Thursday, June 3, 2010


Jack putters around in the kitchen, then comes to me licking part of a stick of butter still in the wrapper; "That's my favorite food. Butter's my favorite food." - - photo op. - - "Jack, we have a problem. What if other people want butter?" "No."

Maggie has finally cut all 4 top teeth.

Trying to keep Jack awake on the way home one afternoon; "Mom, I got sleep in my eyes." "Can you get it out?" "No." (I think he was trying to say that his eyelids were heavy.)

After a busy weekend with Willis South in town, I'm now working the full 4 day week. We've survived 3 days alternating between friends, Grandma and Grandpa, and friends again. I think the babies have had fun, but are getting worn out. It makes me a little worried thinking about the 3 weeks this summer when I work all 5 days and I'm not just subbing. The good news with that Jeffry found out today that he should be working 4 day weeks, so that eliminates some daycare needs for us, and gives the kids some dad only time.

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