Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm past catching up, this must be mustard

Between Maggie and Mom ....
"Mom! I have a ga-dee-ya (good idea)!"
"What's that?"
"When Roy and Carla (neighbors) come back with their vee-a-ku (vehicle), we can visit them!"

"Toe-let" (with a very subtle "t") = toilet to Maggie.

I kissed Maggie one night after they'd gone to bed.  She wasn't completely asleep yet, and jerked away saying; "Jack don't!"

Jack is playing with his paddleball off the side of his bed.
"Mom, I caught a bass!"  (Apparently, he's pretending to fish, so mom makes necessary comments, oohs and ahs.)
"We're playing catch!", says Maggie.
Hmmm, they're playing catch with fish.  Maybe I should check this out.

Someone named Ted Bearth is running for County Commissioner in our district.  Jack saw a sign in someone's yard.   He said; "Mom, I know there's a baby in this house."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, see - it says 'Ted Bearth' (birth)."

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