Monday, April 30, 2012

Going to Town

At dinner one night, Leesha put in the "Pocahontas" soundtrack.  Maggie exclaimed; "Hippopotamus!" then "Poop-a-hontas!"

Maggie states her name: "Maggie Mae Wiwwis."  "How'w Queen" = Lightning McQueen.  "Pissy-wiwwow" = pussywillow.

Jack calls them "grand crackers".  I think he's right.

Jack to Maggie; "Maggie, you're a female."
Maggie: "Okay."

"I wike your eye-bwows mom."
"Thanks Maggie."

Mom: "Jack, you can put your sheet of stickers away, and then Maggie can go to town with hers."
Jack: "What does 'go to town' mean?"
"It means she can use them all up."
"Maggie, you go to town with your stickers."
Maggie: "We get this to town."
Jack: "Hey Leesha! Maggie is going to town with her stickers.  Go to town means use them all up."
Jack: "Mom, Maggie didn't go to town."

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