Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mimic Maggie

Jack tried gum for the first time.  I think he "got" that he wasn't supposed to swallow it, but didn't "get" that he was supposed to keep it in his mouth as it kept falling out.

He informed Jeffry that I was "unwrapping" eggs as I was peeling eggs to make egg salad.

The two little ones have been getting along pretty well.  Jack has his moments where he does not want Maggie anywhere near him.  There are other times when he asks her to go to the basement with him since he's afraid to go down there himself, or involves her in his play quite a lot.  I sense that Maggie feels she's part of Jack.  I don't know how else to describe it.  If Jack does something, she does it too.  If she does something new, she has to tell him.  Very little in her life seems to happen without him being involved in some way.  It's cute, but sad as well when we think of those days up ahead where he'll be off doing his own thing, and she may be lost without him.  In this regard, I think homeschooling is a good choice.

"Slug Bug Officer!" - Jack, upon seeing a Geek Squad Beetle.

Jack informed Leesha that we got her "Winkies" for her birthday. (Twinkies)

"Su-ses-ti-gating" = Maggie's form of "investigating".
I think she said something about being "sustrated" (frustrated) one day.

Both little ones have started to understand the concept of jokes.  Jack tries to come up with some of his own.  We do not find the jokes funny, but the fact that he's trying to tell them, and how heartily he laughs (and of course, Maggie mimics this) is amusing.  Similarly, Maggie has been heard saying; "Knock, Knock. Who's 'ere? accompanied by other fairly random words and laughter.  Cute, very cute.

Maggie has mastered the word "wedgie" upon her first experience wearing a skirt without tights or leggings.

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