Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

Leesha: "Hey, why do you get another dessert?"
Me: "'Cause I'm an adult."
Leesha: "Can I have another one since I caught you?"
Me: (guiltily) "Yeah."

In the van:
Maggie: "A Gamma hug." (repeatedly)
Mom: "Do you want to give Grandma a hug?"
Maggie: (sweetly) "Yeah."
later .... Jack: "How are we going to get Grandma and give her a hug?"

One night, when we went in to check on the babies, Maggie was sleeping in just a diaper since she'd taken off her pajamas. I'm glad she'd kept the diaper on.

Leesha and the babies survived an evening alone while I went to Bible Study. Leesha had them watch a movie, gave them baths and then read stories. This is very cool.

The babies and I were outside. I sneezed several times. At one point, I was "gearing up" to sneeze and Jack noticed. So, he said; "Go ahead."

We'd put the babies down to bed and were waiting for the timer to go off indicating that it's time to put the books away and actually go to sleep. I peeked through the door and saw Jack laying there, so signed "I love you". He worked his little hand out from under his blanket and signed it back. Awww....

Maggie's newest pharase: "I weew" (I will.)

Mom: "Do you have baby Amy?" (referring to a doll of ours)
Maggie: "No. Jee-Sus." ...... "ah me so" (singing)

Jack: "I'm going to take the constructions with me, so I know how to do it." (referring to his new toy from the $Tree)

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