Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The little ones were eating when Leesha got home from drama practice.  She noted (in a disappointed voice); "We're having burgers?"  I figured I ought to just get all the disappointment done at once, so said; "Yes.  Veggie burgers."  Her response was a pleasant surprise; "Yum!"

"Eddy-budy" = everybody or anybody
"goo-ga-wee eyes" = googly eyes
"Wes geddada heer" = Let's get out of here!
"moose-git" = music
"Igor" = Eeyore

I told Jack that we'd be seeing Simon and Smith.  "Simon!  I love him!"  Later, when the anticipation was keeping him from falling asleep; "I love Simon, that's why I'm going to be nice to him.  (Or was it; ".. won't be mean to him."?)

Jack is hiding his brand new Angry Bird.  He tells Maggie not to watch.  She goes into another room.  Maggie: "Eight, nine, eight.  He come!"

Maggie stated one day; "I pray to God.  Dear God, please ....."

Maggie: "I got oweee.  Doctor shoot it."

"Maggie, where's Grandpa David?"  "Gwapa David at Inee-a."  Or "Gwapa David in-Inee-a."

Jack created a new game ..... Maggie is the "bridge" between the couches and he sends his cards zooming under her legs.  She was having fun just being a pawn in his game.  After a few minutes, I suggested they switch places, and it continued to go well.  I love it when they cooperate.

"Wookit my arms.  Are bwoken."
"I wanna nap in your room.  Wif Daddy.  Wike Gwapa David."

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