers have snorkels?" I'm guessing that he's gotten that idea from our Old Maid cards. I first thought he'd asked if they had sparkles, though. Either way, it was funny.

Maggie is doing pretty good on potty training, so long as you're only counting to number one. Pardon me while I go "queen her up". (clean her up)

"Nice-a-meetchu" = nice to meet you.
"'Noculers" = binoculars

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantastic sneezes

Maggie: "I goin' work."
Mom: "You're going to work, Maggie? What are you going to do at work?"
Maggie: "I go see Mommy Daddy."

Jack, after some offense Maggie's offenses; "I think we need a new toddler."

Maggie grabbed the dishtowel and stated; "To wes-cue!" (To the rescue!)

Jack: "BOB the Builder, Maggie. Not Wob the Builder."

"Two-whoa" = stool
"Duh-di-shus" = delicious
"Kix" = Kix, but said with a lot of enthusiasm, and a little jump (so cute)
"wadi-pop" = lollipop
"E'mo diks" = follow me on this one .... she's actually saying "Elmo Sticks", Elmo is on Sesame Street, I just bought Sesame Sticks at Trader Joes; hence: "e'mo diks" are Sesame sticks.

Jack: "Dad, you're a fantastic good looking man."

Jack: (not quite verbatim) "Hey mom, next time we have Bible Study, I'll give this feather to Susanna 'cause she's in Kindergarden. Everyone who's in Kindergarten, I'll give a feather to."

Jack is a photic sneezer. After he's sneezed twice, I will say; "Now we can start our day." And after years of this, now, he will say it once he's sneezed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Potty training and more

Jeffry is introducing a new show to the kids. He informs Jack that they can watch it, but it will have commercials in it. Jack's response; "What's commercials?" (I LOVE it!)

"Wibbit, wibbit. I am a swog!" (ribbit, ribbit, I am a frog!)
We think "Kangaroo" came out as "kwanga-doodle-doo"
Apparently, roosters say "Quack a doodle doo".

Exchange between Maggie and Jack ....
"Jack poop ev'y-were."
"No I didn't, I pooped in the potty!"
"Jack poop in a potty. Good gur!" (clapping)
"I'm not a girl! I'm a boy."
"Jack poop in a potty. Good gur boy!"

Some time later, Maggie was telling Jack he was a good girl again. He kept reminding her that he's a boy. However, at one point, he goofed up and told her rather loudly; "I'm not a boy! I'm a girl." I caught it right away and we laughed when I brought it to his attention.

"I nod a bo-ey, I am a guw." (I'm not a boy. I'm a girl.)

Between Jack and Mom ....
"What's an possum mom?"
"It is an animal that looks like a large rat, can hang upside down in a tree by it's tail, and pretends to be dead when it's afraid."
(Pretty good explanation, don't you think?)

For the most part, Maggie is potty trained. She still poops in a diaper, but the other facet of potty training was pretty darn easy. There was one time she peed in her undies on the floor and I told her "NO!" very gravely. It made her cry, but I don't think we've had many accidents since.

Jeffry's parents and Grandmother visited us before Labor Day. They gave Jack a copy of his Uncle Greg's book "Never Catch a Netherpott" http://www.amazon.com/Never-Catch-Netherpott-Adventure-Ethan/dp/1463721048 and read it to Jack and Maggie repeatedly. At one point, someone asked Jack what the word "nude" in the book meant. He didn't know, so they told him it meant naked. Before bedtime, the kids had their bath. After getting out of the tub, Jack ran out into the hall, and said; "I'm nude!"
A good laugh for all.

Just so we can remember .... that same night, the kids were in bed before 9pm, I think. All had gone well with bedtime despite Maggie screaming herself to sleep the previous night. At about 1:30, the adults decided to head off to bed. We checked on the little ones as we often do, and somehow managed to disturb them enough that when the electricity went off around 2, causing the carbon monoxide detector to emit it's high-pitched beep, the kids were fully awake. How dreadful it was to have Maggie awake and disrupting everyone (Jeffry's parents included) until close to 4am. Jack was more easily consoled than Maggie, and returned to bed much earlier. Thankfully, they both slept until after 9am then, and so did the adults.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Jack defines amicable:
"It's part of a man that's cut in pieces. A bad man. In two pieces."

Jeffry, changing Margaret's dirty diaper; "Sorry Maggie, I'm still not very good at this. Hurry up and get potty trained." Maggie; "'Kay Daddy."

A "Toadal Minnesodan" (replacing T sounds with D sounds). Jack; "I toadally passed it."

is our little copy-cat. I've overheard her say; "Go time out Jack!" and "Be nice-a me!"
knows her color. So far, most everything is "bruuu" (blue).
"Get my 'tuff."
"moomie" = movie
"mana" = banana
"A moomie! I like pen-gins." (after the kids and I went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins)
"Good moomie beaw." (good movie, bear) after Kung Fu Panda 2
"I go te' 'Eesha I go potty." (I went to tell Leesha I went potty.)
I think "Goose me Mom." translates to "Excuse me mom."

Jack: "No means no! My favorite They Might Be Giants CD!"
Maggie: "Giants?" "Monkey bawew?" (Monkey Barrel from another TMBG CD)

Jack: "Where's my microphone snowman?" (microphone should be "styrofoam")

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maggie, while putting on Leesha's new Chuck Taylor High-Tops: "'Eesha boot on." (I'm putting Leesha's boots on.)

Maggie, when asked who one of her Little People was; "Maggie people."

Maggie, when I woke her up from her nap; "'Tay bed." (I want to stay in bed.)

Seven syllables: "I put my shoes on Mama." (and a pretty clear sentence for a 2 year old, to boot.)

"I bu'y wrabbit!" (I'm a bunny rabbit!) as she hops around the back yard.

Midga = Ninja

"Sunny pace" = funny face

At the small birthday party we had for Maggie, we sang to her. She was sitting with Grandma Darlene, and was so embarrassed by the attention, that she tucked her head into Grandma's shoulder. Less than two weeks later, she finished her dinner (yes, it's a rare treat when she actually eats more than 2 nibbles of dinner). Jeffry, Leesha and I started to clap and congratulate her, which made her burst out in tears. Fortunately, when my birthday rolled around, and I was the one getting the song, she only looked close to tears. We did get tears at the end when she was eating cake with her hands, and Grandpa and Daddy pointed it out.

Leesha read our new "Grover Goes to the Sesame Street Hospital" book to Jack and Maggie. X-Rays are mentioned in it. Jack thought of the x-rays he gets to see at Grandma Darlene and Grandpa David's house. He told me that he "always" asks to see them, and there are two chest x-rays. I am not sure, but suspect they might be mammogram images.

Jack, shortly after waking up one morning; "Did God make people out of ham?"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just plain cute

Jack: "Let's paint guys! Come on, let's do it!"

After asking repeatedly for his water, and none of the adults taking him up on it, Jack finally said; "How 'bout if I go get it?" We thought that was a good idea.

Maggie had two sentences: "I got owie my arm Mommy. Kiss it."

A little back-and-forth between the kids in the car:
Leesha: "I love you."
Maggie: "Iyayoo."
Leesha: "I love you more."
Maggie: "Iyayoo moi."
Jack: "I love you more. Google-dot-com."
Now, who can argue with that?

Jack hurt Maggie. Jeffry asked him if he'd apologized. He hadn't. Jeffry told Maggie that Jack had something to say to her. Jack hugged her, and she said; "Sawwy Jack. Sawwy Jack. I yaa you." (gulp)

Maggie: "Udder minute go?" (Where did my other mitten go?)

Jack (singing): "JCPenney's is a gooder place."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Enough already!

In all honesty, Jack has been a pain in his recuperation. I do realize that I have hardly any sympathy or empathy with those who have a low pain threshold. He refuses to take his medicine, which should be fine if he's the only one suffering. However, he's making everyone around him suffer with his crabbiness and misbehavior. I am ready for him to be well. Hopefully 12 hours of sleep will bring him to rights again.

Jack fell asleep that night at 6:15pm (and was back to normal after 12 ours of sleep). Leesha wanted to take a bath, so Jeffry and I got took Maggie on a walk to Walgreens. At one point, I told Jeffry; "Your parents are going to be here this weekend." Jeffry responded, and then Maggie piped up with; "Yea!"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some measures of success

Questions from Jack:
"How does God get to heaven?"
"Does God have a heart?"

I've pointed out the geese and goslings several times recently. Jack thinks he'd like some as pets. He asked if I could stop and get a mom, a dad and 2 goslings. I said probably not since they are fast. His response; "I can catch them. I have running power in my legs. I'll catch them by the wings and head so it can't bite or spit or peck me." Despite his 'running power' and fore-thought in capturing wild Canadian Geese, we're still not getting any.

Quotes from Maggie
"I busy."
"I toot. Sunny." ("sunny" = funny or possibly it's funny)
"Wight back." (I'll be right back.)
"Go padee a padee a padee." (this stems from us saying; "Go potty on the potty."
Observing her inspecting her toes, I asked what she was doing. "Queen up a toes." (Cleaning my toes.)

Potty news:
Maggie collected her newest critter from her pack-n-play, then takes it to the potty chair. She tells the critter; "Go padee a padee." and holds the critter over the pot. Then she exclaims; "Gu-gur!" (good girl!) and "Yumee yum." (M&M).
Maggie brought the potty out, took off her diaper, and sat down. Moments later, she comes out to us saying; "I's mine" holding "something" in her hand. Ewwww.
Later, we get her to sit back down and encourage her to push. She does, then stands up triumphantly, stating; "I did it!"

They keep impressing us

From Maggie:
"I wa' some 'otion!" (I want some lotion.)
"I naked!" (very popular saying)
"Mom, i nee' hewp." When mom didn't respond, "Jack, I nee' hewp."
and, on Friday, June 17th, she peed IN the potty!

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, I donned my wedding dress.
Jack commented on my "fancy shoes"

The next morning, he told me;
"You looked pretty last night when we were going somewhere." (melted mom's heart)

Jeffry gave Jack some new GI Joe comics. Jeffry had told him he may recognize one of them, he'd seen in another comic he's had longer. Jack took the
comics to look at on our drive to church. During the drive, he asked; "Is this the one I should recognize?"

Jack found a bug of some sort in our house and immediately adopted it as a pet. He named it 'Kicker'. I took a picture.

Quotable: "I think I'm done with 4, so I'm 5." - Jack

On one of their most recent visits, Grandma and Grandpa Willis gave Jack a transformer type toy. He just found it the other day when he dug out a bag to pack some toys for Maggie. Maggie got ahold of it later stating; "my tas-oder!"

We went to the library the other day. Maggie calls it the "wyyy bway".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

...what's this?

When getting her diaper changed, Maggie was quite a labeling or naming mode. She pointed to the futon and said "couch". I said "good, what's this" and pointed to her foot. She said "toes". I pointed to her butt, what's this? She said "bobbin."

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jack: "I had hair and then Mom mowed it."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jack's tick

...just picked a tick off of Jack's head and properly flushed it down the toilet.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Jack, the man of creative names: OceanLittleBob and later AndWaveBehindTheFlags (he was watching me type that and made sure I added the 's' to flags)

Jack: "I have something to show you, Mom." (I go over.) "See, 'grown' is one word, and 'up' is one word." (this after a short explanation on compound words)
Mom: "Oh, yeah."
Maggie: "Mommy, see." (mimicking Jack)
Mom: "Oh."

"I nee' 'poon Mommy." (I need a spoon, Mommy.)

"Why is there mows on the road?" Jack, referring to grass clippings.

Six syllables from Maggie: "I needa socca baa." (I need a soccer ball!) upon spotting the Culver's soccer ball in the display cabinet.

While cutting Jack's hair in the yard; "You're mowing my hair!"

When I cry, the kids get concerned. It's probably normal that they're concerned. It's probably normal for mothers to try to hide or shorten their much needed cries in order to not distress their children. Jack and Maggie saw me crying the other day. Their responses ...
Jack: "Why is your face watery?"
Maggie pulled the dish towel off the stove handle and handed it to me saying; "Put a eye."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh the Says They Can Say

Leesha, looking at the calendar on May 2nd:
"Where is today? Mmm, Mmm, Mussolini? Oh, Oh, O(something) Hussein? Oh, Ohamed Ali? Who died today?"
At lunch, Leesha referred to her Uncle Cameron as a "Mathmagician". Yeah, that's quotable.

Jack: "Why are we going this way?"
Mom: "I need to return some ink."
Jack: "Can we go to that store." (as we drive past Toys R Us)
Mom: "Not right now, I want to return the ink and get home to Leesha."
Jack: "After we return the ink, then can we go to the store with the wrong 'R'?"

Maggie: "Cisher" = Clifford
Maggie peed on the potty! ON the potty, not IN the potty. But hey, it's a step in the right direction (depending on where you step, that is).
"Hep put bankie on."
"Go 'way Jack."
"I hu't shoot (I hurt [my] foot)."
"No Daddy, I p'ay toys."
"I need guys."

From Facebook:
Emily: (a friend who babysat Jack and Maggie)
OK, so Susanna and friend, Jack, were naming worms. The usual names came up - "Wormie", "Squirly", and "Wirly". And then there was "Tumorbert". I'm thinking he was adopted into the family.
Cara: which one of them came up with that name?
Emily: You can claim all the credit for that one, Cara, as it was Jack's name. :)
Jeffry: he has a knack for naming. His toy knights are named- Judle, Cheeweed and Highcock.

Watching a friend's kids and so I have two little almost-two year old girls who seem to be systematically working through all the shoes in the house. Every time I turn around they both have something else on their feet! lol

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

Leesha: "Hey, why do you get another dessert?"
Me: "'Cause I'm an adult."
Leesha: "Can I have another one since I caught you?"
Me: (guiltily) "Yeah."

In the van:
Maggie: "A Gamma hug." (repeatedly)
Mom: "Do you want to give Grandma a hug?"
Maggie: (sweetly) "Yeah."
later .... Jack: "How are we going to get Grandma and give her a hug?"

One night, when we went in to check on the babies, Maggie was sleeping in just a diaper since she'd taken off her pajamas. I'm glad she'd kept the diaper on.

Leesha and the babies survived an evening alone while I went to Bible Study. Leesha had them watch a movie, gave them baths and then read stories. This is very cool.

The babies and I were outside. I sneezed several times. At one point, I was "gearing up" to sneeze and Jack noticed. So, he said; "Go ahead."

We'd put the babies down to bed and were waiting for the timer to go off indicating that it's time to put the books away and actually go to sleep. I peeked through the door and saw Jack laying there, so signed "I love you". He worked his little hand out from under his blanket and signed it back. Awww....

Maggie's newest pharase: "I weew" (I will.)

Mom: "Do you have baby Amy?" (referring to a doll of ours)
Maggie: "No. Jee-Sus." ...... "ah me so" (singing)

Jack: "I'm going to take the constructions with me, so I know how to do it." (referring to his new toy from the $Tree)

Friday, April 22, 2011


"Okay." not "Otay"
"Copycoin" (popcorn)

Apparently gummy candies are going to be a good means of rewarding her for potty training. I got her to sit on the potty for a gummy butterfly. Then she kept asking for "ana-er gummy beew" (another gummy bear).

Jack loves to listen to books on CD from the library. Maggie sometimes repeats what the narrator reads.

Jack whispered something in Jeffry's ear. Maggie saw what was happening and before Jack was done, started whispering gibberish in Jeffry's other ear.
I often find it hilarious when one child starts something, the other one will adopt the; "Oh, so that's what we're doing now" attitude and copy them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Jack

Maggie said - "What happened to Jack?"

What it actually sounds like - "Happy Jack?"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trying to keep up

Jack to Dad; "Why does a tri-ops have 3 eyes?"

Maggie's newer words: "Nope." (the "p" sound comes out more like a little breath.)
"Gamma" or "Damma" (Grandma),
"'too' bus" (school bus)
"yeah" instead of "tee" (okay?) all the time
"Ah ya you" (I love you)

Leesha: "Jack, what does q-u-i-e-t spell?"
Jack: "Cute!"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mark this date

Jack started riding his new bike tonight - the one without the training wheels.

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Too tute"

Mom: "You guys want to go on a walk?"
Jack: "Yeah!"
Maggie: "Yeah! Me too. (to puppy) Puppy, waa?"

I've heard; "Me too." "My tun." (turn) and "Share." "My MOM." (to Jack, repeatedly) "A noun." (Lay down.) "No! Do way!" (No! Go away!)
5 syllables; "Opa doa Mommy." (Open door mommy.)

Sweetest words: "Mom! I ya you." (Mom! I love you.)

From Jack:
(upon propping the side door open)" I want a bird to come in so I can have a pet."
(regarding their make-believe car of two dining chairs) "I'm gonna sit here 'cause I'm the man."
(after putting two hats on mom) "Gee Mom, you look like an ice cream."

Thought-provoking Sign

I saw a sign the other day:
Covert Construction

So, are they Ninja builders?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Okie Dokie?

Dad: "Jack, get your shoes on, we're going to go real soon!"
Jack: "Doughy cookie!"

That made me stop and figure...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This just keeps getting better

After being woken up by Maggie, Jack informs me; "I want Maggie to be back in your tummy."

Maggie has said: "Pooh Bear", "My duy!" (my guy - referring to the toys she was playing with that Jack had just taken from her), "Line" (lion), "meewmeew" (oatmeal), "I hudee" (I'm hungry), "I peew" (I spilled, when in fact it was Jack who spilled)

She warmed her Daddy's heart with: "Doctor Who"

Maggie has replaced some "F's" with the "SH" sound. So, she'll point to her foot and say; "shoot". Jack was "tying" (crying) and we told her he was having a fit. Oops.

Jack: "Can I have some tomato juice?"
Mom: "Yes."
(Mom gets instructions to open it and remove the tab.)
Dad: "Do you like tomato juice?"
Jack: "Yeah! It's really slurpy."

Jack: "If a train broke our car, I can say; 'God! Help us!' And Maggie can say; 'Dee dee dee ahh!'"

Jack: "You're right mom. Sometimes we eat food we don't like."

Jack: "Do we have much time?" (I assume this comes from the frequent comments of; "Hurry Jack, we don't have much time.")

Saturday, March 26, 2011


"Dad, the guys with the swords and shields are called Cheeweeds."


"Because they have swords."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Proud of my girl!

I just took a look at Leesha's trimester 2 grades.
She's got 2 A's, 3 A-'s a B+ and a B.

Well done Leesha Faith!

Friday, March 18, 2011


"Some cats are for growling at" - Jack

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

"tute" (cute)

After microwaving a bowl of oatmeal for Maggie, she totters over saying; "Pee hot" (please, hot - she must know that things coming out of the microwave are hot)
Moments later, I'm telling her that she can't eat the oatmeal in her room because I don't want her to get oatmeal on the rug. Jack tells me; "Don't worry mom. Don't worry, I can clean it up."

Bringing out one of the sweaters Grandma Darlene made for her, she says; "A tute." (I want cute.) Later, she's wearing one of the sweaters. I take her to the mirror to see what she looks like. "Maddie tute." (Maddie = Maggie)

Maggie ha sbreached the lofted bed again. This time without the ladder. An ideal response from Jack would be; "Is nothing sacred any more?"

"Whatchoo do?" (what'd you do?)

"batap" (backpack)

"toe-eee" (story)

"un'ies" (undies)

"no tit, no ti" (no kick, no kick)

[Maggie points to the moon]
Mom: "Do you see the moon Maggie?"
[Jack looks up] "I see it too Mom. It's not quite finished yet."

"Mom, do you need to watch the road?"
"Yes, I do."
"I needa watch the cars."

Friday, March 4, 2011

One for the'Uh Oh" Files

From the Uh Oh File:
"Dad, look, this [key] fits in here [outlet]." Followed by stern; "NO's" from both parents, a cry of startled bewilderment from Jack, and lots of hugs and attempts at explaining why that is not a good idea.

"I'm lucky, but I haven't thanked God."

Jack made a spaceship with his bristle blocks and announces; "It's my second grade spaceship!"

Maggie's new phrase:
"Mommy toot"
and other words:
"shoot" (foot)
"watch" (watch)
"Opee Do." (Open door)
Jack coughed one morning while they were still in bed. Maggie said; "Bassyooo" (bless you)
"A none" (all done)
On our way out the door, Maggie found their cups milk. She took hers, then got Jack's, taking it to him saying; "Hees a moow" (here's your milk)

The boys are downstairs watching a movie. I'm working on dinner, Maggie is having a snack. Maggie stands at the top of the stairs saying; "Daddee, tum up." Then she turns to me and says; "'A daddee ta tum up." (I want Daddy to come up.)

Jack put a cd in his cd player. Maggie heard the music, went running into their room
and started twirling around "dancing".

Jack: "Maggie, do you want to go to Trader Joe's?"
"No." (which can mean yes, or no.)
"Maggie, please would you go to Trader Joe's?"

Maggie pulled the craisins out of the cupboard and brought them to me. When I asked if she wanted some, she indicated she did (nodding and saying "See"), then she indicated the bench by the door where I often put her food.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday with friends

Josiah and Kaitlyn are here to play today.

Maggie s tarted out being very considerate.
She took a toy to Kaitlyn saying; "Heew." (here) Crouched down and said; "Tup?" (do you want a cup?)
"'Mon" (come on) to Josiah
"Diapoo wat" (diaper wet)

Jack is showed some of his toys to Josiah, and explained his catapult in the process. Later, he was showing him some of his smaller toys. "An' this is R2. He doesn't wear a spacesuit. He just says - (insert R2-D2 noises here)."

Jack:"Just like my mother. She's a girl."
Josiah: "My mother's a girl too."

Upon pulling the bathroom shade off the window: "I saw a little bit of morning and I wanted to pull it up but it broke. I'll leave it there so it's ready to be fixed." (translation: I saw some light coming through the blinds, and wanted to raise them. When I pulled on the string, the whole thing fell down. So, I'll just leave it here for you to put back up later.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What they pick up around the house

"Mom, since Leesha's not here, I'll put hers in the fridge." - Jack, referring to the pretend food he's making. Love it!

Impromptu science lesson with Jack: making muffins, I need 1/2 c. honey, 1/2 c. oil and 1 c. o.j. I put them all in the same 2c. glass measuring cup. He got to see how the honey stayed at the bottom, and the oil rose to the top. Very cool. I even put some uncalled-for water in there to see what it would do.

"Hey, I like this tomato."
"You do, huh?"
"Because it's so beautiful and red."

(Jeffry sneezes loudly) Jack:"Dad, that scared my ears."

Jack's shirt was dirty. Leesha asked; "What's all over Jack's shirt." I replied; "Snot, food and markers." (I don't remember if it was those three exactly, but that's not the point.) Jack then pointed to and named each substance on his shirt which I'd just mentioned to Leesha.

Tossing me a map of the Twin Cities, "Mom, can you show me where's heaven?"

I stand corrected, Maggie says "Mu-tee" for monkey. "Baa-tee" is blanket. "Bih-boo" is Bible. "Pa" is Grandpa David. "Two-ee" means "I want something to eat."
She knows that the Doctor says "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" It comes out as: "No da-pee a bet!"

She does somersaults all by herself. I don't know where she learned that.

Maggie, 4 syllables

"buh-ee" = bunny, and coordinating "hop, hop, hop"
"Soupa" = Superman, complete with both fists raised
"A bess you" = I want a tissue
"beeb" = bib
"d'op" = drop
4 syllables: "Bye bye E-sha", "Day tchoo Daddee" (thank you daddy)

2010 Newsish letter

2010 Newsletter

Jeffry, Cara, Leesha, Jack and Maggie Mae
473 Granada Ave. N. Oakdale, MN 55128

jeffrywith1e@gmail.com, carawillis@gmail.com, leeshamoreno@gmail.com

Check out our online photos at: http://picasaweb.google.com/carawillis
and blog at: http://williseast.blogspot.com

Some highlights of our year:
Notable movies at least one of us saw: Avatar, The Book of Eli, Ponyo, Prince Caspian, Monster’s Inc., Iron Man 2, The Proposal.
Cara worked a full week, as well as summer school and the babies survived a myraid of sitters.
We sold the Jeep, bought a 4 Runner, and sold that too. Selling the 4 Runner left Jack dejected.
Spent time with Cara’s brother and his family before their return to Kenya.
Enjoyed time with nearby and extended family, friends and neighbors.
Valentine’s Day party hosted by Monarch (Jeffry’s employer).
Meatless March! Which led to another blog …. http://whatisthewillishouseholdeatingnow.blogspot.com/
Bathroom modifications (still in progress....)
Trip to St. Louis, and visits from St. Louis family.
Leesha’s 12th, Maggie’s 1st, Jack’s 3rd and Cara and Jeffry’s 30+ birthdays.
Family photo shoot.
BIG snowstorm and spontaneous weekend with Jeffry’s whole family.

Cara’s parents spend a couple of days a week watching Jack and Maggie. We love having them close enough to get together with ease. They’ve
done some short term mission trips.

Craig and his family moved their entire ministry to a new location in Kenya and are pleased with how things are going.

Caryn and family still live in Thailand. They stay busy travelling when they’re not teaching or doing extra-curricular activities.

Jeffry’s Grandma lives on her own with Steve and Holly nearby. How blessed we are to spend as much time with them as we do.

Greg and family are enjoying their new house and jobs.

We stay busy as any family of 5 cannot help doing. Jeffry continues to get more responsibilities at Monarch. We’re thankful he’s overemployed, not underemployed. Cara works just as much, but doesn’t get paid for all her hours. Leesha made the B honor roll 1st Trimester and enjoys school. She still does stuff with her siblings too. Jack keeps us on our toes. He’s trying to read everything. Maggie is a little doll, bringing smiles everywhere she goes. Our lives are full. We are blessed - and part of that is because we know you.

Have a terrific year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Animated Aardvark

Jack: "Mom, I'm reading a story about Superman and the four bears. Two good bears and two bad bears. Superman's gonna put the bad bears in the super trash."

Maggie says "buh" (button), "be-aw" (bear), Abby, "outer" (Arthur - from PBS), toot (sarcastic hooray with that one), "tup" (cup), "mow" (milk), "tsu" (juice), and I think I heard "mon-ey" (monkey).

Just about every weekday afternoon at 4:30, Leesha takes both kids downstairs to watch Arthur on PBS. She'll ask what time it is, and both babies run for the stairs, excitedly stating "Arthur!" Although Maggie's comes out more like "Outer" with a very quiet "r".
Maggie has had a harder time falling asleep without her pacifier or thumb, so will often cry and call out for us. After repeated attempts for "Mommeee", "Mom", "Daddy" and "Eesha", she opted for the animated aardvark from TV and started calling for "Outer".

Jack and I had a conversation the other day that went something like this:
Jack, meet me in the bathroom so I can wash your hands.
Because there's a sink in there.
It's a good place for a sink.
But there's a sink in the kitchen.
I want to use the sink in the bathroom
Because it's shorter.
Because it's not as tall.
Because it's shorter.

"Mom, what does 'it's not fair' mean? Should I have taken the opportunity to lie outright to him?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't slip much by him

We've enjoyed this catchy youtube video:

This evening, Leesha was singing part of it, substituting "Oh my goodnes" for the "Oh my god". Jack recognized what she was singing, and said; "No, it's not 'oh my goodness', 'it's oh my god'."

Can't slip much by him, even if it's meant to protect him ....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I did some flashcards with Jack - addition facts for "0" and "1". He prefers I tell a "story" with them. Later, when putting socks on Maggie, Jack informs us; "Socks are for warm feet." Moments after that, he says; "Mom, if I have zero socks, and you give me one, I'll have a cold foot!"

Maggie has started saying; "Me, me." Which I think translates into "Look at me!" I just heard her say; "Watch." as she dropped a block. Hmmm....
She's learned "boot" and "mi'en" (mitten), "b'ankie" (blankie), "moomie" (movie), "batee" (broccoli), "Daa" (Jack), "Ee-ah" (Leesha), "buh-ee" (birdie), home, and shoe.

Jack is just getting the hang of accents. He was singing a song he made up the other day; "I love Clifford, yes I do."

Preparing to leave the mall and go out in the cold, we stopped in the bathroom. I told him to pull up his pants, he asked; "Why?" I replied; "Because it's cold, cold, cold outside." "Why is it cold, cold, cold outside?" "I don't know, you'll have to ask Jesus." (to Jesus) "Jesus, why is it cold, cold, cold?"

"Mom, I have to admit something." "What do you have to admit?" "This can't get to this part." (playing with the rings we use to keep the cupboards closed)

"Mom, at Eric's house, I was cutting the floor!" "Did Eric say you were 'cutting a rug' when you were dancing?" "Yeah!" (then he went on to explain that if they cut through the floor, they'd go down in the basement)

This one is for Daddy

Friday night, I sewed up the sleeve of Maggie's sleep sack so she can't suck her thumb. During the day, she wears her "thumb things" which cover her left thumb. She also lost her suckers. Poor kiddo. Friday night, she cried 30-45 minutes. Saturday, she only cried about 15, but hadn't napped, so was likely VERY tired. The last couple of nights have been mostly uneventful. I haven't even tried putting her down for a nap, but she has fallen asleep in the car. Yesterday, she fell asleep in the car with some tears which seemed to be partially due to her frustration that she can't access her beloved thumb.
I figured I'd try to get her to nap today. Since I put her down for her nap in our room, I often give her Jeffry's blanket as a comfort item (because it smells like him).
So, I just put her down for a nap. She said; "Nigh'." then stood up and pointed to our bed. I asked her if she wanted Daddy's blanket. "Da-ee ba-e". I grabbed the blanket and when she saw it, she dove for the mattress, and started to get all nestled in, just waiting for the blanket.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I subbed at the High School down the street a couple of weeks ago and learned that the FACS department was hosting a preschool. I was able to get Jack signed up for it. $35 for 3 days a week for 4 weeks. Not a bad deal.
Picking him up the first morning, I noticed he was the only boy. The next time he went, I think there was another boy. Today, I asked him about it on our way in. He told me that the boy was Grant. He went on to explain; "There's two Grants. One Bible Study Grant and the High School Grant."
Leesha was asking him about Preschool at dinner. He said; "There are a lot of girls and a Grant and a me. Grant who lives at the high school."

Jack sometimes gets to play games on the computer. When anyone is on the computer, others want to watch. Jack was playing a game. Maggie came over to "us grown ups" at the table trying to communicate something. Leesha asked her; "Maggie, do you want to see what Jack is doing?" Maggie grinned, nodded vigorously and said; "Seee!"
After dinner, she got a couple of M&M's. Not too much later, she was playing with Jack's little cars, which he wasn't happy about. I suggested to her that we go find some other cars and started walking through the kitchen with her. She stopped at the cupboard with the M&M's and pointed to it. I asked; "Do you want another M&M?" Grin, nod, and then, a little jig when I started getting them out. I keep asking myself what I'm going to do when I don't have such a little one around.

Regarding stealing a chunk of kielbasa waiting for the grill before dinner; "I couldn't get your permission because you were outside."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Broken heart

"Jack, I'd like you to eat another piece of chicken. Would you do that?"
"Why not?"
"The chicken makes my teeth chubbery."
simultaneously, Leesha and I ask; "What does 'chubbery' mean?"
"It means, it makes my teeth hurt."

Maggie: "A-bu-nyum" (I want butter on 'em.)

Jack spent several hours playing with play dough. I molded them into some animals. He took the green dog and shoved it back in the container, then asked where it was. He asked me to get it out. I pulled the whole glob out and gave it to him. He then wanted me to make another dog. I worked on it and handed him the new dog. A few minutes later, he noted that the head was falling apart. We told him that's what happens. Dough dries out and then crumbles. Jack's response: he crumpled down in his chair and started sobbing. Jeffry and I found this amusing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Apparently, Jack's caterpillar pull toy is his "darling".

He "really" had to take his sucker out of his mouth because he "really" had to talk.

Maggie was saying; "Tuh" (truck). She says "sawwy" and gives kisses.

Jack came to me one morning and asked; "Mom, can I say hi to Jo?" I figured our neighbor was outside and he'd seen her through the window, so I opened the door and let him say "hi" to her. How sweet.

While I was dealing with a cold, I read Jack a story in a gruff, frog-in-my-throat voice. Jack stopped me and said; "Mom, go like this. (he cleared his throat). Ha!

Assembling dirty dishes after dinner, I asked; "Jack, do you have any other dishes anywhere?"
"Yes Mom."
"In the cupboard."
"No, I mean used dishes."
Jack gets the stepstool, opens the cupboard and says; "There they are!"

Maggie says "he" (help) and "huh?"

Jack recites letters, their sounds and words associated with them. "N, nnn, needle." Maggie: "Neeno."

Jack: "Mom, let me show you how to fall and not get hurt as he's putting his head and shoulders into his pillowcase. He then falls ... on his face ... with his pillow over him. Fail.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Growing Vocabulary

Leesha had a fiend over. They played hide-and-go-seek with Jack in the basement. He was upstairs to count. They called him down. He said; "First I have to get some yellow cheese! It's so delicious!"

"Mom, why are there alligators on these shoes?"
"They're crocodiles."
"Because those are bona fide Croc's shoes."
"Because they were made at the Croc's factory."
"Oh, that's my favorite part! I was watching a show about crocodiles ...."

Jack wanted to watch something on TV. I looked at the PBS schedule and asked which show he'd like to watch. After he'd chosen it, and the TV was turned on, Maggie came to the top of the stairs saying; "Showww." She wanted to watch the show too. She doesn't watch too much TV, so I'm surprised that she knows that word. It was cute nonetheless.

"What Jack?"
"I've got a song stuck in my head but I didn't sing it yet."

"I'm dancing in an angry way."

Just a few quips from today ...
Jack was telling me that he had a handkerchief that he put in a hole in the van and pulled it so that he didn't have to worry about me leaving without him.

I believe his cottage cheese was "too short" this morning.

Maggie is definitely saying "'Sha" for Leesha. Tonight, I brought bananas to the table and she said "App-o". She then noted that dinner was "ha" (hot). She asked Grandma or Grandpa the other day; "Read to you?" and tonight as we dropped Leesha off at church, she said; "'Sha bye."

Monday, January 3, 2011


Shortly after having the doors closed at bedtime ...
"Somebody's talking in here. (pause) Maggie's talking in here."

We think Maggie is calling Leesha "'Sha". I suspect Jack is "Daa".

I gave her a bath today and was trying to dry her off. She kept saying; "Da-ee". I think she wanted Dad to dry her off. While he was taking a nap, she kept saying; "A-sho-Da-ee" (I want to show Daddy.) She didn't have anything to show him, but must have missed him on this, his first day back at work for 10 days or so.

"Judle" is Jack's imaginary friend. Judle isn't always nice to Jack. Jack was telling me about their last encounter at bedtime. Apparently, they play at Judle's house. I asked how Jack got there since we didn't go anywhere that day. I guess he drives our van over there. (Maybe I should mention that to our insurance agent. Then again, maybe not...)
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