Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday with friends

Josiah and Kaitlyn are here to play today.

Maggie s tarted out being very considerate.
She took a toy to Kaitlyn saying; "Heew." (here) Crouched down and said; "Tup?" (do you want a cup?)
"'Mon" (come on) to Josiah
"Diapoo wat" (diaper wet)

Jack is showed some of his toys to Josiah, and explained his catapult in the process. Later, he was showing him some of his smaller toys. "An' this is R2. He doesn't wear a spacesuit. He just says - (insert R2-D2 noises here)."

Jack:"Just like my mother. She's a girl."
Josiah: "My mother's a girl too."

Upon pulling the bathroom shade off the window: "I saw a little bit of morning and I wanted to pull it up but it broke. I'll leave it there so it's ready to be fixed." (translation: I saw some light coming through the blinds, and wanted to raise them. When I pulled on the string, the whole thing fell down. So, I'll just leave it here for you to put back up later.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What they pick up around the house

"Mom, since Leesha's not here, I'll put hers in the fridge." - Jack, referring to the pretend food he's making. Love it!

Impromptu science lesson with Jack: making muffins, I need 1/2 c. honey, 1/2 c. oil and 1 c. o.j. I put them all in the same 2c. glass measuring cup. He got to see how the honey stayed at the bottom, and the oil rose to the top. Very cool. I even put some uncalled-for water in there to see what it would do.

"Hey, I like this tomato."
"You do, huh?"
"Because it's so beautiful and red."

(Jeffry sneezes loudly) Jack:"Dad, that scared my ears."

Jack's shirt was dirty. Leesha asked; "What's all over Jack's shirt." I replied; "Snot, food and markers." (I don't remember if it was those three exactly, but that's not the point.) Jack then pointed to and named each substance on his shirt which I'd just mentioned to Leesha.

Tossing me a map of the Twin Cities, "Mom, can you show me where's heaven?"

I stand corrected, Maggie says "Mu-tee" for monkey. "Baa-tee" is blanket. "Bih-boo" is Bible. "Pa" is Grandpa David. "Two-ee" means "I want something to eat."
She knows that the Doctor says "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" It comes out as: "No da-pee a bet!"

She does somersaults all by herself. I don't know where she learned that.

Maggie, 4 syllables

"buh-ee" = bunny, and coordinating "hop, hop, hop"
"Soupa" = Superman, complete with both fists raised
"A bess you" = I want a tissue
"beeb" = bib
"d'op" = drop
4 syllables: "Bye bye E-sha", "Day tchoo Daddee" (thank you daddy)

2010 Newsish letter

2010 Newsletter

Jeffry, Cara, Leesha, Jack and Maggie Mae
473 Granada Ave. N. Oakdale, MN 55128

Check out our online photos at:
and blog at:

Some highlights of our year:
Notable movies at least one of us saw: Avatar, The Book of Eli, Ponyo, Prince Caspian, Monster’s Inc., Iron Man 2, The Proposal.
Cara worked a full week, as well as summer school and the babies survived a myraid of sitters.
We sold the Jeep, bought a 4 Runner, and sold that too. Selling the 4 Runner left Jack dejected.
Spent time with Cara’s brother and his family before their return to Kenya.
Enjoyed time with nearby and extended family, friends and neighbors.
Valentine’s Day party hosted by Monarch (Jeffry’s employer).
Meatless March! Which led to another blog ….
Bathroom modifications (still in progress....)
Trip to St. Louis, and visits from St. Louis family.
Leesha’s 12th, Maggie’s 1st, Jack’s 3rd and Cara and Jeffry’s 30+ birthdays.
Family photo shoot.
BIG snowstorm and spontaneous weekend with Jeffry’s whole family.

Cara’s parents spend a couple of days a week watching Jack and Maggie. We love having them close enough to get together with ease. They’ve
done some short term mission trips.

Craig and his family moved their entire ministry to a new location in Kenya and are pleased with how things are going.

Caryn and family still live in Thailand. They stay busy travelling when they’re not teaching or doing extra-curricular activities.

Jeffry’s Grandma lives on her own with Steve and Holly nearby. How blessed we are to spend as much time with them as we do.

Greg and family are enjoying their new house and jobs.

We stay busy as any family of 5 cannot help doing. Jeffry continues to get more responsibilities at Monarch. We’re thankful he’s overemployed, not underemployed. Cara works just as much, but doesn’t get paid for all her hours. Leesha made the B honor roll 1st Trimester and enjoys school. She still does stuff with her siblings too. Jack keeps us on our toes. He’s trying to read everything. Maggie is a little doll, bringing smiles everywhere she goes. Our lives are full. We are blessed - and part of that is because we know you.

Have a terrific year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Animated Aardvark

Jack: "Mom, I'm reading a story about Superman and the four bears. Two good bears and two bad bears. Superman's gonna put the bad bears in the super trash."

Maggie says "buh" (button), "be-aw" (bear), Abby, "outer" (Arthur - from PBS), toot (sarcastic hooray with that one), "tup" (cup), "mow" (milk), "tsu" (juice), and I think I heard "mon-ey" (monkey).

Just about every weekday afternoon at 4:30, Leesha takes both kids downstairs to watch Arthur on PBS. She'll ask what time it is, and both babies run for the stairs, excitedly stating "Arthur!" Although Maggie's comes out more like "Outer" with a very quiet "r".
Maggie has had a harder time falling asleep without her pacifier or thumb, so will often cry and call out for us. After repeated attempts for "Mommeee", "Mom", "Daddy" and "Eesha", she opted for the animated aardvark from TV and started calling for "Outer".

Jack and I had a conversation the other day that went something like this:
Jack, meet me in the bathroom so I can wash your hands.
Because there's a sink in there.
It's a good place for a sink.
But there's a sink in the kitchen.
I want to use the sink in the bathroom
Because it's shorter.
Because it's not as tall.
Because it's shorter.

"Mom, what does 'it's not fair' mean? Should I have taken the opportunity to lie outright to him?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't slip much by him

We've enjoyed this catchy youtube video:

This evening, Leesha was singing part of it, substituting "Oh my goodnes" for the "Oh my god". Jack recognized what she was singing, and said; "No, it's not 'oh my goodness', 'it's oh my god'."

Can't slip much by him, even if it's meant to protect him ....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I did some flashcards with Jack - addition facts for "0" and "1". He prefers I tell a "story" with them. Later, when putting socks on Maggie, Jack informs us; "Socks are for warm feet." Moments after that, he says; "Mom, if I have zero socks, and you give me one, I'll have a cold foot!"

Maggie has started saying; "Me, me." Which I think translates into "Look at me!" I just heard her say; "Watch." as she dropped a block. Hmmm....
She's learned "boot" and "mi'en" (mitten), "b'ankie" (blankie), "moomie" (movie), "batee" (broccoli), "Daa" (Jack), "Ee-ah" (Leesha), "buh-ee" (birdie), home, and shoe.

Jack is just getting the hang of accents. He was singing a song he made up the other day; "I love Clifford, yes I do."

Preparing to leave the mall and go out in the cold, we stopped in the bathroom. I told him to pull up his pants, he asked; "Why?" I replied; "Because it's cold, cold, cold outside." "Why is it cold, cold, cold outside?" "I don't know, you'll have to ask Jesus." (to Jesus) "Jesus, why is it cold, cold, cold?"

"Mom, I have to admit something." "What do you have to admit?" "This can't get to this part." (playing with the rings we use to keep the cupboards closed)

"Mom, at Eric's house, I was cutting the floor!" "Did Eric say you were 'cutting a rug' when you were dancing?" "Yeah!" (then he went on to explain that if they cut through the floor, they'd go down in the basement)

This one is for Daddy

Friday night, I sewed up the sleeve of Maggie's sleep sack so she can't suck her thumb. During the day, she wears her "thumb things" which cover her left thumb. She also lost her suckers. Poor kiddo. Friday night, she cried 30-45 minutes. Saturday, she only cried about 15, but hadn't napped, so was likely VERY tired. The last couple of nights have been mostly uneventful. I haven't even tried putting her down for a nap, but she has fallen asleep in the car. Yesterday, she fell asleep in the car with some tears which seemed to be partially due to her frustration that she can't access her beloved thumb.
I figured I'd try to get her to nap today. Since I put her down for her nap in our room, I often give her Jeffry's blanket as a comfort item (because it smells like him).
So, I just put her down for a nap. She said; "Nigh'." then stood up and pointed to our bed. I asked her if she wanted Daddy's blanket. "Da-ee ba-e". I grabbed the blanket and when she saw it, she dove for the mattress, and started to get all nestled in, just waiting for the blanket.
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