Sunday, December 21, 2008

More vocabulary

Jack's vocabulary now includes the words; "lello" (yellow), "guy", "bado" (bottle) "bed" (bread) "ta-wo" (towel) "ga-wi-la" (gorilla) and "dawa" (Kiswahilli for medicine). This morning, he and I were in the shower and he was looking at his tub book of colors. When he came to the yellow page, he said "lello".
We also managed to re-locate his "Lo, lo" (telephone - "Hello. Hello.") twice today.
He will also say; "nigh-nigh" when he sees a picture of someone sleeping, and "oh my!"

Leesha filled out an application to volunteer as an usher at our church today. It was odd for her to fill out the application which asked things like work number and whether or not they could call her at work. I gues the day is not so far away where she'll actually be filling that out completely.

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