Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh the Says They Can Say

Leesha, looking at the calendar on May 2nd:
"Where is today? Mmm, Mmm, Mussolini? Oh, Oh, O(something) Hussein? Oh, Ohamed Ali? Who died today?"
At lunch, Leesha referred to her Uncle Cameron as a "Mathmagician". Yeah, that's quotable.

Jack: "Why are we going this way?"
Mom: "I need to return some ink."
Jack: "Can we go to that store." (as we drive past Toys R Us)
Mom: "Not right now, I want to return the ink and get home to Leesha."
Jack: "After we return the ink, then can we go to the store with the wrong 'R'?"

Maggie: "Cisher" = Clifford
Maggie peed on the potty! ON the potty, not IN the potty. But hey, it's a step in the right direction (depending on where you step, that is).
"Hep put bankie on."
"Go 'way Jack."
"I hu't shoot (I hurt [my] foot)."
"No Daddy, I p'ay toys."
"I need guys."

From Facebook:
Emily: (a friend who babysat Jack and Maggie)
OK, so Susanna and friend, Jack, were naming worms. The usual names came up - "Wormie", "Squirly", and "Wirly". And then there was "Tumorbert". I'm thinking he was adopted into the family.
Cara: which one of them came up with that name?
Emily: You can claim all the credit for that one, Cara, as it was Jack's name. :)
Jeffry: he has a knack for naming. His toy knights are named- Judle, Cheeweed and Highcock.

Watching a friend's kids and so I have two little almost-two year old girls who seem to be systematically working through all the shoes in the house. Every time I turn around they both have something else on their feet! lol

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