Sunday, May 30, 2010


As they laid on the Nursery floor.....
"Dad, what're you doing?"
"Snuggling with you."
"Fanks dad."

Sitting on the couch with Grandpa Steve ....
"I made air."
"Where did you make air?"
"Under my bottom."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Li'l Stinker

After getting something on his Clifford t-shirt, Jack went to find another shirt. "I'm 'ciding to wear dat shirt now" he informed me.

Playing with the pen that came with my planner (and breaking it); "Mom, be quiet. Let me work your green pen."

Maggie very clearly said "Maggie" the other day. Of course, it was completely unintentional, but it was Maggie nonetheless.
Maggie cut tooth #5 on Sunday.
She likes to pull out the outlet covers we've got. I call her a "Stinker" when she does. When Jack found that she'd pulled them out, he said; "Maggie, you stinker."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trying to be busy

Jack's learning nursery rhymes.....
"Rub-a-dub-dub, Three men in a tub. The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker"
....Short conversation regarding what each man does......
Regarding the Candlestick Maker: "Fire on purpose?"

At least two Sundays, he's sung a song about a tiny turtle named Tim who ate soap, etc. Tonight, I asked; "Do you sing that song at church?" "No." "Where do you sing it?" "At home." (Well, I guess I could have figured that much out, huh?)

On our evening walk Jeffry pointed out a bird and asked Jack what it was doing. Apparently, it was "Going to St. Paul Louis."

After putting him to bed one night, Jeffry went to check on him. He found Jack laying down on the floor rather than his mattress. Apparently, he wanted to "sleep like Hazel" (the dog we sometimes dog-sit).

"Mom, can I have some me'cine 'cause my feelings hurting?" Now that we have "dawa" for his ear infection, he just loves "me'cine".
At the Dr. getting said prescription; "She's a nice (or was it good?) Dr."

Since I needed to get an Rx for Jack, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone (as well as take on more than I could chew with how unwell I was feeling) and get groceries at the same time. I bought a huge bag of shredded cheese. Jack asked for some when we got home and I told him that it wasn't opened yet. He suggested; "Mom, would you try your mouf to open it?"

To Maggie; "Mag, I'm trying to be busy."

At least two times, when Jack has gotten rather quiet, and I have gone to investigate, I've found him in self-imposed "poop time". The most recent time, I asked if he wanted me to get him a book or some toys. His response; "No, I need some food to make me get a lot of deep brefs." I don't know why he was associating food with deep breaths, but we've been trying to curb some of his dramatic tears by encouraging him to take deep breaths.

I forgot I'd unbuckled Maggie while she was in her "high chair" and she took a face-plant. Ouch!

Maggie has finally cut her top two teeth. The other two won't be long in cutting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"What did you do today, Jack?", I asked shortly after arriving home from work.
He started to mime swinging a stick or bat and replied, "I based some balls outside! I based a lot of 'em!"

Monday, May 10, 2010


Leesha and Jack have a "tradition" of watching Arthur at 4.30 in the afternoon. Often, we'll wake Jack up to watch. Today, when we woke him up, it took a minute to register, but then; "Arfur's on! Yeah! Arfur!"

I just repaired the beanbags. As I was shaking off the bits of styrofoam, Jack says; "Dat looks like a vegetable."

This morning, when I took Jack's diaper off, I told him to go use the potty and let him know he didn't have to pull his pants up until he was done. He responded; "I'll pull my pants up out here so Leesha doesn't see my naked butt."

I just finished making the 'Comic Cubby' under the stairs. As I sat down at the computer, Jack pokes his head out and asks; "Was that you steppin' on dis?"
"Was I the one walking down the stairs?"
"Yeah, and I hear-ed dat noise."

On Sunday; "Happy Mudders Day!"

On Friday, Mom and I went out to get pedicures, and Jack hung out with Grandpa. Dad called to tell mom that one of the batteries for his otoscope was missing. Jack just informed Jeffry; "Grandma took one of Grandpa's otoscope batteries." "Where is it?" "P'obly in one of my toys."

He calls his new "Fraggle Rock" comic "Frik-a-rock".

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our trio

Jack singing; "March in the calorie, march in the calorie, march in the calorie." I'm assuming somewhere he's heard the "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvary, shoot the artillary, but I'm in the Lord's army" song and just got a wee bit confused.

Moments before that, he was explaining that he couldn't give Maggie small toys so she won't choke, he has to give her big toys.

"All the people fell. They don't have any drive. Are dey crying?" Regarding all the Little People who fell off the fire truck we picked up at a garage sale.
Also from the garage sale, a small Little Tykes car that he can use in the driveway. I asked him; "What do you think?" He responded; "I 'on't know. It doesn't have a windshield."

Jack had been crying because Leesha stopped by to pick something up, and wasn't staying. He rubbed his face on the back of my pants. I asked if he'd just wiped his nose on my pants. He said; "No, I need to wipe my cry off." Awww....

To Maggie recently; "Maggie you can't miss me. I'm here at you."

And now for a few things on Maggie:
When she's crawling around, she'll sometimes find a box of wipes and figure out how to open it. Once she's done that, then she seems to have the attitude; "I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"
She has a "tub ring" seat that I use when bathing her. As I'm washing her off, and soaping up under her arms, she thinks I'm going to pick her up and will try to keep my hands under her arms as though she's thinking; "Here, let me help you with that."
She had a fever the other day (according to mom's cheek) because she's working on all 4 top teeth. Poor little girl.
At a garage sale, I got her a toy that she can use to walk with. Both she and Jack were fascinated by it at first and would fight. (She's learned to scream in order to make her wished known.) Then, they both seemed to decide that the "Rescue Rider" Jack had originally was the better push toy, so fought over that one. Then they came to a compromise..... Jack will ride it and Maggie will hold on (for dear life sometimes) to the back and walk behind it. I was so proud of them.
It might be that she's mumbling "mamamamama" a little more intentionally now.

And now on to Leesha. She started feeling unwell on Sunday and when she stopped by the house this afternoon, it seems she might just be getting over it. She was home for 3 days from school. That had it's ups and downs.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potty talk

Last Wednesday, Jeffry bought a "Speed Racer" comic for Jack. They looked through it together and Jack determined that Speed is a boy and has the necessary anatomy to make him a boy. He also learned that Trixie is a girl.
On Friday, Eric was watching the kids while I worked. Jack was looking through his new comic. He then states; "Speed Racer does have a penis. Sexy does not have a penis." Needless to say, Eric was a bit surprised.

Upon our return from Bible Study on Tuesday; "I have a hurt."

Yesterday, he asked if he could play with the gnome while he was in our room. It took me a minute to realize that I have a gnome sitting on a vase of dried rosebuds. I allowed him to play with the gnome. Not too long after that, he said; "Be quiet to the Gnome 'til he's done reading." (Upon inspection, I was reminded that the gnome is reading a book.) Then he wanted to play with the pink dragon from my dresser.

Apparently the other day over at Mom and Dads, Jack got his pants a little bit wet when he went potty. He told dad; "I live with it."

Maggie is pushing any- and every-thing around. It's fun to see how she maneuvers herself out of situations. At times, I also wonder how all of the chairs at the table have gone askew and then she pokes her head out somewhere. Then I realize she's moved them all. The dining room table is one of her favorite places - she crawls over and under the rungs and table legs.
This morning, she was delighted to play with the plunger and toilet brush. (ick)
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