Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brief update

Leesha taught Maggie to say "Baby" on Tuesday. Very cute. She doesn't associate it with anything it seems, but does say it a lot.

Now that she's got both top and bottom teeth, she's grinding them every so often. That's a nerve-grater.

We've gotten her to stand momentarily. However, she's just not interested in it. She just sinks down when she thinks we're going to let go of her. I call it "spaghetti legs".

Friday, we celebrated 5 years of marriage. We took the babies over to our friends for the evening while we enjoyed dinner at Osaka (Hibachi) before a walk around Langton Lake. On our way home, I asked Jack (who was eating goldfish like he'd been starving); "Did you eat at the Browns?" He responded; "No. There wasn't 'nuf room."

Earlier in the day, I'd allowed him to play outside. When it was time to come in, I wanted him to clean up. He pretended his bat was an umbrella since it was wet outside. Prior to that, Jeffry had told him it was starting to rain, and I think asked Jeffry for an umbrella so he wouldn't get wet. While outside, he'd found the spray nozzle attachment for the hose and screwed it on himself. Then he wanted help using it to fill the bucket. E nvisioning him trying to figure it out and spraying water all over himself, I got the camera out. No suck luck. He did everything just as he should have.

Saturday, I left to go grocery shopping and left the kids with Jeffry. Jack realized I was leaving, and came up to say goodbye. He gave me a hug before I went out the door. I asked him to close the door behind me which he did. Just after he'd shut it, he said; "I wan' 'o give you a kiss!" How can one resist that?
Around 3 am Saturday morning, Jack woke up crying; "I wan' some Go'fish." Fearing he'd wake Maggie, I had him wait in the living room while I got some. I gave him the snack, then told him to go back in his room when he was done with them. Jeffry came back in our room this morning to let me know that Jack was sleeping on the couch, with the Goldfish.

On our way out one morning; "Hi sun! I like you. You're my friend."

Several weeks ago, I decided to take the girls out to a dollar store. Jack realized we were leaving him (since he wasn't done with dinner). Just as I was starting to pull out of the driveway, Leesha says; "Look at Jack." There he was at the side door, his little face perfectly framed by the "bars" on the window, in an open-mouthed cry. I had pity on him and allowed him to go with us.

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