Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Boy

When Maggie is "up and at 'em" she's babbling. We've discerned "baby", "puppy", "daddy" (all with very long 'eee's at the end and "what's that" (which sounds like 'saaa).

Short conversation at lunch:
Jack mentions something about "Lord ..." (someone or another that I don't know).
Mom: "From Speed Racer?"
Jack: "Yeah. He's a bad guy. He's in the dessert."
Mom: "What's a desert?"
Jack: "Lots of sand."
Mom: "Do we have a desert?"
Jack: "No."
Mom: "Is a desert hot or cold?"
Jack: "Hot."
Mom: "Does it have a lot of water?"
Jack: "No."
(who teaches him this stuff???)

Jack runs out into the kitchen; "What time is my birthday coming over?"
We're going to Grandma and Grandpa's at noon.
That's great!

On Monday night, Jeffry and I assembled Jack's new bed (from IKEA). Leesha watched TOTORO with him while we worked. He was very excited to see it once we were done and is thoroughly enjoying climbing up and down and also playing up on it where Maggie can't reach (yet).

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