Monday, August 6, 2012

Family, Batteries and Pajamas

One Sunday, we met Cara's family (including second cousins Stateside from their work in Japan) at a park for a picnic lunch.  Driving into the park, Maggie exclaims; "Where's the camphor tree?", referring to the trees in the  Miyazaki  film Totoro.

Maggie's comment when told to put on her pajamas; "I ran out of batteries of my pajamas."  (Wheels turning in mom's head ......) Her pajamas weren't on the top of the dresser where they usually are and therefore she'd "run out" but she's somehow mixing up "don't have pajamas up there" with "running out" of them and then further complicating it with running out of batteries like toys .....?

Upon arrival at Cara's parents house, we see the well decorated Toyota Prius Cara's brother is driving while in the States.  Maggie states; "They're here!  My cousins! They're here!"  Sadly, the cousins had been picked up by their uncle the previous night, but Uncle Craig and Aunt Tracy were there.  The kids had fun with Uncle Craig playing "Getcha".

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