Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I started a kids worship CD to help the kids get going one morning.  Maggie usually wakes up very well - happy and cooperative.  In her sleep-drunk waking stupor, she blurted out; "It's God's birthday." and carried on with that for a bit.  As I was leaving their room to allow them some wake-up time, she informed me; "We can't see God 'cause he's invisible right now."

It seems that at least every month or so, I go through a time where I'm just completely overwhelmed by my "to do" list and wish for nothing less than a day without children where I can concentrate on getting stuff done  without the distraction of motherhood.  At these times, I do recognize that a day is coming where I will miss the busy-ness of motherhood while simultaneously recognizing that today is not that day.
So, I was complaining again to my mom about this and wishing we could afford a day of daycare so I could have a day to myself.  Jack piped up; "I want to go back to Deb's house." (Deb has a nearby daycare I've used on occasion) I explained to Jack that he would likely be bored as most of the kids his age would be in school, and he'd end up spending a day with a bunch of little kids.  His response; "No I wouldn't.  Maggie would be there and she's my best sister."  Sometimes, they say the sweetest things .....

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