Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Star Child

"Os-ca-puss" = octopus

Jack to me: "You make the yummiest things in the whole wide world."  (I'll take it.)

Maggie heard a bird outside and was talking to it.  In her conversation, she said something about us taking the birds home - the tree.  (We had a tree cut down last summer)

Maggie asked what a noise was.  I told her I thought it was her brother in the basement.  She said ; "I 'on't wike him.  I'm ma' at him.  See my eyebrows?  I'm mad."

Before Christmas, I took Jack and Maggie to work with me while I helped with the party we had for our students.  I took "The Little Mermaid" on video so they could watch it while I worked.  It was a big hit.  They're very into the music, so we've almost worn out our soundtrack on CD.  Maggie's favorite song is: Poor Unfortunate Souls - a duet by Ariel and Ursula.  She's shortened "Poor unfortunate souls" to "porch-u-nut souls".

This is not going to come out right, but let's see if I can capture the essence.
Jack: "I know! I can make my own super hero."
Mom: "Okay."
Jack: "Can I have something with holes."
Mom: "Maybe after dinner." (obviously not in the mood to discuss what "something with holes" means exactly)
Jack runs downstairs and gets his cape, as well as Maggie's.
Jack: "I will be Jack Kirby."
Mom: "Okay."
Maggie: "What's me .... what's my name Jack?"
Jack: "Star Child."
Maggie: "You Jack Kirby!  I Star Child!"
I think she asked again what her name was.  It was just cute.

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