Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Learning about this big kid thing

I told Jack to get out of the buffet where the "nice" dishes are stored. Since I spoke loudly, he started crying and saying; "I want my Daddy." Realizing that maybe he just needed a little cuddling from mom, I asked him to come sit with me in his room. He got his lovey out of the closet for some comfort. I told him to put it back, but he said "I needa get my cryings off," as he wiped his eyes.

At lunch, Maggie was making baby noises . Jack will sometimes pick up on things she "says" and ask if I heard that. I told him. "I hear her." He responded; "I like to hear." Yeah, me too, Jack.

Jack can tend to get a bit hyper when he needs to use the bathroom. I'd told him to use the potty, he'd asked why ...
Mom to Jack; "You're going nuts."
Jack "I fought I was going pee."

In the car, with his peanut butter and cracker snack ...
"Do you like those crackers a lot?"
"I do because peanut butter is yummy, yummy, yummy. I like peanut butter 'cause it's yummy, yummy, yummy lots."

"Dudderspoch" vs. butterscotch.
"Prince-fuu" vs. footprint.

Pulling up to church, Jack lets out a cry. To our questioning of why, he responded; "The sun was brighting me!"

As I was drying my hair, Maggie was observing me from the hallway with her sucker. She started coming into the bathroom, then stopped and looked around as though she'd forgotten something and was trying to remember what it was. She located her sucker, picked it up and then came in the bathroom.

She's on a full menu now - veggies, some fruit, yogurt, cereal, meat. She'll even eat Cheerios!

Leesha had been talking about going to a movie with some friends. By the time it was upon us, she and her friend were trying to figure out which movie, and we started to figure out more and more of this "plan". We discovered that the girls were planning to go to the movie by themselves. We decided to get more involved, and gave her options of movies, limited the time, and informed her that a parent needed to go with them - to the movie, not just the theater. After a lot of hassle, she ended up not going. We now know that we need her to have the who, what, where, when, etc. all figured out before approaching us about events. We've also learned that not everybody is as strict as we are. Go figure!

When Jack said he was done eating, I started to clear his spot and put his bowl in the sink. He got upset, so after we went over what should be said, I put it back on the table. Back in the kitchen, he said; "Fank you for not keep putting it in the sink."

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