Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing up so fast

We picked up Jack's friend Keane one day, so he could come over and play.  I'm driving, the two boys and Maggie are sitting in the back of the van.  Jack says; "Keane, I want to be a worker when I grow up."  Keane says; "I want to be an invention maker."  Maggie pipes in; "I want to be a mermaid and swim in the water."

Maggie and her lifelong friend Abby were playing school with Jack.  Overheard from Jack; "Okay, I'm done shaving my legs."  Hmmmm.  School really has changed.

After relaying a story to Jack about "When I was in Africa ...", he asked me; "What did you look like when you were in Africa?"  After a short pause, I replied; "Younger.  I looked younger."

Jack explaining why he can't marry Maggie: "I won't live very well.  She won't cook very good stew."

Maggie, referring to a "cawapiwer" (caterpillar) by its' "worming aroun', like dis.

She's finally saying her "L's"; (slightly sad sigh ....)

"I can do it, I'm a biggur(l)" ("l" on the end hardly audible.)

‎"Thank you for Caelyn come." - Maggie's bedtime prayer.

From Facebook:
Maggie fell on the way into the grocery store. Before we got into the store, Jack also fell. As I finished packing the groceries, Maggie fell again. Otherwise, I think it was one of the best grocery shopping trips with 2 Littles.

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