Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's Christmas Morning, let's see what tidbits I can get in on this most wonderful of days.

We slept past 8:30.  A great start to the day.

Maggie came and snuggled with Jeffry and I after Jack shouted at her.  Snuggle may be too strong a word.  Maggie is not really a snuggler.  She's a chipper morning chatterer.  In reality then, Maggie came into our bed and talked to us.  It was fun though, because she is in a good mood in the morning.
Jack, on the other hand ......

After getting the kids cleaned up and dressed, and tending to the beds, Auntie Caryn called!  I got to talk a long time while the others in the house were able to wish her a Merry Christmas.  To keep the kids from interrupting my conversation, Jeffry showed them "The Little Drummer Boy".  After getting off the phone and putting the turkey in the oven, I started working on waffles and dishes.  (Yes, simultaneously, are you surprised?)

Maggie came up once the show was over and informed me; "The lamb died." (with a dramatically sad face).  Moments later, I believe she said; "The lamb's okay!" (cue dramatically happy face)

At breakfast, Jeffry and I were discussing Santa.  Maggie states; (cue sad face) "Santa died.  He got stuck in the chim-min-nee."  Backtracking ...... On Thursday, there was a party at my work for the students.  I don't normally work on Thursdays, but I was responsible for the food so I went in.  My boss understands that I don't usually have childcare on Thursdays and since I wasn't actually instructing ... Jack and Maggie got to come to the party too.  One of my co-workers gets really festive at the parties, so he had a hat on that looked like a chimney with boot-shod feet sticking out of the top.  If he presses a button, the legs wiggle and "Santa" says something about being stuck.  Maggie and Jack were of course terribly amused by the hat, and Maggie just put two and two together when Jeffry and I were discussing Santa over our waffles.

Moments later, Jeffry took some of Maggie's applesauce (cue genuine sad face accompanied by tears).  We laughed, which in retrospect wasn't very kind.  Poor little girl.

11:48 am, I suppose I ought to get to the dishes and dinner preparation ... back for more in a bit.

I put tights on Maggie, then decided that since she was close enough, I'd try to clean her ears.  One down, and as I attempted to get at the other one, she tells me; "You break me!"  (Huh?)
Then I put slippers on her feet and she informs me; "I go in space!"  (I'm wondering if Dad has said something about the slippers looking like moon boots?)

Later, Maggie mentions space for the second time.  When questioned, she suggests it's in the living room.  Upon further investigation, she says; "a Jesus house."  Yes, Maggie, space is in Jesus' house.

Leesha came home from being with her dad in order to join us for our meal and gift opening.  It was nice to have her home.  She was quite pleasant.

Our gift opening was nice.  All three kids got home-made placemats.  Jack and Maggie got capes that I made, as well as a Cars car from Leesha.  Jack's other gifts were a new GI Joe guy with vehicle, a Smurf figure and the green pig from Angry Birds (from Great Grandma Smith).  Maggie got a Tinkerbell doll and 3 Smurf figures (from Great Grandma Smith).  Leesha's gifts were money (thanks Great Grandma), a rag quilt and digital camera.
Leesha gave Jeffry and I certificates for time with her.  We'll have to cash in on those.

It's bedtime now, so I'm going to wrap it up.

More humor for the day:  I've suggested that Jeffry try some non-anti-perspirant deodorant that I got at Trader Joe's.  He used my "powder scented" deodorant instead.

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