Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some new, some old ...

Maggie to Jack: "I'm upset."

Upon discovering the small snowman on the "Place" tag on her pajamas, Maggie announces; "I got 'no' on my man!" ('I got snow on my man' or 'I have a snowman')

Jack: "I want Leesha to move to another house so we can get a different big sister."
"Some day I want you to sell Maggie."

Leesha was going to vacuum, starting in the basement. She plugged the vacuum cleaner in, assuming it was off. To her surprise, it turned on. She quickly turned it off, and shouted (somewhat angrily) "Who left the vacuum on?" With hardly any pause, from upstairs, Maggie responded; "Jack an' Maggie!" Jeffry and I laughed heartily.

The other morning at church, Maggie had to go into the "Frog" room instead of her usual "Fish" room. She still mispronounces "s" for "f". I was questioning her about this merely for the amusement of hearing her saying; "I not a swog, I am a swish."

Jack to Maggie: "You're lying! You're a liar. I'm a truther."

Maggie: "Owee owee owee tchuu ku head"

At dinner one night, Leesha asked Maggie where her food goes. "In the swidge!" (fridge, and she's right, because more often than not, she's done before her food is. However, Leesha was trying to get her to say 'tummy'.

I have no idea why Maggie dragged the plunger out of the bathroom telling me; "The Cat in the Hat, Mom."

And some that Jeffry left in drafts:

Jack: "That old guy found a coin in my ear."

Jack asked if I would make the fort featured in the instruction set. I told him I'd like for him to try. His reply was...

"My brain is too hard to make a house. And so my eyes are cranky"

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