Saturday, November 24, 2012

flashback song

Yoda's Theme by John Williams on Grooveshark
This is the song dad would hum to Jack when he would wake up crying when he was a little guy. Hummed it to Maggie a couple of times, too.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweetness from my Little Sweetie

One night, Margaret informed me; "My ashlights are very pretty."  (ashlights = eyelashes)

On the way home from church, she told us she was clapping with 2 fingers.  I looked behind me and she was clapping with 2 fingers.  I can handle that clapping.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Late Night Conversations With Jack

This could be a whole new "thread" ...

Jack has been having a bit of a hard time recently.  I'm currently reading "How To Really Love Your Children" by Dr. Ross Campbell.  In it, he suggests that we need to keep our children's love tanks filled up.  We do this by using eye contact, physical contact and time with them.  I've been trying to implement this, but it's hard, especially when mom's love tank often feels below empty, not to mention that kids are often asking you if you love them by being little "stinkers" whom you do not want to be with.  Yet, I am at least trying.  Dr. Ross also goes on to suggest that when their love tanks are full, their behavior should not need much modification.  It's a great idea.  One that I think has a lot of merit, but it's h a r d.

Tonight at bedtime, I was on the phone while the kids had their 10 minutes to read before lights out.  I saw Jack spit towards Maggie.  (ARGH!)  Jeffry heard my exclamation and took Jack to another room in order to talk with him.  Jack admitted he was angry, but he said he didn't know why.  Later, I went in to talk to Jack.  I brought up that we had a problem.  His choices were making the rest of the family unhappy and probably not making him happy either.  I asked if he had any reasons for his choices, or if he had any solutions.  When he suggested that he be kept away from Maggie, I asked if I should try to find him another house tomorrow.  That probably struck a bigger cord in him than I intended, and he mentioned later that he'd be sad if he had to live somewhere else.  I said we'd be sad too.  Our conversation continued through the need to obey and be kind, and what that does or does not look like.  I stressed that we love him, but are disappointed in his choices to be unkind.  Finally, I took some time to pray with him.  When I'd finished praying that God would help him be kind and obey, etc., I asked if he wanted to pray.  He paused a moment, swallowed and started out with; "Lord," (yeah, he said Lord) "I know my parents love me," and went on to ask for help being kind and loving his sister." (Gulp from mom).

This little man.  I sometimes don't know what I've in store for me with him, and I mean that in a good way.  I fear that teachers (myself included) cannot keep up with him; his understanding of everything (from the recently discussed concept of the horizon to humor, etc.) just astounds me.  Oh boy ...

And then there are my girls - my smart, beautiful young woman Leesha Faith searching for the remarkable place she's going to take in the world and my sweet, adorable, [sometimes feisty] Maggie Mae.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Jack must do a lot of thinking as he's waiting to fall asleep.  One night, almost an hour after "lights out", he was still awake.  I popped in to give him a kiss and tell him he needed to go to sleep.  He turned to me and said; "Mom, I wish I could marry you again, but I can't."
I asked; "Why do you want to marry me?"
"Because I love you so much."
Of course, I was touched, and instead of going down the 'dad loves me' and 'I'm your mom, you can't marry me' routes, I simply replied; "You'll be just fine being my son, and you're going to marry a great girl because we'll pray for that."
He fell asleep shortly thereafter.
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