Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hiding and Seeking

When Jeffry was leaving on Saturday morning to go gaming, Jack said;
"Please would you don't go?"

I've got some sinus issue, so was drinking saltwater through my nose to clear it out a bit. Jack came in to investigate. I told him I was drinking saltwater through my nose, which he reported to dad. Jeffry asked him; "Are you going to do that?" Jack responded; "No, it's Mom's "dea"." (We don't know if "dea" is for deal or idea.

While Susanna and Abby were over yesterday, Jack and Susanna were playing Hide and Go Seek. From the kitchen, I heard Jack; "1, 2, fee, 4, 8, 9, firteen, 'leven, twelve. Here come!"

Maggie decided to cut her tooth on Saturday. Grandma Darlene took the babies and I to the Children's Museum where Jack had a lot of fun, but did comment; "Dinosaurs say "Roar" and scare me."

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