Friday, May 29, 2009


I just started singing; "Every party needs a pooper ..." and stopped there because I don't know the rest of the song. Jack copied me.
Then he went and pulled out most of the shoes and put them on, or chewed them. He proceeded to bring me my sandals (the ones he'd been chewing on) and wanted me to wear them. I put them on and exclaimed; "Thank you Jack! They're even all slobbery." He repeated; "Slobbery."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Leesha was arranging to watch a show with Jeffry after dinner tonight. Jack figured he wanted to watch one too. Jeffry said; "No, Leesha and I are going to watch a show." Jack responded; "Jack watch a show." Then said; "Daddy c'me on, let's go watch Jonny Quest." 7 words! He's going to be doing paragraphs soon.

Jack has me pretty well "trained". Meaning that I try to "stay on the ball" and put him on the potty every so often. He's not quite to the point of asking to go himself. One of these warm days I'll put his undies on and go play in the yard to see if that triggers any desire in him.

I think he's turned a minor corner - pick-up trucks finally seem to actually be pick-up trucks rather than tow trucks as of this morning.

The last week

I didn't realize it had been a week since I last posted ... Let's see what I can catch everyone up on.
Keane came over on Thursday. The boys were entirely entertained by me mowing the lawn. I guess it depends on which side of the mower you're on. Who am I to complain when I got the grass cut, and they weren't annoying one another since they were in separate strollers. Once I was done, they got to play on our climber. That got them nice and tired so I was able to nap while they napped. Before taking Keane home, I even braved taking both of them to the grocery store. They were okay for the most part until we got to the checkout and Jack decided to pat Keane on the head harder than Keane liked. Don't tell Jeffry, but I plan to leave all the kids with him when grocery shopping after Toto's arrival.
Leesha had rehearsals 3 nights last week. That means a further commute to pick her up during rush hour. I'm glad the play is Thursday and doesn't involve any evening rehearsals this week.
Friday, I went in to see the Midwife. She gave me another dose of antibiotics for my current sinus infection. Third dose of antibiotics this pregnancy. She said everything looks good. I asked her if she had an idea how big the baby is and told her I suspected about 5 lbs. She didn't think Toto had reached that weight yet. However, during labor with Leesha, the midwife guessed her at under 7 lbs. and she was 7.13. Jack was guessed to be 7 something and he was 8.15. So, I say 5lbs it is. That's a good survivable birth weight, so whenever baby decides to come works for me. Of course, I would like to get through the school year and would be euphoric if Caryn was able to be present for the birth. And, I'd like to get the quilts sewn. So, I guess anytime after the next 4 weeks.
Jeffry had a minor accident at work on Friday which scared us because Monarch threatens a 5 day suspension with any preventable accident. Poor Jeffry, he'd had a long day at work, was on the route for strange reasons, had an issue to deal with that put him behind schedule, then had the accident. Bummer, but add to that dealing with the bosses at work when he got back to base, then the drive home knowing I'm already concerned about finances and staring 5 workless/payless days in the face. I told him if he watched Jack and tended to some house work, I'd be able to work more and we'd be fine. We discussed it over the weekend and obviously prayed about it. Today, he was to report for "retraining" (strange as he's been one of the trainers) from 10am-1pm. Dad was willing to watch Jack since Mom worked, and I took an early job so that Jack's time with them only ended up being about 5 hours versus the usual 8 or so. While at work, Jeffry texted saying he was going to be working the afternoon, so I think he's gotten 8 hours in today. That's no suspension, so we're happy.
On Friday night, we tried to feed Jack before heading over to our friends the Browns to watch the Lost season finale. Jack slept while we viewed. When we got home, he threw up. I guess expired cottage cheese doesn't sit well.
On Saturday, we went over to Eric's most recently acquired house to help him with some stuff before they plan to move this coming weekend. We got some stuff done, but not a whole lot. Jack enjoyed going down to the basement and then up and down the stairs.
In the middle of last night, he was whimpering, so I assumed he'd gotten uncovered and went to check on him. It wasn't just his blanket like I'd suspected. He'd taken off his pajamas too. So, I started putting them back on and he kept saying; "Gank you. Gank you." (that's his newest version of "Thank you.")
I hope that sums up the last week or so.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The age old question

I told Jack that Daddy was coming home soon and asked if he would be happy to see him. He said yes. I replied that Daddy would be happy to see him too. The remainder of the conversation follows;
Jack: "Why?"
"Because he loves you."
"Because you're his son."
"I don't want to go into that right now."

I guess we're entering the "why" stage.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Airpane in da sky!

I've been sorting my comics downstairs over the weekend with varying piles around. Jack creeps around and runs his cars over some of them with a careful sense that dad wants caution, so it seems. He asks- "Whatsat, daddy?" as he examines the topmost comic. And I answer him.

He runs over to the futon in front of the TV saying something over and over. It looks like he wants to watch something but he's not saying "Clifford" or "Emily" or "T-Bone" or "Cleo" which is what he usually says when he gets to watch a show downstairs meaning Clifford the Big Red Dog. This time he was saying something like 'choneetrest' or something 'dressed'. So I went to him and said "what are you saying?" And he repeated it. Didn't help me much. I asked again and he said "Airpane in da sky!" Now I got it! He's saying Jonny Quest! That was the comic he was asking about just a minute ago. He remembered that title because we watched it a couple of times. Just a couple of times!

We watched a few episodes several weeks ago and stopped because it seemed to only lightly hold his interest. The show's intro has an airplane and that's what Jack remembered and communicated to tell me what he was talking about.

This was the best example I could find.

Mother's Day

Jack has learned to say; "Don't" because I'm frequently telling him to say that to Leesha. Unfortunately, he's now using it against me.

Often, when we give him his food, we'll warn him that it "might be hot". Now, when we don't say that, he says; "Mi' be hot."

We sing an alphabet song that starts; "A,B,C,D,E,F,G, Jesus died for you and me." A few minutes ago, he started singing it and sang; "... Jesus died for Mommy."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Computing stinks when your computer doesn't go online half the time!

Just some things I'm managing to remember ....

The other morning, Jack got one of Leesha's dress shoes and was wearing it around the house. I said something about him wearing Leesha's fancy shoes and he proceeded to then call them "Leesha dancing shoes."

In the car, Jack was covering his eyes with his hands and saying; "W'ere Jack go? and then after he moved his hands, " Peek-a-boo!"

He's started to realize he is his own person and now refers to himself as Jack.

A phrase in one of his books is; "Motorcycles are fun to ride." He said that when he saw a motorcycle today.

After dropping Leesha off, he said; "Leesha ge' ou'a car. S'mo'ning." (Leesha got out of the car this morning)

Jack will ask to "'nugg-o" now (snuggle)

On Sunday, Jack and I were shopping for quilting materials. He saw that I had a scrape on one of my nuckles and said; "Mommy owie. Kiss." Then he kissed it.

Jeffry has taught him "Hip, hip horray!" Which he now repeats every once in a while.

He just pointed out that I am wearing blue and red and he is wearing orange. Shortly beforehand, he asked for some cracker, and I broke a piece off and gave it to him. He said; "triango".

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