Sunday, January 13, 2013


So Maggie selected a KitKat for her dessert. She managed to open the wrapper herself. Then her little mind must've locked onto the fact that there are two halves to this cookie and one of them belongs to Jack. Jack already was 40% through an out of season candy-cane and his counterpart KitKat had been consumed probably weeks ago- and with probably little thought of sharing with his younger sister. She went to him and tried to offer him one of the halves anyway. Cara and I were trying to make her understand that both halves were hers. She was not to be convinced and was determined that Jack shall have his half. To compromise with whatever Mom and Dad were trying to tell her, she countered that Jack could have his half tomorrow morning when he woke up. We tried to come back with- Maybe Jack can have a bite- to which he took the tiniest nibble off one of the corners. He explained this was because he wanted her to have the most of the cookie she could.

At some point during the debate she finished one half and continued right into the other half, either without regard or finally seeing the folly. And Jack furthered his reasons for refusing to accept the offered half by claiming he wasn't interested in Maggie's germs which, by now, were all over the KitKat.

It made for an interesting after dinner discussion.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sometimes my kids amaze me.  I'm sure that's just like any mom.

Jeffry took Jack out on an ice cream date last night.  I took Leesha out.  This morning, I took Maggie out to Target where we picked up a treat at the Starbucks before we started shopping.

Jeffry and Jack talked a bit about church.  Apparently Jack doesn't like to go to church ever, he only fusses about it with any regularity during the Summer, so we cave and attend Saturday night services instead of fighting him on Sunday mornings.  It makes for some good homeschool time, so it's not a complete loss.
Anyhow, during their conversation, Jeffry suggested that we ask one of the boys Jack seems to like over for a playdate to build a friendship there.
This morning, I wrote a note to the boys parents and listed my email address.  I asked Jack what he thought of the note.  He read it, and when he came across my email address (carawillis), he said; "You don't have a very good space there."  True, true.  After I chuckled, I told him he was correct, but it was okay because that's my email address and it's not supposed to have a space in it.

Some of you may be wondering how the rest of the morning went, although it was the "space" blurb I wanted to record.

We went to church and I partially signed Jack in.  He wanted to write his own name.  I'd noticed that the other boy had been signed in already and mentioned that to Jack.  His name-writing task was quickly forgotten in favor of getting that note to his friend without delay.  Very cute.

No playdate is set up yet, but we'll see how the rest of the week goes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bili Rockheadminifur

We started rolling up a character for my 5.5 year old son. From the Pathfinder Beginner Box character creation options, he selected the race to be dwarf (probably from all the attention the Hobbit film has been getting in this household) and selected the class to be Wizard. The character concept is to be a wizard/detective, actually.

He rolled really well! So far it has been a great exercise in simple math for him and the difficult task of keeping his younger sister entertained and not sucking on the Pathfinder Pawns that are included. The pawns don't react well to saliva, btw!

This character's name is Bili Rockheadminifur. The pawns for dwarf wizards that came with the Beginner Box are cool, but didn't match Jack's mental image for his character. We're still on the search for the right mini, but printed and cut out this guy who is serving as Bili for now until we find a better mini. -->
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