Friday, November 14, 2014

Midnight Marksman

Jack sleeps so deeply that he is unable to wake up and go to the bathroom. The was resulting in chronic wet beds. To avoid this, we fell into a routine of waking Jack up about two hours after bedtime to void. And then again before the last parent's bedtime, which usually ended up another two hours later.

One night we were watching something downstairs when we heard him get up. This usually meant one of us needed to race up stairs and assist in aiming before the entirety of the target was hit. But this night Jack was no where to be found. The bathroom was empty. His and Maggie's room was empty. Moments later we found him in our room, in the closet, and a variety of my laundry was no longer clean! The little guy was sorely confused. Poor Jack has no recall of the events.

The interesting pattern developed for most nights. It was like this: in the first round, Jack was greatly incoherent. He was able to kind of assist in moving his body from bed to bathroom, but you'd have to guide him by the shoulders and definitely aim for him. The second round was completely different. He would almost spring out of bed and shuffle his way to the bathroom with no assistance. You'd have to double time to make sure you were on spot to aim before he fired! Sometimes in second round, Jack was even conversational.

Tonight's Midnight Marksman went like this. Cara and I made the rounds (which mean we peeked in on them and kissed their heads). This stirred Jack. Next thing we know, he is standing on his bed, gathering up his blankets and walks West, right off his bed! and say "Ow!" from under this pile of blankets.

After we help him recover he continues into the bathroom, where I catch up to make double sure we are on target. But instead Jack appears to be trying to climb into the tub. I stop him and sort him out. He pees for quite a while. We finish up and shake it off and he heads back. Gets a hug from Mom and then turns around towards me. I give him a hug, but receive none back. It dawns on me that he isn't attempting to hug, but rather I have blocked his attempt at leaving his room for who knows where! After I let him go he turns to his right and takes one step right into his door! Cara almost totally failed at containing her laugh at that point. Poor little fella, just crawled up on his bed and curled up into a ball, giving up entirely.

In the end, mission accomplished with no mess, nor miss.
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