Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Words for the day

Jack's words for today were ... "Grampa" and "Grama".
On our way to take Leesha to school this morning , I thought he was saying "Gobble, gobble" but it didn't quite sound right. Then I figured out he was saying "Grampa". After some coaxing, we weasled a "Grama" out of him. Up until now, they've simply been known as "Papa".
Last week, after we dropped Leesha off, he did his usual "Eeee-Ah" (Leesha) showing his distress that she was gone. Sometimes, I'll try to console him that we're going to go see Grandma and Papa right afterwards. So, after his cry of distress, he started saying "Papa. Papa." I had to disappoint him by informing him that he had to spend the day with me.

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