Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Says That They Say

Maggie has dubbed her stuffed penguin "Popper Penguin".
She also calls Jack's G.I. Joe "Gye Joe".
When they're pretending to go to sleep, she'll say; "Sweep wey-o" (Sleep well).
I believe that she refers to her toes as "tiggy toes".
Looking out at the leaves on the ground, she informed Daddy that the trees were broken.
"Wa' some dice mom!" (remove the "d" from dice= ice)
"Swipadee" = slippery.

Maggie was up several times one night. I was getting frustrated at being woken up. I started to express this to her and firmly said she needed to stay asleep and stop shouting for me. She said; "Sawwy mom." Awww.
The next day we were on a walk and Jack chased a squirrel with his bike. I told Maggie that the squirrel was 'caret (scared). Her response: "Sawwy 'quirro." (sorry squirrel)

On the radio one morning; Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. Jack wanted to listen to it again, so I had to try to explain that I can't re-play songs on the radio. Later he asked about the 'Ah ah ah ah" song.

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