Monday, September 26, 2011

Keeping us in stitches

Jack has a toy that he has dubbed "Mr. Stinky Pants".
One morning, while I was in the shower, Maggie poked her head in. I caught a "whiff". I asked if she'd pooped, and she said "uh-huh". I asked if she had stinky pants. She informed me; "I no Stinky Pants. I Maggie."

The tail end of Jack conversation on his newest broken cellular phone; "3pm. Okay Dad, I'm ready for the concert."

Upon waking up, Jack informs me; "I feel pee-ish" (translation: I need to go to the bathroom). As I enter their room, Maggie informs me; "I sweeping." (I'm sleeping.)

Jack: "Hey mom, splish is onomatopoeia!"

At bedtime, the kids are trying their best to stay awake. I hear Maggie saying; "Jack, go Af'ica!" Jack comes and tells me; "Mom, Maggie is telling me to go to Africa, but I don't know the way."

Our van has been out of commission for 4 weeks, and at the transmission shop for a week. I went to pick it up this afternoon, only to find that on the way home, it was worse than it had been previously. Realizing I probably wouldn't make it home, we stopped at a Burger King. I grabbed some burgers for us so we wouldn't be dealing with the situation on empty stomachs. While we're eating and mulling over options, Jack suggests I do the steering and they'll push the van. If only ....

Jack: "Ooo ooo ooo, ooo eee" Maggie, it's loading."

In the car, observing a tiny spider on his carseat: "Maybe it's a Daddy Small-legs."

Maggie told me the other day that she wanted a "waddi-pop". She wanted to go to the Dr. and get a shot for a "waddi-pop".

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