Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trying to keep up with 3 that I love

Maggie is working on learning her letters.  She can recognize "Alligator A", O, "I 'if a dot" and a few others.  Upon pulling into the Target parking lot, she exclaimed; "O if a dot!" (the target symbol)

The kids went in for checkups.  As Jack got the "going to Kindergarten" version, Maggie was allowed to do the various things too - vision and hearing screenings with the assistant.  When the Dr. came in the room, they both were very excited and wanted to tell her everything.  They told of a visit from "Stan".  [Around dinner one night, a dog visited us for a bit.  Realizing he was unattended, we kept him in the yard hoping to locate the humans "responsible" for him.  The kids were tickled pink to have a pet for a few minutes.]  Upon telling the Dr. about Stan, Maggie leaned in toward the Dr. and made this very clear; "Stan.  H, I, J, K, L, M, O"  (I'm not entirely sure those were the exact letters.  Needless to say, it did not spell Stan despite her attempt.)

We went to see one of the recent Chipmunk movies.  Maggie thinks they're "Chickmunks".

Jeffry pulled out the "Precious Promises" his family had when he was a youngster.  There are small cards with Bible verses on them.  Jack read a few at dinner.  He read "righteousness" as "righty-ous-ness".

Maggie comes up the stairs saying; "Mom, you wan' play a fairy game?"  as she lugs up a bunch of her dress-up stuff.  She then commands; "Mom put these on."  In the pile?  Leesha's old dance outfit (I think she was about 5 or 6 when she wore it) a pair of wings, a feather boa, Tinkerbell slippers and wands.  Initially, she seemed disappointed when I told her they wouldn't fit, but soon got over it.

We bought Jack the movie Ponyo for his birthday.  It arrived on Saturday, but we'd had a long day, so we didn't watch it until Sunday evening.  Monday morning at breakfast, Jeffry was pointing out things he liked about the movie.  In the movie, Ponyo's father hides some potions in a safe.  Ponyo has powers of her own and while running away releases the potions into the ocean.  The very same potions her father had previously hidden.  She later washes up on shore stuck in a jar and is rescued by a young boy.  The boy uses a rock to smash the jar and free her.  In the process, he cuts his finger and Ponyo licks the wound, healing it.  One of Jeffry's comments about the movie was; "He needs to hide those better - the elixirs."  Jack responded; "No dad, she licked him."

Leesha moved out two months ago.  We've seen her a few times since then.  She visited the other day and more than once during the visit, Jack said something along these lines; "That's what I always wanted; Leesha to come home and be nice to me." (bittersweet)

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