Monday, August 2, 2010

"Momeee momeee momeee!"

The other night, we took a few minutes together as a family to watch some of the Speed Racer movie. Not long into our viewing, Jack says; "Dad, would you stop the movie for a minute so mom can go get me some more milk?" When Leesha offered to go get it, he then asked if Dad would wait for a few minutes while Leesha got him the milk. I should add that it felt like the first time I'd sat down all day and I'd just gotten comfortable, so was greatly relieved when Leesha offered to help.

Leesha has recently purchased new earrings. After observing them, Jack comes to me and asks; "When I get your age, can I have earrings?"

After some shopping, Jack was in the house while I brought in the rest of the stuff and Maggie. He'd gotten into the medicine cabinet and had a metal tool which I use to scratch my ear (my ear canal almost always itches - most annoying). He told me; "I gettin' some issues out." I think he meant earwax. And yes, I did take it away from him and once again reminded him that he's not to play with stuff in the medicine cabinet.

Maggie has added to her vocabulary. She now says Mama and Mommy; the latter with the traditional long "e" sound. After lunch the other day, I got a couple of cookies and sat down to dunk them in my milk. Maggie started in with; "Mommy mommy mommy...." I'm pretty sure she wanted a cookie because she quieted down when I gave her one of mine.

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