Friday, April 1, 2011

"Too tute"

Mom: "You guys want to go on a walk?"
Jack: "Yeah!"
Maggie: "Yeah! Me too. (to puppy) Puppy, waa?"

I've heard; "Me too." "My tun." (turn) and "Share." "My MOM." (to Jack, repeatedly) "A noun." (Lay down.) "No! Do way!" (No! Go away!)
5 syllables; "Opa doa Mommy." (Open door mommy.)

Sweetest words: "Mom! I ya you." (Mom! I love you.)

From Jack:
(upon propping the side door open)" I want a bird to come in so I can have a pet."
(regarding their make-believe car of two dining chairs) "I'm gonna sit here 'cause I'm the man."
(after putting two hats on mom) "Gee Mom, you look like an ice cream."

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