Monday, December 22, 2014

Flu? 2014

Oh no, it's hit.  Leesha hurts, has a sore throat a cough and a fever.  Ugh.

We were planning to all attend Jack's last fencing class, meeting all 5 grandparents at 6pm.  When I informed Jack that his big sister wouldn't be there because she's not feeling good, he crumbled.  Poor kid.  When he learned his little sister would also not be going (mostly because she's been whiney, and may have a little fever, so I just wanted her to go to bed early), his heart went out to her.  He came to me saying something along the lines of ...
"I feel bad for Maggie.  She's the only one my age.  Dad's usually at work, you're usually busy in the kitchen, Leesha is usually not feeling good or in her room, but Maggie wants to play with me."

This little guy, sometimes he just hits it right on the nose and makes my heart melt a little more.

Of course, this was after he drove me batty on the walk home from school by sloshing through the decomposing leaves along the side of the road, kicking them at his sister and then proceeding to insist on playing outside in the mud with the jacket and gloves I just washed yesterday ....

I know I will miss this someday - my teenager needing me because she doesn't feel good, my son being messy and my "baby" actually being snuggly because she too isn't feeling well.

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