Sunday, January 13, 2013


So Maggie selected a KitKat for her dessert. She managed to open the wrapper herself. Then her little mind must've locked onto the fact that there are two halves to this cookie and one of them belongs to Jack. Jack already was 40% through an out of season candy-cane and his counterpart KitKat had been consumed probably weeks ago- and with probably little thought of sharing with his younger sister. She went to him and tried to offer him one of the halves anyway. Cara and I were trying to make her understand that both halves were hers. She was not to be convinced and was determined that Jack shall have his half. To compromise with whatever Mom and Dad were trying to tell her, she countered that Jack could have his half tomorrow morning when he woke up. We tried to come back with- Maybe Jack can have a bite- to which he took the tiniest nibble off one of the corners. He explained this was because he wanted her to have the most of the cookie she could.

At some point during the debate she finished one half and continued right into the other half, either without regard or finally seeing the folly. And Jack furthered his reasons for refusing to accept the offered half by claiming he wasn't interested in Maggie's germs which, by now, were all over the KitKat.

It made for an interesting after dinner discussion.

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