Saturday, December 13, 2008

Butt Goo

Sometime between a dirty diaper at 5pm and another at 6pm, Jack started saying "Ew" (translated - I've got a dirty diaper) and doing his higher pitched inhale which tells us that he's developed what we affectionately term "butt rash". I don't remember if he brought it up, or if I asked, but pretty soon he was asking for "butt goo" (A&D diaper ointment), and proceeded to go and get it out of the drawer. Keane was visiting at the time, and being sympathetic to Jack's plight he assisted by getting out the wipes. I'm hoping that all this means Jack will be easy to potty train, but we'll not know that for a little while yet.
While we were eating and simultaneously feeding the boys, Jack said "ham".
This morning, he looked at our Little People Nativity scene and said "ee-a" (donkey sound), "moo" (duh!) and "baa" (duh again), then later "moo cow".
It's so fun to watch how he's growing and learning and putting things together.
Leesha has been practicing counting with him, so at dinner last night, he was pointing to each of his fingers saying; "two". She has taught him a lot as they share time in the back seat.
She's with Jeremy and Bri this weekend. It's weird not having her home at all for the weekend, but we know she enjoys her time there too.

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