Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week, Jack was just playing around and took a piece of the fridge off. Immediately, he started to cry and mumbled that he needed to go to bed. I was not angry about the fridge, but he felt terribly guilty. So, I sat down with him and asked him to help me put it back together, which he did. It was so precious to see the raw feelings.

While I was downstairs tending to the laundry, and Jack was upstairs:
"Hey Mom!"
"Yes, Jack?"
"I was a'mos' lossing you."

About an animal in a book: "No! 'S a raccoon. See mom, it says rack-coon." (I should probably add that it was not a raccoon, but I didn't argue with a toddler. We all know how pointless that is.)

"Mom, you know I live right where I live?" Then something about a globe.

After whapping himself in the face with his book, crying, he asks: "Mom, would you read this book?"

"This is yuck." referring to the previously ingested dinner now available for viewing on his bedsheet.

Playing with the phone, Jack picks it up and "talks". I overhear; "Get up and try again." He's repeating the recording that comes on when no call is made. ("...., please hang up and try again.")

Maggie has mastered sitting, and army-crawling; both in one week. She also intentionally moves from sitting to belly in order to crawl. It started mostly a fall, but she did it with enough grace to not cry. It's almost as though she is contemplating the probability of a face plant as she rocks to and fro.

We finally started a Girls Club for some of Leesha's friends. Two came over the first time. We chatted a bit, had a snack and made some bracelets. I realized I need to plan more to do.

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