Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just this side of Christmas

After explaining to Jack that he would have to eat breakfast by himself if he didn't get started on his morning duties, he appropriately asked; "Mom, what's stalling?"

Playing with the Dr. kit, Maggie insists to Jeffry that the blood pressure cuff is a bandage.  He insists it is not. So she comes to ask me.  I inform her that it is a blood pressure cuff.  Not bothering with minor pronunciation details, she goes to Jeffry and informs him it is a "blood catcher".

Maggie was on the potty one evening.  Jack really had to go, so he went ahead.  He peed on her.  (Ick!)  We gave him a time out.  Not too long after that, she declared; "Jack din"t pee on me!" then she jogged to the bathroom where she told Jack; "Jack, you din"t pee on me.  Good job! (clapping)

The Little People Nativity scene is out.  I was arranging it while the Littles were having lunch.  I put the animals in the pen and set up the people.  Maggie got out of her seat, took the donkey out of the pen and informed me; "Da donkey hav'ta stay out 'cause Mary rode this one."

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